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Thanks so much for all your comments!

I know why you visit here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s to see what cool things can be created out of what some would consider… junk. 🙂

Now, if someone were to ask me what a few of my favorite junky things were, my answer bar none would have to be:





woodsy stuff


So… with that in mind, let’s take a little tour of what’s up for grabs for ONE lucky winner in the

3000 Followers Event 

~ Junk Giveaway! ~


 You KNOW I love gears. And the rustier the better.

See those 3 pretty gears all together like? They’re in! And they’re authentic real deal stuff. With real rust and everything.Yum!! 🙂

(I can see Kolein getting itchy already: if she enters and then actually wins, I’ll throw in a hand sanitizer)


 Feast your eyes on one of the most unique hangers I’ve ever laid eyes on.

 Look how rounded the top is! And doesn’t that typography have you curious as to what or who that is?

I waltzed around my home with this hanger wondering what I would do with it. It looks cool above doorways, overtop a picture, grouped together with other vintage hangers, holding up necklaces… whatever! I’ve always been fond of these things and this one will be hard to let go… sigh.


Know what these are? They’re burlap sandbags from the local hardware. Some people put sand in them to avoid floods. Silly silly people. 🙂

I make no sew pillow cases. Plunk your pillow in, tie up the top and it’s done!

Stenciling something cute on them would really rock. I think you need to show me how.

You got it. A couple of (empty) sand bags will be thrown into this goodie bag no prob!


 I LOVE 4’s. I just think they look cool.

And I happen to have this unique 11″ tall solid wood old house number that’s waiting for the treatment of your choosing. 🙂

This is what I did with my 5, same size. They’re BIG!


 And how about some vintage Bingo cards in perfect condition? They have sort of an off white appearance and they look like NEW. 

I think they’d be pretty sweet framed up in a unique way.


 These, my friends, are the ends of pickets! Let’s call them picket coasters why don’t we. I’ve never seen picket coasters before, so there you have it. A Funky Junk original.

Ohhh… but these are not just ANY random picket ends. Would you like to know what they are a part of?

They are related to my palette desk. You will OWN part of my junkin’ palette desk. 🙂

Oh ho ho… and then we have….


 Funky Metal

 I’m going to go through my special metal bolt stash and find you a handful of the coolest pieces. Look at the heads. Aren’t they so eclectic and weird? (like someone you may know…)

Now don’t be rollin’ your eyes here quite yet… this IS a junk giveaway after all. 🙂 This is what I did with mine…

I drilled holes into my palette desk and plunked them right in. Desk jewelry!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

Purposeful Metal

How about this vintage grain scoop? 

It looks super adorable holding dried hydrangeas under a rustic ladder on your window sill. 🙂

And how about one more metal thing?

I’ve had you drooling over mine in the past. And I found an even BIGGER one to give away.

Cool Metal

 Yup! A big honkin’  meat grinder that you too, can house your pens and pencils with if you so desire! Dried hydrangeas would look sweet tumbling out of this. The cat background came off of google.. isn’t it cool? (not true, they just love me is all)

 It’s a No. 10. Whatever that means. Anyone know? Is that the size? Lemme check to see what mine reads…

Holey moley. Mine’s only a 2… must be size. The pencils in the #10 are half buried which actually works better. My pencils tend to flip out. You got the better deal. 🙂

This #10 is a total heavyweight! But it’s really really cool so I want to send it to some lucky duck that appreciates this kinda stuff.

Vintage Metal Typography 

with a touch of Rustic Rust

 Oh gosh… this one’s makin’ me jittery. I’ve had this tin FOREVER. Years. I’ve always loved it. What is says, what it looks like, and now that TEAL is in so big. I love this tin and I totally want to see this in your home if you win it because I’m also sending you official adoption papers on this one. 🙂

Yeah yeah I know… I bond with my junk. What can I say.

So.. desire to own a piece of Funky Junk history? Here’s your chance!

How to enter the FJI Junk Draw

Tell me which is your fav item above, and you’re entered!

Are you a follower or subscriber of Funky Junk? Comment to enter again!

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Giveaway will be open for 1 week, ending Tues Oct 19, midnight. ONE winner will be chosen by Winner must have a method of contact avail to me… either an email or blog.

Good luck friends! Spread the word and keep junkin’!

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve seen a sneak peek of something I was debating on giving away. I’m still refining the idea, so that event will come in the future. 🙂

 The next themed linkup is picture frame ideas. 

I have a new one I created I’ll be revealing on the weekend. Quick! Make yours and join me. 🙂

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  1. Donna – This is fabulous and you are most generous! Yes, we do tune in to see what you can do with very ‘cool’ junk! I’m a reader/subscriber and my favorite, if I HAVE to choose just one, would be the big wooden number 4! The grain scoop is cool, the burlap sacks are cool, and might I say, you have good taste, cuz everything is eye candy to a make-do decorator!
    Please enter me, most definitely!!

