15 dead giveaways that you’re a blogger…

You know your a blogger when:

1. You start eyeing things like this up, wondering how they’d look in white, black or  rust. Because they’ve taken up full time residency in your living room after all.

2. You start taking pics of things at their very worst and actually feel pretty darn good about it!

3. You mentally AND physically cringe when you show a finished room that isn’t done in your funky eclectic style. Even if it IS just the travel trailer for crying out loud.

4. You take self portraits of yourself.

4a) All your self portraits either have your camera in view, or

b) you take nonsense videos of yourself doing nonsense things because it blends with a nonsense theme or…

4c) You just let your iMac do all the work for you.

(sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of myself with that ARM OUTSTRETCHED thing but it’s on my to do list)

5. Your garden gets watered before you take a photo shoot of it so your soil looks ultra healthy and organic and everything else it’s probably not.

6. Anything, and by that I mean ANYTHING appears to be a good photo opportunity.

7. A simple getaway is never ever a simple getaway event ever ever again. 90% of that ‘vacation time’ is spent doing a photo shoot for..  you know…

8. Your rust photos make you all giggly because you know you’ll get your viewers to get all giggly over your rust photo shoot. Reality check… have we forgotten how this giggly induced gunk is formed?!?

9. a) Just setting up the pool is not enough.  No no no. Spend at LEAST a WEEK on this. Do it up right! Your project deserves….

 9b) … ANOTHER 5 projects attached… (with photo shoots)

 9c) … why.. even give it a NAME and have others do the same stint right along with you so you aren’t alone in your… whatever you call what we do.

 9d) And painfully colour coordinate the whole deal to the last petal falling on the sidewalk. Nice natural touch, eh?

9e) … and prop stuff to and fro as if nature simply graced it’s magic spell and dropped these soon to die waterless flowers in their perfect new home for keeps. Bliss! Bet you wish you were there right now don’t you?

10. Well, things look different now. The flowers are now a perfect tone of sunburned coffee. BUT don’t you dare despair!!!

For now they are the most beautiful shade for that shabby chic environment  you’ve been dying to blog about.

11. And let’s not forget, you’ve done AT LEAST one burlap project by now because everyone else has been using it. And you didn’t even know you LIKED burlap.

Let’s just mull this over for a moment. It’s scratchy, and won’t wash worth a hoot because if you do it turns into…

… a dog saddle blanket or…

… a George Washington cat wig.

12. You  heckle when you look at some of your first blog posts ever and wonder why on EARTH you didn’t realize how dark and fuzzy the photos were. (and remember those nearly 90% angles that made you feel like you were sliding off the planet earth?)

13. You actually FLAUNT that you shop in places like this. And FLAUNT when you land stuff like this for free. (imagine… garbage for free) But now it’s a total mission to build stuff for free, out of found free stuff, never to have to cough up a dollar again. Pure sickness.

14.  You own a brand new roll of bead board wallpaper, even though you detest wallpaper. And it’s still in the wrapper for that very reason. Ah well, at least it’s a nice prop for a photo shoot, right?

#15. You take about 80 pictures to get one picture like this amazing stunning perfect shot, but it takes you an entire week to clean up the after shock trail behind the camera. (And barely out of camera range. BARELY.)

Please know, I’m totally taunting myself. But in case I’m wrong,  I’d hate to go hogging all the good ideas… got any others? 🙂

You know you’re a blogger when:

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68 thoughts on “15 dead giveaways that you’re a blogger…

  1. When your family runs away, screaming for you to put that #>!>\\? camera away. And also family related, the way they have learned to make a face as they tell people that you … well blog.

  2. Laughed out loud through this one! Wish my internet wasn’t so durn slow so I could watch the video 🙂 I just love your blog and ideas.

    We’re getting ready to start building our first house. In the past we’ve always rented or, for most of our 31 years together, lived in housing provided by whatever job we had at the time (house parenting, pastoring, whatever). I AM SO EXCITED! And I’m looking to bloggers like you to inspire me as I think and plan how to create our space over the next couple of years.

    P.S. I plan on bringing back a roll or two of that bead board wallpaper in my suitcase the next time we visit the U.S. — since bead board isn’t available here. I want it on the fronts of my kitchen cupboards for that country kitchen look. But unless my tastes change greatly, there will be NO burlap. 🙂

  3. Omaga….you are hilarious. I’m a blogger because checking my comments is what gets me outta bed in the morning. And I go to bed each night planning the next posts…often pulling my exhausted butt outta bed to do a mock-up. Sick.

  4. You know you’re a blogger when…you took a vacation day from work because your sale is LESS than a month away and you totally need to kick it in gear….and instead you HAD to check out Funky Junk Donna before even making the coffee!!!

  5. Donna, I think the last example is the one I relate to the most! The disaster scene out of camera range….my son is glad I am blogging he said because the house and yard are getting fixed up really fast! lol

  6. hahaha…very funny! Although I am a newbie blogger…I can totally relate with my JMS posts. Especially the crazy fallout behind me, like the “mungus” pile of toys I pushed with my foot out of the shot…carefully checking all the reflections in the mirrors 😉 Laurel

  7. That’s hilarious, and spot on. Not only am I stealing hours from my family trips taking photos, but I JUST finished my first burlap project. LOL – you rock!

  8. Perfect!! So true, I would add, cars driving around you, because you are taking photos (of what?) on the side of the road! Did you see road kill? What is that lady doing?

