31 Days Blog to Biz / Day 20 – Was today’s knock the right one?

Dear new book editor,

When you emailed me today, you caught me off guard. Yet you didn’t.

You see, I’ve been down this road before. I was noticed by an editor, and together we worked very hard creating a proposal a publisher would love.

And they loved it! But then it all went away with a whisper.

But that doesn’t matter because this is all part of it. We’ll be tested along the way to see if we’re ready. I get that and now have come to expect it. It’s all part of opportunity.

But something was a bit different this round. Everything you proposed was like I wrote it. You nailed everything that I desired to do in my book, right down to the title!


I have a funny feeling that this could be it. But even if it’s not, I’m going to pull out all the stops once again if this is the real deal. Because one of my wildest dreams is to have a book published in paper, sitting on my own coffee table.

Why does this mean so much to me?

I’ve been there. I’ve been in that place of despair and couldn’t get myself out. It was only after the guidance and help of many wonderful friends that I was able to hold my head up above the fray and realize I survived. And that I was finally capable of giving back.

I want THAT opportunity. I want to teach women as well as men that expand well beyond blogland. I want those that have never touched tools before to start picking them up and asking questions. I don’t want them to fear or struggle as I did and go without. I want them to create their wildest desires that thus far have only lived inside their imaginations. I want their dreams to become reality. I want them to be happy. I want them to love what they do for a living for the rest of their lives. And I really do feel I can help with that, even if it’s just to encourage and guide through a book.

I haven’t desired to ‘sell my stuff’ or ‘make for others’ otherwise I’d already be doing it. It’s not speaking to me. But writing and teaching is and has since the first time I started tapping my fingers on my first blog. It’s what I do on my blog now and that’s why blogging is absolutely effortless to me. Problem is, it brings little income as is.

But I can do THIS. I can teach them to become efficient WHILE I earn a living. This is right for me. I know it!

And know what? I LOVE to write. And to take pictures and create wild things no one’s seen before. So this would make my dream come true too. Everyone wins!!! Whadda plan.

If you don’t call me tomorrow, or the day after, or even don’t call at all, I’ll live. But I won’t give up. I want to show my followers that opportunity will knock but an answer won’t always be there right from the get go. Because sometimes you also have to to know which knock to answer.

So… are you the one? Is this right for me? For you? For us? Let’s find out, shall we?

necklace by Type B

I’ve been expecting you. And I’m ready. 

LET’S DANCE like no one’s watching.

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47 thoughts on “31 Days Blog to Biz / Day 20 – Was today’s knock the right one?

  1. Oh Donna…..I know there will be a follow-up! Your projects that you create deserve the merit of a published book by YOU! Keeping you in my thoughts and crossing everything I can!

  2. In times like this I just think that the right thing will happen. And it usually does. If not now soon. I hope this is the one. You have a lot to share. I will be in line at your book signing!

  3. You said ” I don’t want them to fear or struggle as I did and go without.” I think the resounding lesson is that we can “struggle and fear as you did and go without” and still survive and flourish, we can be in “that place of despair” with the help of God and those around us to encourage us we CAN get out! I was in that place when I found you, you challenged me to pick up those power tools and start asking questions. The challenge was that spark I needed to reignite my creativeness after a long dry spell. Put me down for a pre-order for whenever your book comes out in print. Donna G.

  4. Did you see my wall of bookcases? Well there is a spot waiting for you… in all honesty you already fill a spot on it as I’ve been printing this months posts putting them up in a binder as well as my “favorites”. Yeah I am that girl… the one who likes blogs but LOVES paper! The permanence of the written word… something I can take with me wherever I go… the feel of the paper… the smell of the ink.

    Your blog is also an inspiration! acknowledgment of being in a dark spot, allowing others and God to lift you out, perseverance, pressing forward… Thank you for bearing your soul and catching a glimpse of you… 🙂

  5. i don’t have anything profound to say, except that i felt compelled to say that if i was your neighbor i’d bring you pumpkin muffins today. i mean, yeah, i made them yesterday, so it’s not like i made them special for you, but i think you could use a pumpkin muffin while you wait. 🙂

  6. I have a spot on my coffee table for your book, but most importantly that book will be used and read and probably have a lot of sticky notes stuck to pages. I pray and hope your “dream” comes true in the very near future!

  7. Saying a prayer that this IT for you! I don’t know of a better person this could happen to. You have such a kind and generous heart. And I’m loving watching you move your mountains! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  8. Wishing you all the best Donna…I’m a new reader and you have inspired me so much…your courage, determination and passion are an inspiration to us all! Go get ’em!!

  9. I so very much hope this works out for you. I wish I had half your courage and of course talent. I’ll be one of the first to pre-order your books. Don’t give up! Kathy

  10. Oh Donna, what a touching post, and so inspiring!
    I’m so happy for you, and wish you all the success on this new endeavor.
    I’ll be the first in line to purchase your book, hugs and congrats, tami

  11. As you well know, everything in God’s time, not ours. So the first time was not YOUR time and was probably a test to see how bad you wanted it. At least there was a knock again and it still remains to be seen if THIS is God’s time for you too, but I’m really hoping it is! Good luck!!

  12. I wish, I know, your dream will come! I truly understand the bliss & doubt you are feeling similtanious. Its thrilling & scary rolled into one. But you are correct, you will continue on no matter what happens. You said it best, “We’ll be tested along the way to see if we’re ready.” That’s the part I tend to forget, but you are so right. Follow your dreams my fellow artisan. I will follow mine vicariously through you until my time!

  13. When you follow your bliss. . . doors will open
    where you would not have thought there would be doors;
    and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.
    –J. Campbell
    & my new favorite
    Sometimes on the way to a dream a better one comes along.

  14. Rather than give up, you have taken charge and used all your experiences to come to crystal clarity about your strengths, intent, and desire. That will make the next steps wiser and more powerful than they could have been ‘back then.’ I’m lovin’ witnessing this journey. Thank you for sharing it, Donna.

  15. Donna, you are such a blessing! Our father above has to be incredibly proud of you. You’ve survived the trials and come out the better and stronger for it. You continue to encourage others in a way only one who’s be there can. You have been and continue to be in my prayers:) May He guide you to know which knock to answer and show you the steps to take!

  16. Oh this will happen and happen soon! You make such a difference. I have to tell you a funny story. I was at my daughter’s college home golf tournament a few weeks ago and it was raining. She was on the last hole and I stood under a big old oak tree with gnarly roots to keep from getting so wet. I glanced down and there was a rusty old cog wheel about 6 inches wide. (Wish I had a picture) Score! I wouldn’t have thought anything about it if I hadn’t seen your rusty treasures. So I picked it up and my baby girl gave me that “are you serious?” look and then smiled.
    Guess I’m trying to say that you help us see the treasure in junk. Thank you Donna!

  17. This is so inspiring Donna, been going through a lot this last year and a half and felt down and kinda lost, very similar to what you described. Trying to make a change, starting with my blog and have a booth at an Antique store. My dream is to sell what I make and have an online store. Every post I have read is helping me get closer to those goals. There are times when I question what I’m trying to do, like when my house is a mess from creating inventory and then I read your blog and feel better. Have laughed many times because of you and feel better knowing I’m not the only one whose house gets cluttered with this stuff and maybe I’m crazy for trying to make my dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

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