A passion filled weekend of shopping, shooting.. and maybe you :)

I’m just a little excited for this upcoming weekend…

My son will be leaving for a youth retreat Friday. Which means only one thing… NO HOLDS BARRED on all things… whatever!

Tell me this isn’t a dream weekend…

There’s an open air market in town called Fieldstone Vintage Market, featuring vintage collectors and local artisans. And BLOGGERS.

(Abbotsford is located in British Columbia, Canada, 1 hour east from Vancouver)

And the overflow is being held in a field! ‘Nuff said.. I’m there!

 Here’s the list of vendors.

Wish to know more? Visit Fieldstone’s:



And I’ll also be creative. I need to come up with some creations for an upcoming HGTV.com feature. Does that rock or what… 

I also need to finish up my FOLK instalment for the Nov/Dec issue. My creation involved a whole lotta twigs as the theme for the mag is “an all natural Christmas”. 

It was crazy labour intensive (way to go me!) but so far no one on Pinterest has invented it yet so I’m still good. 🙂

Incidentally, I’ll be an occasional writer on the FOLK blog. I wrote a post last night  about how to decorate early for a given season, so if you’re an eleventh hour kinda decorator, this post is for you!

How to Decorate off season – magazine style


And then on Sunday is my big photo shoot opportunity at the church. (I wrote about it HERE)

So, about these incredible flowers on this camera strap… I want this! If anyone has flowers like these at the market, save a few for me… I’m coming to buy you out. 🙂

Dream stuff! All of it!

And hey, this weekend SNS turns 100! 100 parties. Wow.

And what better way to celebrate it than have the theme pallets. You KNOW that’s my baby. 🙂 So I’ll be showing you the proper reveal of what’s in that wheelbarrow for the event.

 To also help celebrate SNS turning 100, I have a 3 part post coming up titled Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about LINK PARTIES. I’m finally going to share how to link up, how to host one, and go over link up etiquette and pet peeves. Newbies will enjoy the info, and veterans will agree with the peeves. 🙂

Coming as soon as I can finish the drafts…

Until then, I need to morph back into just plain ‘ol me minus the Funky Junk. Until Saturday… 🙂 

Will any of you be at the market Saturday? Let us know in comments! I’d love to either visit your booth or say hello while shopping.

I’ll be the one with the camera in my face, a Starbucks in my hand, and no doubt yelling, “It’s YOU!” 🙂 

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26 thoughts on “A passion filled weekend of shopping, shooting.. and maybe you :)

  1. HGTV special! Wow!! Good luck!! This fair looks fantastic…wish I could be there. Congratulations on 100 Saturday Night Specials and I am looking forward to the linky party tutorial. xo,

  2. If I lived in Canada, I’d be there. Markets in the fields are the best. Sounds like great things are coming your way. Congrats on all the awesome opportunities. They are well deserved!

  3. Be sure to stop by “LOLA’S” booth so I can say hello! Also, I have some of those flowers but not in cream – I have them in chocolate brown and grey. Let me know if you want any and I will GIVE them to you.
    See ya Saturday!

  4. hi donna, i love your blog!!! i read it everyday. thanks for inspiring me. i wanted to tell you about the flowers on that camera strap. we have that on a roll at our hobby lobby in different colors. it isnt very expensive. if you cant get it i will be glad to send you some. just let me know. [email protected]. i really enjoy your blog!!!!

  5. okay my head is spinning as I was trying to make a mental list of all you have to get done. wow, I’m dizzy. How about we sit down and cheer you on! Go Donna, Go Donna, Go Donna…
    I’m so excited about your weekend shopping experience. Sounds like fun and trouble, unless you’re more disciplined than I am.

  6. Wish I could make it! Have fun and I do look forward to the possibility of meeting up with some of the “BC Bloggers” at some point (I’m on Vancouver Island)

  7. I love HGTV….I’m so gonna stay tuned for that one Donna! Good going…..I’m still on the hunt for Folk Mag here…..I’ll keep you posted if I find it and where….Your outdoors market, as always, sounds fabulous…do post pics of the event…Mel

  8. I WISH I could go. It sounds SO fun and I would love to meet YOU! Out of all of my favorite blogs, you are the most down to earth and real. I love that you actually connect with your readers.<3

  9. Donna congrats on 100 SNS. You are on busy lady let me tell ya. That market sounds wonderful and I do wish I lived closer. I live way too far and can you image what the guys at the border would do if I tried to cross back with a bunch of rusty crusty stuff. They would think I was nuts. LOL.:(
    That sounds like fun being able to meet some of the bloggers and people who like the same things you do.
    Have fun and I hope Cody has fun too.

  10. How cool that’s you’ve already had 100 SNS’s!! I’ve only managed to participate in a couple recently. I do enjoy looking at others creations, so I look forward to 100+ more!

    I sure wish I lived remotely close to this fantastic sounding event, but not at all. I sure can’t wait for YOUR pics to make me jealous.

    I also CANNOT wait to see your creations and I hope I start getting my free Folk subscription I won from you to see what you’ve cooked up there.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  11. I saw you in the Folk magazine. I got it autograped at the CL Fair. Glad you will be writing in the future issues. It will be quiet around your house but you will have some time to shop or create.

  12. How cool! Wish I could be there. I haven’t been to Abbotsford since the airshow days. That was always a blast. That’s so cool about your HGTV feature. I’m so thankful when really creative people like you share all your knowledge. Thanks for your post. Have a great weekend.

  13. If I hand you my rake, can I steal your starbucks and catch a bus out to BC? You can deal with the ragteag end of my garden and messy house and I’ll go to this fab market. How’s that sound??? WHat no takers????
    (Yeah I heart that camera strap too)

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