The day we pulled the plug… on my outdoor reading room

My pool’s days are numbered.

FJI Facebookers will know a little of this story already. I was nattering about not having the nerve to unplug my pool for the season.

I moaned and fussed and whined because the weather was still hot and sunny and I had come to use this little decadent part of my world as my reading escape. Nothing like the sunshine warming you up while sitting in that lounger, effortlessly floating away with your feet dipped in the coolness (taking breath) with just the birds, bees and butterflies quietly flittering around.

Mary Kay Andrews would edit that sentence…. I just know it! And it would be an amazing read. Like you were RIGHT THERE. Ah well…

Anywhoo, I went outside TWICE with my hand on the plug and just. couldn’t. do. it.

But then suddenly the sky above spoke to me! (meaning, it got cloudy) That sealed the deal. It was time to say goodbye to my summertime pal.

So with great sorrow, it was time to officially (gulp) unplug.

I held my breath, turned the cap and… nothing. Huh?!?

Ohhhh right. There’s another plug INSIDE the pool.

Well. Let. Me. Tell. You. I’m NOT going inside a minus 40 degree pool! Think… think… YES!

I grabbed my pool wrecker of choice and jabbed. It worked! YES. I rock! WOODEN SPOONS rock. TRULY. This was HUGE.


BUT… the reception from others affected was not well received.


cat – “WHAAAA?!?!?”


“You UNPLUGGED!!!! Well, you can NOT taking my foot dip water! I drink from this daily and… and… I’m not ready!”


dog – *sniff* *sob*


“BACK AWAY and no one will get hurt…”


Dog slowly appearing to left as sides lower – “*sob* *sniff*”



dog – “can’t… look…”

I needed to seriously turn this around.

“Look guys! Here’s extra vittles for ya both tonite! Yummy yum yum, right?!?”

cat… “PAH!! Surely you jest!!!”

me – “BFF again?”

cat – “You think we’re so easily sold! HMPH!


More chicken deluxe then. 

On a platter. 

Warmed up. 

5pm sharp.

And I’ll think about it…”



(fab lounger can be found HERE)

“… dum dee dum dum…”

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27 thoughts on “The day we pulled the plug… on my outdoor reading room

  1. So funny! We still need swimming pools in South Texas! It is HOT–high 90’s to 100’s. Sadly, I’ve only been swimming twice this summer–both in the Gulf of Mexico, and I’m not a salt water fan! weird huh?

  2. I guess we beat ya to the shuttin down the pool thing here in Indiana – USA. The hubby had to do it last week and the water was only 64 degrees F. Better him than me! ;^) It is sad to see it get covered for the season.

  3. Donna my hubby is wondering what is wrong with me. I am rolling that is sooooo funny, you certainly have a way with words. Your poor doggie and kitty look so sad. You have a beautiful view out back, I would not want Summer to end either. You had a short one and now I know why you said you almost didn’t think it was worth putting up your pool. I will e-mail you for the info I need for blogger when I get time and when you get time you can answer me please. Thanks.

  4. Good job and cudos to you Donna! It has dropped down to the 30’s the last two nights here in Wisconsin and I am seriously considering draining my hot tub……now that is just stupid! We have only used it 3 times this summer(well, the days have been in the high 70’s to high 80’s/low 90’s most of the summer so who wants to get into temps over 103+ at that time? NOW is the time to use it…….yikes, I am a wimp! I want to get out of a hot tub without freezing…..oh well, say goodbye to summer! Thanks for the laughs!!!

  5. Ha! I am totally feeling your pain! Luckily I have a hot tub and we use it year around!!
    Neener Neener!!
    Just had to throw that in ya know?!!
    Loved this post…you cracked me up!!

  6. Me too….I don’t want fall or winter to come….I enjoyed the hot summer days….gnarly winter …arrggg….my son’s doing the same to his pool, but putting a ball and cover over it….but, since we have to have fall…let’s enjoy it before the freezing temps arrive….so let’s pumpkin on!!! I say….Mel

  7. we are waiting on the work crew to come and close our pool for the season also.. It is always a sad time but the leaves and crickets tell us ot is time and oh yest the cold water itself… I will look forward to the spring opening next year as we only had a couple days of use with our new one after removing our old one… Timw for candles … pillows and blankets for reading by.. Have a lovely weekend…

  8. Foot dipping water – yum! We took ours down two weeks ago and are still waiting for the grass to grow in again. Love that big old smelly brown spot in the yard. I do love that lounger you have. I’ll have to order one of those.

  9. We (meaning my husband) closed our pool this week and it was a sad thing. Summer is way too short.

    Your kitty is beautiful! Glad you could win her over again after the great feline disservice you committed. ;)(I know how that goes…we have two cats of our own.) 🙂

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