Would you live in a barn?

 If you were to ask me what my dream home looked like, I’d say it was a heritage home with loads of architectural detail.You’d probably see very little drywall in the mix.

And yeah, I’ve even had dreams of converting a barn into a home. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I think that’s why I pull out so many wood projects. I’m attempting to achieve elements that look like they’ve been there forever, but through furnishings and accessories. I mean, could you imagine covering every square inch of drywall in a typical suburban home? Youch$!

One of my favorite wooden projects has been the old gate screens I created for my living room. So when I got a wild brainstorm at midnight on Saturday, I pulled one of them into my bedroom for a trial run.

Yep. Midnight. 🙂

 That was only a start. I started pushing and shoving other things in the room with inspiration sparked to an all time high.

Yeah yeah, I know, this comes AFTER my photo studio is done. I heard you. Nothing like this as encouragement to FINISH that room though, right?!?

 You see, I’ve been wanting to change out my bedroom for some time now. I just desire to anchor the room with richer tones here and there.

But with all plans, there’s a small % that leaves you with a ? because you haven’t actually SEEN what you have in mind. So when I came across what I’m about to show you, my idea was sealed!

With a whole lot more unexpected inspiration that followed.

When I came across for the love of a house, a link I found on Miss Mustard Seed,  I started snooping around.

This home is lovely beyond belief!  And as if that wasn’t enough, while I read, I soon learned about another facet this house is going through. It was the renovation of an attached barn that was becoming part of the home.

Heritage home AND barn? Yes. YES! Wait till you see their plans.

The red section is the attached barn. This is the before.


It soon turned into a 3 car garage below, but wait till you see what’s transpiring inside.

I barely heard your gasp because I was gasping louder. That door!

And another! But that isn’t all.

Beautiful old doors of all kinds are being incorporated into the interior.

Eclectic charm at it’s very best.

 Plenty of old weathered looking wood for walls is everywhere you look. Joan shares her color recipe on her sidebar, for this wall is new wood.

Isn’t that overhead lantern amazing?

  I was fascinated with the install of this authentic stone hearth.

And impressed with all the steps it took to get it inside!

The hearth landed on this custom built fireplace. I love how the fireplace is going to reach the ceiling with a gradual inward shape.

And just for the record…


My own fireplace has a hearth and height with similar factors. 🙂

And then when I came to this part, I gasped again.

This is a rustic headboard they’re creating for the bedroom.


This headboard nearly nailed what I had in my head last night and brought the visual to life. Mine will have an unexpected twist, but this visual sealed the deal. I now know what my eventual plan will look similar to!

I do believe Joan is building my dream home. Even if it isn’t obtainable for me, I can certainly mimic many of these incredible details.  I think I’ve only started on my home at this point…

Joan, thank-you for allowing me to share your home with my viewers. I know they’ll love the details every bit as much as I do.

You can visit Joan’s gorgeous home and renovation HERE.

So… what does your dream home look like?

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50 thoughts on “Would you live in a barn?

  1. I love Joan’s main house…living in a barn is too rustic for me. But I’d like to have a party there or a weekend sleep over. I hate to hear and see that you are tearing up your bedroom because I LOVE it so much!!! But I’m sure whatever you come up with instead will be fabulous.

  2. Oh my!! That space is scrumptious!! I would move into that barn in a Kentucky minute!! I love it and all those wood details..sigh!!!!!!!! You have me drooling over here!! And now to see your new room??!! I can’t wait!!
    Hurry up!! Ha!
    My dream house would be very similar! High high ceilings and lots of wood and light! With contemporary furnishings of course! Wowzers!!

  3. My parents DO live in a barn. 🙂 It’s a massive hundred year old dairy barn, they spent a year remodeling the front lower half into a home, turning concrete rooms into beds and baths, and when they open their “back door” it leads straight into cattle runs, where the dogs live. It’s amazing.

  4. I would live in a converted barn in a heartbeat. The fact that theirs is attached to the house is perfect. I saw that blog this weekend visiting from MMS and I agree with you, it’s breathtaking even in it’s unfinished state. To get some of that character on a budget, I know someone who replaced every interior door in her house with a different kind of vintage/old door. It was so cool. Have fun on your bedroom. I know you could whip a headboard like that out in a minute with your talents.

