Can a black accessory fanatic change her ways to Pleated Poppy Pink? (giveaway)

This giveaway is now over. Please scroll to bottom of this post for the winner!

I collect black accessories. Lots of them. So I emailed for help.


Dear Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy,

 I am a collector of black. I assure you, it happened quite by accident. Guess I’m just drawn to how neutral it is so I don’t have to fuss with matching stuff.

I’m also proficient at losing things. And I know sometimes it’s because they just ‘blend’ in with their surroundings.

Take for example, the inside of my truck. It’s… black. Put my black stuff in my black truck and you have midnight in the middle of a dirt storm.

Anyway, when I was snooping through your shop, my eyes fell in love with your sun glasses case, thinking they’d be the perfect protection for my eye glasses which I always lose as well.


And here she is in all her colorful hot pink glory. The sunnies case was EXACTLY like the photo. I was thrilled.

As always, the quality was top notch with the sewing not looking (my kinda) hand done by a long shot. Very VERY pro done.

And it was nicely padded, although not adding too much bulk. And as always, all Pleated Poppy items have a fun colourful lining that makes the accessories actually fun to peek into!

While the case is plenty long enough for the glasses to sink into, if you were a little reckless and tended to (cough) drop lots of stuff, (NO idea why I’d bring this up!) you COULD always add a small snap or velcro tab or even a cute tie. 

Before – “Where are my glasses?!?”

After – “Gonna get my glasses I can see from here in that pretty little case and off we go!”

“Whew… I sure needed a break from this black habit.”

I swear this wasn’t planned.

Want your own splash of color?

Go shopping for $60 worth of your own Pleated Poppy fun!


Visit The Pleated Poppy shop, snoop around, and tell me in comments here what you’d like if you won, and you’re in!


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Giveaway will be open until Nov 30 5:00 PM pacific and drawn by random org. Good to go in USA and Canada. Email must accompany your comment or be avail on your blog in order to win.

Great deals!!

Enter funkyjunk when you shop for a 10% discount! Good until Nov 31st.

(I traded product for this review/giveaway event but my opinions aren’t driven by anything but honesty. I simply wouldn’t be endorsing Pleated Poppy items if I didn’t love them. And.. I LOVE them. Lindsey is a wonderful seamstress… no lie.)

Lucky winner is Michelle from This Crazy Life! Congrats!

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99 thoughts on “Can a black accessory fanatic change her ways to Pleated Poppy Pink? (giveaway)

  1. I love anything with ruffles! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and thanks for the advice. I laughed out loud at the vacuum post. I have been through my share of vacuums and I like my Sears canister, it is light and has been going strong for I don’t know how many years…I have a friend who housecleans to supplement her income and she doesn’t like Dyson. She said they are very heavy.

  2. Hi Donna,
    I, like you, am a collector of black accessories – I Love other colors, but according to my daughter, am afraid of them. LOL. How silly is she. If I had $60 to spend at the Delightful Pleated Poppy Store, the first thing I would buy would be the “ruffled scarf – white” – LOVE IT, and such a big move into color, eh? Smiles… Then, since I would still have leftover spending pennies, I would add the oh so adorable: wristlet clutch – vintage floral –

    Thank You to Both of You For the Opportunity to Win These Pretties!
    Hugs From Laurie
    [email protected]

  3. I tend to love black too. I snooped & thought this might be interesting….
    zippered pouch – cock-a-doodle

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. Definitely the Sunnies case in “Punch”, Donna. I have the same problem with black as you do, only it’s all IN my purse! I need a little pop of color in there!!! Thanks for this sweet giveaway! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  5. I Love the Infinity Scarf in Black!!!! Everything is so very Beautiful. I would like to be able to buy several things!!!! 🙂

  6. Hi,I have not heard of the Pleated Poppy before today,thanks so much for bringing this site to my attention.What a classy designer.Pure awesomeness!!LJ

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