3000 Followers Event – The Colour Challenge (and giveaway!)

(EDITED: Colour challenge on MONDAY Oct 4)

Welcome to Funky Junk’s


3000 Follower’s Event!

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Wow! We’re there! 3000+!  To help celebrate the event, over the next little while you’ll see some fun interactive posts come up, with the intention to inspire, teach and encourage you. You’re here for DIY decorating, so that’s what I aim to deliver!

So why don’t we kick this thing off with a fun challenge? Here’s a chance to push yourselves in an area that may be foreign to you.

(picture source HERE)


Beyond the Screen Door

In today’s world of whites, when you see sudden colour, you take note!

Cottage Instincts

Whites and neutrals are beautiful. But look what simple colour can do in just the right places. Wow.

Lucy’s Lounge at Tutti Chic

Because quite simply put, sometimes being brave and just going for it can transform something standard to extraordinary.


 Maison Decor

This one’s all about colour. Wish to broaden your horizons just a little and play along? Here’s what to do:

 (picture source HERE)

1. Find something (small and easy) you’ve always wanted to try in a fun colour. Go ahead and just paint it! Or, find a colourful object that’s just outside of your comfort zone. Then stage it where you’d like it to go.

2. Post your before and after. Let’s see what you can do with some new colour bling in your life! (grab the 3000 Followers Event pic or one of the colourful pics if you wish)

3. Share your post in the linkup going up  MONDAY AM. (Oct 4)

4. Feel free to share an older link if you desire. But if you can, try for a new project! This one’s all about trying something new to broaden your own horizons.

Whaddaya think? Wanna go for it and join in?!? I’ll be trying robin’s egg blue. Weeee! I’m feeling so brave today. How will I feel when I do it? I’ll soon find out. 🙂

Let’s talk colour!

Are you scared of colour or love it?

What colour have you always desired to try?
Do you prefer colour that’s there for the long haul or just removable objects with bright tones?
Fess up! What do you think you’ll try for this challenge?

Linkup changed to Mon Oct 4.

Let’s do it!

So, let’s get this party started right and offer a present!

This colour challenge was inspired by a gal that uses bright fun colours in her adorable creations.

The Pleated Poppy

is joining the colour bandwagon and offering you something that’s all ABOUT colour! Run on over to

The Sponsor Store 

NOW to enter for your choice of a giveaway item!

Thanks Lindsey!

Now go colour that pretty world of yours and see you  Monday!

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29 thoughts on “3000 Followers Event – The Colour Challenge (and giveaway!)

  1. I love color! I have had yellow, dark red, cherry red,
    white, peach, pale green, dark corally red, blue, dark green, a Martha Stewart bright medium green, beach glass, a darker beach glass, camel, khaki, silver, pale lavendar(laundry room), pumpkin orange (little kitchen in NYC) rooms over the last thirty something years. I guess the only color I haven’t tried was chocolate and black. I would like to try the Farrow and Ball Drain Spout, or Rain Drain or whatever it is, but I don’t think that will fly with my banker. I do have a room in the basement that is half chalk board.
    I always say that I don’t like green, but I have three green rooms now, and used to have a Dartmouth green room years ago. A lot of color depends on the light you use it in. I am at a high altitude now, so really bright colors don’t work and have to be grayed down.
    My color palette now seems to be a faded red, chocolate brown like leather, beige or camel, and a pale turquoise or sea glass. In my bedroom and most bathrooms I seem to have a pale blue and white .
    So, as to what I will paint? Depends on what colors are available in spray paint, maybe. I think I should end this because I am under the influence of Ambien and could go on and on without realizing it. Ann

  2. I love color!! My front porch is a study in beige…boring!! So I think I will tackle my screen door!! This has inspired me!! Blue’s sound good! So I will be mixing paint today and see what I come up with. Wednesday huh? Whew! I better get cracking!!

  3. We’ve been debating on a colour for our front door. It is a hunter green now and we hate it. We live in a brick house in brown hues (light and dark with bits of gray. Help. Any suggestions.

  4. I love colour! In fact, I can’t live without it! I think that homes done in neutrals are beautiful and peaceful, but I couldn’t live in them! I need colour. I got really daring last year with my family room, I painted the walls (they are actually half walls) 50/50 bar orange. Guess what? I love it!!!! It is the most cheerful room, and everyone who comes and sees it loves it. I will have a project ready for your party, admittedly I have been working on it for a couple of weeks, but it WILL be ready by then! I am going with Harbor Breeze blue, not my usual color, but still one I love! Thanks for doing this party!

  5. OH this is just the prodding I needed! My hubby has been giving me gentle little nudges that he would like to see some color on the front door (I’m a white door kinda gal)! So I am off to find either a barn red or cranberry… I normally surround myself with natural colors such as sand, chocolate, white but the exception was our family room in Ohio (burgundy), the kitchen in Ohio (sunflower yellow), and our kitchen in Alaska (tomato!! I loved that kitchen!) When we moved to Indiana imagine our surprise to find the master bedroom bath was none other than…. Harley Davidson ORANGE! Yep, and it still is! Thanks for the little nudge! I know my husband will be ecstatic!!

    (plus I’m picking out the paint for the laundry/utility/garage entry hall and beadboard!! A bright white for a windowless area!)

  6. Oh my… you gals are going a step beyond what I had planned myself. Let’s extend the deadline then to include more of you!

    Let’s wait a week then… next Monday it is. Like that better?

    For now on, I promise… all post making challenges will be at least 1 week. Deal? 🙂


  7. Ok, here’s one you probably haven’t heard yet.
    WHITE would be my color challenge. I have so much color in my home already, and so much of my furniture is already painted various colors, so WHITE would have to be my own challenge. I just can’t seem to fit it into my decor.

    Having said that, I still won’t be able to make the challenge date. Much too busy and far behind. But when and if I ever paint anythig for myself white, you’ll be the first to know!

    I think this will be a fun link up to see.

  8. Congrats on the 3000! I love pops of color. I had darker color on the walls in my old house. Here my walls still have color but not as dark. But I still like using brighter color in smaller ways. I will try for Wednesday but its raining here so I don’t know how much painting I can get done.

  9. I have one piece of furniture in my home that is painted, white of course, and all else is wood. I was always a white wall kind of gal, until I painted my library red and stenciled gold fleur de lis, and I was hooked. Now I’ve got red, blues, greens, yellow, purple…you get the point! I’ve got a locker I’m debating painting, how’s pink sound? can’t wait to see everyone’s projects! Lisa 😉

  10. You always shake rattle and roll things around here….geesh!

    I have 7 pieces painted white in the work room downstairs and NOW SHE WANTs COLOR!!!!!!!!!!! Lordy! Lordy!!

    I try NOT to miss your parties….don’t I? So, I will be there, with bells on!!!!

    Maybe purple bells, maybe chartreuse, or vermillion!!! (I just like saying vermillion!!!)


  11. Congratulations on 3000, Donna! I’ll see what I can come up with. Although my newly painted aqua barstools are outside my comfort zone. I still haven’t added the last coat and poly. I like them, but sometimes they seem like just too much colour.

  12. Although I love all the whites in blogland ~ I cannot imagine it in my home. We just painted the office terra cotta over the week-end and I love it! Now to lay the floor ~ figure out what to put on the window and load it back in… we should have it done by christmas!! I live with one of the founding members of the procrastinators club! Love this colour party Donna ~ I will have to think on it….

  13. I’ve been loving a little color lately. A couple months ago, I painted my dining chairs in shades of red, white, and blue(linked up to your color party Monday!), and painted my white shutters a dark midnight blue. And just yesterday, I painted the white knobs on my white dresser blue! I still love lots of white, but some fun pops of color are making me happy!!
    Hope you have a great week!

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