Calling it DONE. For now…

My son was miraculously sick yesterday keeping me at home.

I say miraculous because:

#1. I was suppose to be lettering a rig instead.

#2. I’m super busy and fully booked heavily with work to the end of the week and the book proof is due Thursday.

I had NO idea how I would have gotten it done if it hadn’t been for yesterday.

I LOVE my customers! These guys run big corporations and why they even bother to accommodate my ever changing silly little schedule is beyond me. I. JUST. LOVE. THEM.

And my son is going to be home this weekend. YES! He’s been at his dad’s last weekend and I wrote the entire time. Need to kick back in some theater and see what’s up.

And, an extra special big ol’ thank-you to

Encouraging Words for Writers




Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

and Miss Mustard Seed

for helping me with a little proof reading to ensure I was on the right track with all things creative. You rock!

Boy, I sure know how to draw out the big guns for major help, do I not? 🙂

I have to admit, it helped that I have designing software, a good computer, plenty of pics to choose from and a little know how on how to throw it all into a big bowl and mix it up. I hope I surpass their expectations. Or at least meet them.

The lecture part

The past week taught me that we truly can do anything we set our mind to. If this is only dream material in your own mind’s eye, just know, I felt that way only a short week ago as well. The message I’m attempting to deliver this round?

Just do it.

Want to be in a magazine? Brush up on your photography, create killer staging areas and post them. Better yet, submit them to magazines. Some look for themes, some take beautiful room shots. They need to publish content so it may as well be yours. Just remember to produce photos that a magazine would desire. Forget the fancy fades, desaturations, black and white takes and special effects. Clear clean vibrant shots all the way, with plenty of light. Oh, and remove the yellow haze out of your indoor shots. I do it with every single one in picasa and have tapped into photo shop elements lately as well. Just desaturating is not the answer, you remove too much color. I think we need a post on this topic perhaps…

Want to write a book or ebook? Can you teach something? Start a draft. You’ll soon figure out what the effort will require. Wing it and TRY.

Want to earn funds?  You need to offer something to make $. Perhaps it’s selling something in your own Etsy store. What about refinishing reclaimed objects? You can sell privately or find a store that will do it for you, like MMS does. What are you waiting for again?!?

It’s time to figure out things for yourself so you can flip this little passion of yours into something tangent, IF that’s what you desire. This past week taught me this very lesson. Big time.

 Just know, the above comes with a price, and that’s one of time and commitment.  If this book deal goes through, I have some major scheduling to figure out. MAJOR. But I WILL do it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s time to let the chips fall where they may. If it doesn’t fly through, I’m now totally motivated to get writing writing writing and submitting submitting submitting in order to earn a living living living at this. I even bought a domain name last night. I’m!! Now I have to figure out how to build a website. And I will.

After I create a few things first. I miss my dust. 🙂

I shall keep you posted.  Thanks for your continued good wishes and thumbs up. How in the world did I ever get so lucky having all these good folks around me?!?

No idea what I’m nattering about?

All ‘book newsworthy posts’ to date can be found HERE

What’s your next step?  
Tell us so we can encourage you on!

Now go do. We want to see what you’re up to. 🙂

Way funny MMS! And very truthful. I’ll be finalizing this week too now that I can catch my breath.

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41 thoughts on “Calling it DONE. For now…

  1. Donna I’m so glad that your seeing progress. And, that you have flexible people in your life.

    Regarding photos, I’ll go play in Picasa. I’m knew to the photo thing. I made a quick and easy lightbox (okay, twice, trying to improve) and I still get a pink-blue hue. Not the yellow hue, though.

    See for example –

    Any tips you can offer would be appreciated.

  2. Donna,
    I’ve never commented, but I have been cheering you on, and praying for you too. I love your story and I love you. Everything about you is so real, so refreshing, so amazing. Your strength and determination encourage me. You’ve already got a fan club, but I just had to thank you for all you share and for your approachable attitude. You’re already a winner in my book!!! I haven’t started my blog yet, but I’m determined to.

  3. Looks like it will be a great success with the kind of effort you have put forth…very professional! Can’t wait to follow along in the process! Always loved your writing….just wish mine was half as good!

  4. ? I hope that the typo was only on this page…. Good luck with it all, cannot wait to see the results 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post Donna! It was very encouraging to me. I have a newly opened Etsy store and a new blog. And I’m trying to take it one step at a time and not get discouraged, but sometimes it’s hard to know what the next step is. I liked your suggestions, they really gave me something to think about as far as where I would eventually like all of it to lead and some things I might consider doing to help get there.

  6. Great job! I can’t wait to hear when it will be published and out on the stands!! Now I am off to take a boy to buy new running shoes for track and then it will be back home to start cutting out fabric for snack bags (and make a birthday cake on the sly!!)

  7. Wishing you luck in your book endeavor, Donna. You know lots of us will buy it! I have been tossing ideas around lately and your post was very timely. I want to do something creative and make a bit of money on the side. Just not totally sure what it is!

  8. I’m so happy for you, Donna. You deserve this! The snippets of your book look GORGEOUS! I wholeheartedly agree with “the lecture”. In fact, I touched on it in today’s post. Anything is possible if you want it to be. You are amazing & I love that you try to help others with your tips along the way. I stopped tweaking my saturation weeks ago, thanks to you! Get some rest & go to the theatre. You’ve earned it!


  9. Congrats on getting the book done, can’t wait to see more of it, it looks amazing!! Love your site, so many great ideas. It is one of the 4 tabs that open every time I open my browser.
    Thanks for all the amazing ideas you share!!

  10. No excuses for the software, the computer, camera etc. It worked because you are super smart, wickedly (my Massachusetts roots) clever, know what is important in life, and work really hard. You make your own luck. Ann

  11. Yippee! Enjoy your accomplishment. I’m so happy for you. If the details for this book don’t pan out then the next one will! Thanks for encouraging all of us, too.
    ~ Christie

  12. Congrats. I’m sure whoever U went with….GoDaddy, HostGator, etc….have templates that they can help U with your website and U won’t have to have someone build it. Congrats. Can’t wait to C & hear about all the accomplishments. U go girl.

  13. I can totally relate to being excited to have a sick kid home so you can throw on the brakes and concentrate on things you need to get done. After reading this post I feel like I could go run a marathon or do some other impossible (for me LOL) thing! You are such an inspiration. I cant wait to get myself a copy of thta book, I know it will be fabulous!!!

  14. Such fabulous news Donna!! That is super…I am excited for you too!! I am also exhausted just reading all that you are and want to do!! Good for you and good luck
    I am at a cross roads right now…not sure which way to leap. Need to figure it out this week and I will let you know.

  15. Dear Donna! I am just so happy for you–jumpin’ up and down happy! Just think, an authoress, about to be published (no doubt about it on that!), I want an autographed copy–where do I line up to buy this treasure? 🙂

  16. I really needed to hear (read) this right now. I keep “thinking” about finding a job writing…but until about 6 months ago, I didn’t really do anything about it. I ramped up my blog, worked on taking better pictures, and I’m still always working in improving my blog. I updated my resume, too.

    Just a couple of months ago, I started looking into writing jobs. It’s so confusing, trying to figure out where/how to apply. They want experience, but how do you get experience unless someone gives you a chance? This is *partly* why I started my blog; so I could have some writing samples.

    I printed out some info, and I’ve talked to a few people who write. I have also talked to a newspaper reporter, and she gave me her card and told me to send her my resume (!!OMG!!) I’ve been sitting, staring at that card, too afraid to do anything. *gulp* I’m not sure I want to be a reporter, but it’s something to look into.

    It’s time to get off my butt and take some more steps!! Thanks for the (cyber) kick in the butt!:-)

  17. This post was awesome. and timely. and so what I needed to hear. You actually made me cry a little because this is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been thinking through lately. You are an inspiration and we are all rooting for you! Get your hand rested so you can sign all those book copies we’ll be standing in line for! 🙂

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