Rollin’ out a sheet music miracle

Boy, was this day a long one. πŸ™‚

I was striving to become Miss Mustard Seed and started to roll sheet music.

Roll and roll and roll and roll.Β 

Fuss and moan and whine and roll.

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person in the universe to try this feat and I seriously doubt you need a tutorial. However, by the end of the wreath, I had become so proficient on rolling these things my own invented way, I could squeal!Β 

See? I was even being encouraged along the way, eh? πŸ™‚

(FYI – I don’t say eh. Ever. I think it’s an old wives tale myself…)

Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed’s own sheet music wreath tutorial base idea, I cut this cardboard out so the cones had something to be hot glued to. (MMS, I cannot find that link yet again! Please help!)

So pretty! But, when I hung it up, it looked too… flat. And it was. The cones were all the same size and that was one problem. But there was one more hurdle. I wanted abit of colour added because it simply floated on my darker fireplace.

So, paper bags came to my rescue! They have such a nice organic texture to them and added the depth I was after.

And then, I invented a way to roll these sheets so quickly that I nearly made two of these wreaths! Nearly but not quite. πŸ™‚

So here are my two inventions!Β 

And.. if I didn’t invent them first, we can still pretend I did, so don’t go tellin’ me, ok? πŸ™‚

miracle paper bag rolling technique

Cut both long sides of the bag straight through to the end.

Cut straight through along the mid fold.

You are left with the perfect size sheets.

Using a pencil, start rolling at one corner,

and roll up the entire sheet around the pencil.

But, do NOT let go like this! Oh no no. I have a much better way.

Once it’s rolled nice and tight,

pinch one end, and let the pencil drop.

While the one end is pinched, use your other hand to spread out the cone.

Continue until the sheets begin to separate. Then stop, and tape the cone closed.


So easy! Once you get going, you FLY.

I used the same technique with the sheet music as well. The pencil trick was the ticket.

While it’s pretty, I could think of 101 tweaks on making the wreath better. MUCH better.

My tips?Β 

* Use LOTS of sizes for your cones and stager them well. You’ll get a much nicer random build to it.

* Glue your cones on the cardboard MUCH farther outwards so you’re left with a hole in the center. I was cutting the cone tips countless times because I started too close to the center. The cones close in on you as you work.

Where is it today?

Β I fully admit. My house has changed back to my Funky Junk ways. So the wreath has a new home.

However, the wreath looks most awesome in my bedroom on my headboard gate. I’d show you but my bed hasn’t been made in a week, so, let’s maybe not. πŸ™‚

So, for now, let’s just appreciate the moment. Such an emotional day with the challenge kickoff and all!

Go on, you can do it before you link up! Become a true MMS and give it a whirl! You now know how!

So what will I do with all this newfound knowledge?

Funky Junkify it for my rustic gate perhaps? Hmmm…Β  I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚

Full MMS room reveal where the wreath resides is HERE.

Copy Me Challenge linkup starts Fri, 7pm Pacific. Oh my… see you soon! πŸ™‚

So, was I the last one to make one of these?

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45 thoughts on “Rollin’ out a sheet music miracle

  1. I did this with MMS’d tutorial a while back. I just love and adore it. I made two and distressed my pages with ink. I Like your pencil tip for sure. Yours turned out beautifully!

  2. The wreaths are very pretty, especially with the two tones of paper. I really do wish I had your information a few years ago. I had boxes and boxes of very old sheet music that I had no clue what to do with. It’s all gone now. Your info would have come in very handy then.

  3. The paper bags add so much to this wreath. Good thining. I can picture one of your “Christmas” ornaments hanging center stage on the wreath. It would give it that Funky Junk edge.

  4. I am also planning on getting around to making one of these for our piano room! I just love the two tones on yours. Oh, I say “eh?” all the time. Definitely a Canadian girl!

  5. well, Donna, I’m sorry to didn’t invent this…it’s been done girl, but go ahead and bask in the limelight while you may…lol…fame only comes but once….lol…good job and nice two tone affect.
    Oh ….. and it’s FRIDAY! see you later, Mel’s Cabin

  6. I just recently heard about these. I was going to make them for people for Christmas using the music for songs that were meaningful to them but ran out of time. Good thing there’s always next year! I wondered also about copying the music on a muted-toned colored paper that coordinated with their home…. But I don’t know straight up when it comes to decorating!

  7. Donna, I love them! Check out this post on my blog. I made the same wreaths for a church fair. I made about 6 of them using an old hymnal from the church. I even spray painted a light mist of silver on the edges and added cardboard stars to some… If I understand correctly, I think I should be linking this for the “copy me” challenge! Have a great day!
    πŸ™‚ Susan

  8. Oooh, Donna! I made one of those, too…and it took a while! I wish I had your tip on the pencil then! Love the paper bag addition It adds a whole new look! I wondered how long you and MMS would keep your opposite looks! lol Happy weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  9. Hey Donna!
    Ya ready for this?
    I have never made one of those wreaths!
    I want to…I really do….I have all the stuff EXCEPT NOW I need to go grab a pencil and some lunch bags!
    Thanks for the tips and sharign such great pictures.

  10. As soon as I saw yours, I said to myself, I like this one so much better because of the darker tones in it! Great job Donna! I didn’t make one of these at Christmas time, but would like to have one, so send me yours ok?

  11. Donna- That is a great idea. You are one smart cookie (or is that junkie);>) I love the touch of brown paper bags in there…You could even do a whole one with the brown bags! GREAT – love the way it turned out. I’m betting that you will make another one now! Hugs- Diana

  12. Nope, I haven’t made one either. I like the added paper bags to it. It just seem to me that it’s missing a little something. I know it’s a tribute to MMS’s style but it really needs a little funky junk. Maybe you could add a rusty faucet handle to the center to finish it off.? (the button bracelet is the cutest thing!)

  13. Don’t you worry Gina3, my wheels are already turning on creating my own take on this. And when I figure it out, this group will be the first to know. πŸ™‚

    Missing layers is the issue with this one. That makes all the difference.


  14. I made one and it’s hanging above our piano, on a dark purple/eggplant wall. I LOVE it and get lots of compliments. Wish I had known the pencil trick, that’s very clever. And adding the paper bags was brilliant! I might need to make another one…

  15. Donna, I have not made one, sheet music not my thing, but I love the brown paper and here is the thing, dust???? I’m not that into it, *dusting that is) and thinking paper with a bunch of dust hanging on it isn’t the look I want for my space! I’m just sayin…

  16. The paper bags make this look soooo much better!!!! and I love the pencil techniques!
    You have such wonderful ideas and seem to get so much done. I need a nap after I read your blog!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. nice touch with the paper bag cones! i just gave this a whirl right before christmas and had much fun with it. so much that i made a second one as a gift. i also used a piece of cardboard for the backing (pizza cardboard circles work great) making it light and easy to hang. you can see my attempt at 7pm when i link it up!
    judi πŸ˜‰

  18. You’re quite the roller! A smart! I think it looks smashing on the fireplace..Thanks for sharing and the good TIPS… a tip to you!
    xoso Sandy O

  19. I have never made one yet either, so you’re not the last. Second to last maybe. Like the brown bag addition to the wreath. And I adore your button bracelet and I’m not a big jewelry person either. May have to figure out how to make one for myself! BTW, loved your video on MMS’s site. Very creative and funky!

  20. That looks great, you did a fab job as always. And btw, I didn’t think I ever said “eh” either, until I spent a week in the Dominican with a bunch of Texan’s. I was shocked at how much it came out. Crazy eh?!

  21. Hi, I’m strolling thru blog land looking for great wreaths to share on a special blog post this week titled “How To Make A Wreath” – giving my readers some ideas. I’d love for your music sheet wreath to be one that I spotlight – would it be okay to lift a picture, giving you full credit and linking back to your blog?

  22. I tried to get my MMS on and make one of these last year – I must be MMS challenged {that could be the understatement of the decade – I mean really . . .} because it’s just not as easy for me – mine looked pretty . . . junky {but not in a funky junk good way}. If I can get my nerve up, I might try it again. Thanks for the pencil tip!! And I love the depth the paper bags give it.

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