Are you a beach goer, or wave rider this summer?

This summer we didn’t do much camping. We stayed home alot.

What tends to happen when you stay home alot is, you look at your stuff. And you’re enticed to pick things up and work on them. Or work more for a living. Or… whatever. At least that’s what happens to me.

Or, not.

I’ve been primarily a beach goer this summer. While it’s having it’s fun moments, it’s been hard to put the tools down when you’re on a roll. VERY hard.

 But we all have to define what our individual needs/present purposes are. I chose a loose summer so I could have downtime for myself and spend it doing things with my son. And he’s not a DIY fanatic, so that leads us to do other things together. And it’s ok. It really really is! Or so I encourage myself… 🙂

So, this post is to simply commend those for doing what THEY either have to or have chosen to do. Some are riding their waves VERY high and are wonderful inspirations, paving a path of hope for the rest of us beach goers. We need and thank you! Others are kicking back, being lured towards the outdoors rather than the paint can. Wonderful! Go do it right!

I have to admit something. I try not to do this but I’m shaking with eagerness. The moment that school bell goes off, I can’t WAIT to kick up some major dust with ideas and where to take things. I even have a ‘welder’s class booked!!! (deep breath… deeeep breath…. metal only gets deliciously rustier with time)

But for now, it’s a hot sunny day and that spells  B E A C H  or  L E I S U R E  to us. “Step awaaaay from the tools…. far far awaaaay….” This cute face is counting on it.

Be ok with where you are and what you’re doing. Only YOU know where you need to be this summer. No one else has what’s on your own personal plate, so forgive yourself if you feel like you haven’t ‘measured up’ in whatever dept. you feel you’re lacking. Just do the best with what you’ve got. And, have fun! Guilt free!

Kinda puts new meaning to “Go fly a kite”, doesn’t it?

Do your own personal best, and you’ll be riding that wave, no matter what that may mean, before you know it.

What did you primarily do with your summer this round? 

Are you making the very best of it?

If not, do it now!

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22 thoughts on “Are you a beach goer, or wave rider this summer?

  1. Great photographs, oh my, love flying kites and have not done so in quite a while! Your view from your back yard is absolutely breathtaking!!!

    We have been to the beach a number of times and have pictures I’ll be posting on my blog soon!


  2. I so needed this today! Thank you for giving me permission to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine with my boys these last few days before school starts. Little voices in my head have been telling me I’m not allowed to have fun, there is work to do! And I have been arguing back, but feeling guilty about it. I am also looking forward to getting some things done once they are back in school, but for now it’s all about squeezing out the last bit of summer fun.

  3. Lori, at this present time, I have the entire contents of 3 dressers running down my hallway, ready to be packed up to go to the thrift. And my palette desk sitting in pieces on the lawn. Among 1000’s of other unattended to things. And here I am dreaming up ideas on what romping fun we can have today. It is what it is! 🙂 Just do it.


  4. ……We get few days with weather like this here in the Fraser Valley….so yes lets enjoy it!
    (Darn I have a Vintage sale on Sat …but oh Well!…..
    I am going to play hookey part of this week!)

  5. Thank you. I’ve been feeling bad for not blogging and doing/showing many of my projects… But I still have a ghost in my Mac and it often stops my uploads or refuses access to drafted posts… So either I make fixing all that mess a priority or I get out and have fun w/my family while they’re here. (Not to mention all the real farm work) As soon as school starts I can invest some time in projects n tech troubles… It’s never dull round here anyway. I look forward to quiet time catching up on all your super cooel linky parties too. You and your son look like you’ve had a beautiful summer – congrats!

  6. Oh bless your heart! I know how hard it must be not to keep doing your thang….but you won’t regret this time with your boy. I’m tripping over thoughts about redoing tons of stuff, but I’m scrambling to get homeschool stuff in order before Monday. *sigh*

  7. I think it is because you live in the climate that you do. I live in the pacific NW and we are very possessive with our summers. When you have months on end of gray skies and lots of rain, you tend to embrance the sun and warm weather for the few months that it is here. I haven’t been getting as many projects done either.

    Had a wonderful family vacation over on the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City, over the weekend. When I have the time, I am a beach goer!

  8. I would have loved the beach, but we decided to take what little money we had and build a deck instead. We spent days together, out in the heat, laughing, cutting, measuring and re-measuring. I wouldn’t trade it for a week at the beach. Lisa~

  9. Isn’t that Cody a doll face? I can see not being able to turn him down.

    Sounds like you’ve had a great summer, and there’s no shame in that. Building memories is a great thing.

    It’s funny, but I’ve been talking with my friends about this very subject lately. I think sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to get things done just so we can rush them to our blogs. But is that really what defines us? The kids couldn’t care less about that, except that they sometimes take us away from them when they want attention. Some of us do it, and then some of us have figured out the balance. I’m still trying to figure out that balance myself.:)

    I haven’t done much other than work on the house this summer. It’s kept me indoors more than I want to admit. Let’s just say I’m the only one in town without a tan, ok? I wish I could have/would have made better use of my time outdoors with the family. I certainly regret not doing that for sure, but I’m working at it now.

    Thanks for the confirmation that it’s ok to walk away from your work sometimes and just enjoy yourself.

  10. #10 Lisa, oh girl, you’ve just described my DREAM vacation! LOL!!! If only my boy loved to work in the hot sun sawing wood!

    No shame in getting stuff done. If THAT is what ticks your clock and meeting the needs of your family at the same time, that is YOUR wave, girlfriend!

    Cheers to whatever works for all of you! Just do it up right and to the hilt!

    I will say this. When fall is upon us, the garage is getting GUTTED and I’m building my section and my son will have his. I want him to claim something and desire to belong and WANT to work down there with me. That’s my goal anyway.


  11. I have been working hard all summer and now I look around and see that fall is fast approaching!! Ack!! Time to set the work aside and enjoy what is left of summer. Thanks for the reminder!! I need to fly some kites!!!

  12. This is great advice Donna ~ summer is way too short to spend it on projects unless that project of course involves a hammock, a book and a frosty beverage! It seems like we have had something going on every week-end all summer ~ this is the first one where we have absolutely nothing on the books and I am soooo looking forward to it. Maybe we will go fly a kite! Happy Wednesday. xo

  13. First and foremost, GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I am happy for you that you will be taking a welding class. I think in the long run, this will be an awesome, awesome thing for you!!!
    We went to the beach, but here in the hills, we’ve mostly gone to our local water park which is nice. On the super hot days, we’ve played a ton of Wii! Downtime is important, you are right 🙂

  14. Hey! This blog was good for me to read today. Also, you will LOVE the welding class. I took welding for 3 years in highschool (I am 26) and I still remember the rules and how to do it – if only I had the $$ to get the supplies I need. I have a few scars on this body from chippin the slag away and not being protected enough. My first month in class I melted my acrylic nails I had just got as a “welcome to high school” gift my mom gave me. My teacher laughed his head off and said that is why girls don’t weld. I just clipped the melty acrylic off and went back to it! :O) I sometimes catch myself looking at a welded thing and say to myself “I could do better than that!” You will be doing that soon too, I think. 🙂 And your idea for the garage and creating space for you and your son just shows how great a mom you are.

  15. Oh, I so needed this today! I’ve been having major meltdowns about working too much and missing out not only on the summer fun, but memories. I know someone has to be the responsible one, but it’s time to dust off that fun mom that I used to be! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    P.S. Looks like I need to figure out how to post comments too 🙂

  16. Donna, I LOVE this post!

    Sometimes we just wake up one year and find ourselves someplace we didn’t expect to be.

    So why try to fight it? It’s so much easier to put down the sword and embrace where we are in our lives and do what we can.

  17. I love checking your blog! It’s been a busy summer and I am looking forward to doing a few decorating projects (or finishing some up anyway).

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