  2. Back – I added the link on facebook for my friends. Keeping my fingers crossed, however, my typing may vr a lkrre finnt. Okay, that’s not going to work:). Hoping without crossing fingers…

  3. Oh so hard to choose! But it would have to be the meat grinder. My grandmother had one on her screened porch off her kitchen. I remember sitting on the quilt box and watching her make venison sausage! Mmmmmm.

  4. All that junky goodness!! How wonderful would it be to win that!!!! It is so hard to pick just one, but I have to say the 4. I love them. I truly do. 🙂

  5. I follow you… and it is hard to say which is coolest, the number 4 or the hanger. Both really are special. Then the number ten meat chopper is so heavy metal. I say the number 4, because I have 4 cats, there are 4 windows in my bedroom and 4 pillows on my bed.

  6. Oh my mouth is watering,my hands are sweating just looking at all this wonderful stuff. You want me to pick just one? Hmmm. I guess it must be the rusty gears. I am a follower and a subscriber. I wouldn’t want to chance missing a post. ;]


  7. Loving EVERY SINGLE creative and clever item that you have loaded into this AB FAB Give Away! I find it most difficult to say that any one item is my favorite…… these are my favorite categories of Junk (Note the capitalization of this most important subject matter!!!) If I had to pick just ONE it would be the meat grinder (proudly mounted at my side) so that I would feel that constant connection to FJI everyday at my desk. Not to be greedy, but I think you’d have to toss in one of those fab coasters for my drink too just as the icing on the grinder so to speak! Of course, I won’t reject ANY of it if I win, but I’d gladly trade it all back to you just to hang out in FJI world for a day!!!! Thanks for sharing your Junky Genius with other like minded souls.
    Hand sanitizer?!?!?! Now that just takes all the fun out of RUST!!!!!

  8. EVERYTHING is great, so if you have anything leftover, you know who will take it! LOL

    But if I have to choose it would be the Christie’s Cheese Crackers Tin!

    Awesome job~you inspire me to see things in new ways!

  9. I thought it was going to be hard to pick, but you made it easy at the end. My favorite is the Cheese Wafers tin. I have a collection of vintage tins and this would it in perfectly.


  10. Wow Donna, how do you manage to come up with all these things? And where ever do you find the time?!?! What a lovely giveaway from a sweet, and lovely person! But to come up with just one of these fabulous items to pick, that’s like asking me to pick just one kid…but if I must…I would go with….The Vintage Metal Typography. I love old canisters. There is always something you can hide in them!! I’m preping to join in the One Room challenge…thanks for the boost!


  11. Wow, so MANY choices! But, after lots thought, I think my favorite are the rusty metal gears. They would look so cool upstairs in my family room with my maps, and my rusty metal cowbell, cow tag, and two other odd cow related pieces of metal. I love everything you are offering. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  12. Just discovered your blog via a friend. Love it and will become a follower! Each of these items stirs something within me, but I’ll go with the gears as my fav. Thanks for all the great ideas and the chance to win wonderful things!

  13. I love that big old scoop Donna! I have my grandmother’s grinder and that sucker is heavy! Of course you know I am a follower and have been for awhile. xo

  14. I just found your blog tonight while looking for funky decorating ideas! I LOVE it!!!

    My favorite item is the number 4; I have new obsession forming w/ letters and numbers.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. It is so great to see that there are kindred spirits out there. I absolutely LOVE the gears. I am always on the look out for a big metal gear or better yet an old wooden cog from a factory or mill. I have big plans for one of those. I love gears so much that I took apart my used up Glue Glider cartridge so I could use the gears for a card I plan to make. I also love the hanger, burlap bags, scoop… Melissa az sunflower girl1 at america on line dot com.

  16. It’s hard to choose because I love me some junk. However, I have to choose the meat grinder with the pencils in it. I can see it filled with greens for Christmas!

  17. I am a faithful follower and would love to have you follow me if you are interested. I can’t offer you nearly as much talent as you offer me, but who knows, you might enjoy the little bit I have.

  18. The gears, oh my whiskers, THE GEARS! I think I am hyperventilating times two. No make that three times hyper on the ventilating. GEARS!!?! Lusting after the gears! – did I already mention that? You know about the gears? Oh I did? Okay, then you know I LOVE the gears! And the rust!!!!

    Romeo and “her” who loves the gears

  19. Oops sorry too much oxygen from hyperventilating….I am also a follower! A happy follower!

    Thanks for including me or at least allowing me to comment….on the gears…..


    Romeo and “her”

  20. Now for my selection..I collect the vintage coat hangers..and it is fasinating the history behind them…but to think outside the box..I would choose the bolts..I can already see an idea for them. Thank you for doing this.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham