Proud to turn 49 years young today

 I smile when I get teased about my ‘age’.

I’m forgetful, can’t read a thing without my reading glasses, sometimes ache in the morning, complain about my back, and even take naps on occasion.

Hey, it took a lot of living to  earn all this! So yeah… I’m gettin’ up there.

But guess what. You’re either right beside me, right behind me or already ahead of me. So.. it’s really all relative, isn’t it?

I adopted my son late in life, so I tend to be one of those ‘older mom’s in a group. It’s tricky getting invited out because most my age have grown kids and some are already empty nesters.

Not me. I’m 49 with an 11 year old son still claiming to adore his mom. And I’m more than ok with that. What’s the rush again?!?

And, I don’t worry about being an ‘older mom’. My nature is pretty childish so I blend in well with an 11 yr old.  I don’t ‘feel’ 49, so why should I act it?

One of my favorite times of all is when my son gets that ‘wild look’ in his eye, gives off that ear to ear grin and announces, “Ready mom?”

I pretend I’m so not ready and bored with the thought. I wander in the opposite direction and he starts to giggle. When he thinks I’m not on board, I start dashing down the hallway with him generally grabbing my hand to slow me down.

What are we doing?!? We’re having a race to see who can land on a bed and jump on it or shmush ourselves under the covers first of course!

How childish. And how fun. 🙂

Age? It doesn’t much matter to me what age someone is. Maybe I feel this way because I AM 49. But age to me is nothing more than an indication of how much life you’ve lived thus far and nothing else. It doesn’t really tell me what you can or can’t do. It’s simply a guide on where you’re at. Actions speak louder than age in my book.

So yeah, it’s my birthday, and I flipped 49 today.

Which is the most remarkable landmark anyway? Is it 49 or 50?

I say both. And every age in between. No need to throw me a fancy party at a particular age, because I’m feeling mighty blessed to be here on earth at every age!

So rather than celebrate an age, I vote to celebrate life.

The notion of a birthday has somewhat changed for me since my mom passed away. My son and I always celebrated with her. And now it’s down to the two of us.

But no worries! My son will not have this no birthday gig! He’ll keep me honest, and encourage (make) us go out for dinner and grab a cake. I like to say I’m doing it for him but I guess I’m kinda still doing it for myself too.

And why not. Let’s celebrate today in a special way just because! No need to wait for your own birthday to do it either. It’s just a nice excuse to go out for dinner and grab a cake. 🙂

Well, maybe I’ll do abit more. Maybe I’ll even allow myself a ‘perfect’ day. The kind where you head out doing something you love (junkin’) with a fav drink in hand (fluffy coffee) while the boy’s in school. Yeah… maybe I will. 🙂

But what I’d REALLY like to do?

We ARE playing with the idea of a one night’s stay at Harrison again. You can read about our last adventure there HERE.


I want to be in this hot pool at night with all the mini white lights aglow and soak all our worldly worries away for a short spell.

And then put on one of those cushy white hotel robes, head for the room and…

… make the crazy bed race towards a luxurious hotel variety. 🙂

And squeeze in a little junkin’ that way. Oh yes… I like very much!

Yeah yeah… money’s always an issue isn’t it? We can’t celebrate life like this all the time. So why not use a birthday as an excuse to do something special?

Oh right! I think that’s why we celebrate them!

No matter what we do really. I mean, what’s not to enjoy when your son still adores his 49 year old mom? 🙂

And thank-YOU for making this past year extra special for me! That’s one of the very best gifts I could ever hope to get.

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