  9. I have even got my husband out there taking pictures for my blog. He doesn’t dare work on a project at the cabin without documenting it all.

  10. Another one I do…

    You look at something and start to verbally recite what you’d write to see how it would read.

    ie: looking at… the dog scratching herself. Ohohoh a STORY! “I don’t know about you, but I have dog tumbleweeds blowing across my hardwood floors. (hmmm… where should I take this now…)

    Heck… that’s a great post! 😛


  11. Donna I relate, I think that’s good(that or I caught a bug from you?). I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep for the story pre-post in my head. I don’t know that I’ve ever written a one that I thought of though, lol. Last night at 3 am, I came up with a genius one, can’t for the life of me remember what is was though. Eh, I guess I’ll stick to the waking hours thoughts.

  12. You hit the nail on the head. Wait, redo that nail shot, it’s not quite right…

    Blogging is actually what keeps me from just lounging around all weekend, painting my toenails and giving myself a facial. It’s like I HAVE TO get this last door painted, piece of carpet ripped up, or last. detail. DONE. because of the blog. It’s a great motivator, and yet I still wind up with things strewn about because they don’t “go” in the picture.

    My boyfriend always sighs when I have to stop mid-project so that I can “get a shot of that for the blog”. Ha!

  13. Very well done, Donna, you are truly funny and truthful. It is painfully true, everything that you say! It’s gotten so bad that anything out of the ordinary that I do, my grand kids say, “Is that for your blog, Grama?”
    Hugs, Cindy S

  14. Please send the beadboard wallpaper to me to store for a while when you are tired of it! And can you iron washed burlap?

  15. Oh, this was a good laugh! Thanks, and unfortunately it is all true!

    ..but I think you left of the blog posts that you write in your head as you are doing dishes, feeding the baby or nothing whatsoever…

  16. this is so cute. and funny. i love it.

    um, thank you! so much! for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about our guest room. i’ve tweaked it some since those photos were taken so maybe i should update it again. 🙂

    thanks again!

  17. I am still the one who does not want to be in ANY photo, but since blogging am now allowing certain body parts (mainly hands)
    My dad used to try and capture things with his 8mm. He would have been a strong blogger.

  18. Nope Donna, I think you pretty much got the list 100% right! But it’s SO GOOD to know that I’m not the only one!!! Especially #15 – seems that there is always a trail of mess behind. Could have something to do with the two kids, and husband and three dogs, but hey, you are making me feel a little better about my quirkiness!


  19. I’m so glad you did this post. All too true! I’d add to the list something like, I used to have two cans of spray paint, now I have an arsenal. And, along with the burlap, everyone has at least one done-over distressed and glazed piece of furniture.

  20. LOL! Perfect and ALL so true!

    Last night at the dinner table, my 2.5 year old looked at me as I started eating and said, “Mama, you didn’t take pictures of our table or food!”. Poor child has lived a life of “No, you can’t eat yet! I haven’t taken pictures!”.

  21. Good morning Donna,
    Just came by to say hi, and what a cute post. Yep, I do some of those things too. (big in the rust department right now).
    Must mean I am a baby blogger since i do not do them all yet.
    But, you are training us up right. I’ll be a grown up blogger soon. =)

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  22. I laughed until I cried at the video, had not seen it before. Don’t know how it eluded me, thought I had covered this whole blog from top to bottom. Your dog is the perfect supporting role in your films (cracked me up)!

    This is the typical response of my family…”you’re taking a picture of that?” to that I reply “well yes!”

    and then…”your going to blog about it aren’t you?”
    Oh they think they’re so clever. They don’t know the photos I’ve got of them sleeping with drool on their little pillows. Blackmail for the smartypants remarks!

    But they don’t stop me from having my fun…even when they hide in the floor of the car when I stop by the neighbors trash pile to retrieve a priceless treasure.

    Someday they will thank me when they move into their new digs and need my “junk” to help furnish…think I’ll share?

    Only if I can take a picture and blog about it! 😉

  23. You know you are a blogger when you yell, “Wait! Can you do that again, I didn’t have the camera!” Or When you become obsessive and compulsive about photographing your food, the menu, the table decor, the cute waiter, or whatever at your favorite eatery.

  24. Oh my gosh. You are on point. I laughed so hard.

    And, you know you’re a blogger when you need a white slipcover for the sofa for a “photo shoot” but haven’t had the time to make one so you unhook your shower curtain, put it on the sofa, and tuck it in all the right places for that perfect background. Okaaaaay. Maybe that’s just me.

    I need to stop by more often. You are a hoot, Donna!


  25. My grandmother is rolling in her grave right now with all the pillows made out of potato sacks!

    Here’s a couple more:

    -You start calling taking tons of photos “photo shoots”, even though you’re not a professional photographer.

    -Sad but true story. I blog about my kids a lot and post tons of photos, hence I’m always in their faces taking snap shots (ahem, or photo shoots). The other days my 4-year old was hurt and ran to his older 8-year old brother for help. I grabbed the camera to capture the moment. The 8-year old yelled, “This is not the time, Mom!” Which I just ignored and kept on snapping away. Then he yells, “He’s doing it too!!” Pointing to his 3-year old little brother. When I looked over, my 3-year old was taking pics of them too. Hee, hee.

    This was a funny (and true) post. I think I’ll post about my3-year old taking pics story and then link this post to mine, if you don’t mind.

  26. ahahaha so funny! I just barely started but I always think when looking at the picture for approval, would this kind of picture be on Donna’s site? 🙂

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