  5. Joan’s home is incredible! I did gasp when I saw that wall. Would love to have that in my home! Cannot wait to see what you do next. Love everything you do!

  6. My brother’s house started out as a simple barn. He was single at the time and half was storage for his construction business and he turned the other half into his apartment. Then he got married and as time went on he kept adding on. They are now expecting baby girl #3 in May with his wifes grandmother living there too and he now has a 2 living room, 3 bath, 5 bedroom, formal dining, huge laundry and kitchen home. They have used a lot of leftover materials from his construction business and incorporated cheap ideas to finish. Particle boards on the interior walls (which is ugly lol) but they used paper grocery sacks dipped in a mixture of water and glue for wall treatments. It looks like leather walls! Its amazing how much it has transformed over the years!

  7. Beautiful … I’ve always wanted to have a home a little unusual .. a barn, a school house, a log cabin … even a century home. Something with character, a soul, a past life.

    Those of us who live in the suburbs have to try to build it in … wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was just there … living, breathing, sharing.

  8. Very pretty! I appreciate this style, but would have to put my own eclectic style stamp on it…which is what it’s all about, right?

  9. Donna,
    That barn is a m a z i n g!!!!!
    I love every detail and am ready to move right in!!
    That weathered-look wood wall is so totally beautiful..I dont even have words for it!!!
    And the fireplace…wowsers and yes it looks like your beauty too!!
    I would love to live in a barn..that reminds me of something my mom used to say wwhen we were young and we had left the door open somewhere n the house…”Were you born in a barn..close the door”! haha
    I’d love to be born..and …live here…just gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the share and I cant wait to see what you’re up to girl!!!

    Deborah xoxoxoxox

  10. Yep it is amazing! My dream home is a home that’s mortgage free. My dream is to travel and live in europe for part of every year. the only way to make that a reality is to be debt free.

    My dream home is where my family is and where we’re happy together.


  11. that headboard is just amazing ;). reminds me of the Sundance one i have had my eye on, think its called the pickle barrel bed.
    altho i really like the look of the barn for me its just not practical way more space than i need . my dream home would be a ranch so i could paint my dang walls.[i have 25ft ceilings now].big closets,open big kitchen, craft room 3 bedrooms master suite. decorated with rustic vintage elements.

  12. Squeeeee, the barn, the wood, the doors, the floors, those wonderful old rolling doors. I WANT all of it, now. And the headboard, is beyond fabulousness. I cannot wait to see your new bedroom. I would so totally live in that barn. Thank you so much for sharing and making my day.

  13. Yes, I’ve dreamed of converting a barn into my home. Because I really have this dream of living in a ‘loft-like’ place with high ceilings, rough textured brick walls, maybe some wood walls and ceilings with beams too and adding big huge aged looking lanterns – what a great backdrop for greenery or anything! But I couldn’t live in a city, I’m a country girl that loves to garden, loves birds, animals, streams (or any natural body of water would do) and quiet and big blue skies… so I think that makes me a prime candidate for a renovated barn. As long as I can fill it with skylights and windows because my next home has to be a house full of sunshine 🙂 I love that headboard too and am waiting to replace my creaky old bed with something rustic like that – maybe not all curvy on top for me though, not sure… like you, I haven’t ‘seen’ it yet 🙂


  14. What a lovely home! Oh the possibilities. I have to admit I have two, maybe even three “dream” homes. The first would be a strawbale house with handcrafted tile floors, exposed beam rafters, a big kitchen with open shelving plus a pantry which had stairs down to a root cellar, a stone fireplace w/ an iron hook for cooking, a deep porch, and a family room located in west with acres and acres of open prairie and mountains. #2 House w/ thick stucco walls, old wide plank floors, same kitchen, cozy fireplace, big porch, located on a coast with a beach, warm sand… And both places would need to have gardens… lots of gardens, vegetable, flowers, herbs, fruit and nut trees/hedges. plus a neighbor who raises milk cows and beef cows so we could buy our meat/dairy products from them. And each place would have a cottage for guests!!!

  15. I love all the barn stuff, the doors, etc. But I do not love the colours in the kitchen and living room, the greys and whites. Too plain for me.

    Now, Donna did you notice that they put up painted white board on the ceiling in the barn part and they painted the boards FIRST?

    Also, with the headboard, (I love it!) that needs to be created so that the boards can expand and shrink with the humidity. I am guessing the boards are glued together side by side and most likely where it goes into the posts at each side, there is room in there for movement. Otherwise the thing will crack over time.

  16. That is one gorgeous barn! We lived in a converted barn for our first two years of marriage. It was NOTHING like that, but it was fun! All my husband’s single friends said it was the perfect Bachelor Pad! They wanted to rent it when we moved into the house we were remodeling and were sad that is it now just storage and a fun spot for the kids!!!!

  17. I was there yesterday drooling along side many others. A truly amazing home, that barn is the most fabulous creation I’ve seen in a long time. All of the little, yet big details that are going into this lovely addition. So authentic and you just know it’s going to be warm, cozy and so inviting when they have finished the project. Her colors are so soothing and yummy.

    It’s just dreamy!

    I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve…I know it will be funky awesome!

  18. O, yes..I went over directly from Miss Mustard’s, too. And, totally fell in love. Copied down all her paint colors…my living room is going to be HALO soon, I think.
    Awesome home..and attaching the barn…a stroke of genius..and LOTS of moola.!!:))
    Your headboard will be awesome.

  19. WOW…..seriously WOW!! Joan is one creative gal! What a complete and total inspiration she is! Where does she get all of her great ideas??? I can just imagine you going ga-ga over this house, Donna. It’s so YOU! 🙂 Luv it!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Remember when I sat and read your blog one day and fell in love with your story? That is what happened when I went to Joan’s. I couldn’t get enough of all the details of how she is marring the old with the new. Amazing to watch and read. Can’t wait to see your headboard!

  21. About ten years ago, a a friend in ND was selling a barn for some ridiculous price – a few thousand dollars. I begged and whined and fussed about buying it and turning it into a home. Finally, enough room! Hubby didn’t have the vision, and someone else bought it and used it for – you guessed it – a barn.

    Loving the wood ideas….I love wood, vintage, barns…thanks for sharing.

  22. I live in a Schoolhouse – on weekends – but would love to live in a barn. Or a church, or a train station, or (my big dream) a Quonset hut. I love spaces that are tall and open and not originally meant for living.

  23. Oh yes I’d love to live in a barn. Or a loft, formerly known as an factory.
    But I really can’t complain my thirties design forties house stole my heart and she hasn’t given it back yet.
    Great blog you found, I somehow missed it on Miss Mustard Seed. Great another read to add to my Reader just what I need 😉

  24. Some days I think I live in a barn…pre-remodel…and not in the nice way.
    What a creative reno they are doing. Barns, churches and old schools make such great starting places for fabulous new dwellings.

  25. I love your site, and share your love of old homes. Mine was built in 1919, with much of the “build-in charm”. I can’t even imagine wanting a brand-new house! My dream is to renovate an old church. Saw a beautifully renovated one for sale over a year ago and I still feel an ache thinking of it – it was ‘way out of my price range, and too far in the country for my comfort. But OH……

  26. Oh ya, that house/barn is about the coolest thing I have seen in a while. I would most certainly live in a barn. And the barnwood headboard… love it! I have always loved your barn shutters in your living room too. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do! Now my wheels are turning too. As always, you have inspired me “to-do.”

  27. Beautiful stuff!

    I wouldn’t live in a real barn unless it was ALL FINISHED AND CLEAN, OF COURSE! However, EC and I would definitely jam with band in one, clean or not!!!!

    Love the mantle twins!!!!

  28. Oh yes, I would live in a barn..thank you so much for sharing this…LOVE LOVE the doors they made use of and really loving the headboard. Wonderful ideas, great taste….swooning.

  29. let me see would i live in barn? Let me think about this, uh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What a creative renovation they are doing. Barns, churches and old schools make such great starting places for fabulous new dwellings. That furniture is eye catching and also working on same work.

  31. Well, very interesting ideas….my wife and I converted a barn in Northeast Pa. We started 40 years ago and are still at it! It was falling apart and we had no money, so we have been completing it and redoing some early work….it is a wonderful feeling to put life back into such a grand structure as barns are some of the most magnificent examples of early ingenuity. Ours is a circa 1850 dairy barn with three stories, about 5000 square feet of living space…..a lot to keep clean…..but we love it….best of luck, how about an update?

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