Antiques, girlie things and junk… with a giveaway you will LOVE!

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is April from Thoughtful Escapes. 

Congrats April and thanks to all who entered!

Don’t I look calm, happy and deliriously content?

You see,  I’ve been waiting for this package.

So when it finally arrived at the post office, I barely made it out the door when I dashed the box onto the sidewalk and stabbed it open with a pen.

The pen didn’t make it, but the goods did. Ohhhh boy did they…

My newest treasures came from

 Katie’s Rose Cottage Designs run by Lori.

Did you just gasp?  Wait till you take a peek inside her store…

How did I miss this… *sob*

These jars go for $10 @ in my area. Great deal!!

Downright painful.

I swear this wasn’t there before… um… Lori…

The down ruffle pillow with tattered rose

So when I saw this ruffled beauty, I had to have it. It was a matter of life or death.

And I have to tell you, this pillow is AMPLE. It’s big, beautiful and doesn’t come as just the case. It’s filled with DOWN so you get that amazing down ‘crunch’ sound when you squeeze it.

The material is lightweight, has a slight shabby crinkle and the ruffles and flower holds beautifully.

The pillow is my new teddy bear of sorts. I carry it around all over the place and plunk it down so I can just LOOK at it. It goes everywhere!  Bet it would be decadent in my bedroom too but…

The farmhouse metal basket

… my bed wasn’t made. (never is)

No worries, my fabulous metal basket resides in my bedroom for all my girlie things.

And how cool… the little pots come out so you can do other things with them too!

It’s gorgeous. I love the patina, the scrolly metal, the wooden detail on the handle… and ran around the house with all these ideas for it. But I really loved it in my bedroom. For now. 🙂 (I reserve the right to change it out on a whim) 

Although the tote appears lightweight, it’s actually pretty strong! Gotta love metal.

The tattered rose black hat

Wait! Did you see my hat?!?

After I placed my order, I was wishing I included the hat. It actually kept me awake at night. So I did the right thing and got the hat too. I need my sleep, right?!?

The hat is to die for. It wears slightly frayed edges with a tattered rose which is girled right up again with a sparkly jewel flower. I no longer wear earrings nor rings so this replaces that bling in a unique way, wouldn’t you agree?

The hat is thick and durable and comes in a one size fits all with elastic in the back which provided a good snug fit on me. But I tend to wear them loose and floppy (I’m farmer jacket material here) so I just took the scissors to the elastic, did a tiny little snip and BAM it was perfecto!

While it’s tempting to remove the flower  so you can play with it elsewhere, it would flop around if it were just pinned, so it’s PERFECT.

Customer Service

Lori is a DOLL. She’s an avid follower of FJI, leaves delightful comments ALL the time and is forever cheerful, and a sweetheart to deal with. LOVE this girl so it’s a complete privilege to work with her!

So… wanna go shopping?

Go on and spend



~ How to enter the giveaway ~

Visit Katie’s Rose Cottage Designs HERE,  snoop around, tell me in FJI’s comments what you’d like if you won and you’re in!

Facebook, tweet or blog about the giveaway and comment to enter again!

(worth 1 additional entry)

Giveaway is open for 1 week. Winners must have email  active on their blog or with their comment.

Valid in USA and Oh Canada. (thanks Lori!!)

(I received the goods in exchange for this review. And fell in love. What can I say…)



This giveaway is now closed. Winner is April from Thoughtful Escapes. 

Congrats April and thanks to all who entered!

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  1. Oh My Donna – I am in LOVE with everything at Katie Rose Cottage. It is so difficult to even choose what my faves are as everything there is so “ME” and would work in our tiny log cottage home. If I won the $60.00 givaway the first thing I would order is the Rustic Coal Bucket for my kindling:

    I also adore the Vintage Train Case and would add that to my shopping cart in a heartbeat:

    I will be watching this shop on a regular basis – So many of the treasures I love are already sold. Many of these items would make ideal gifts for my vintage loving family and friends.

    Thank You for this opportunity.
    Wishing You All of Life’s Sweetest Blessings!
    Hugs From Laurie AKA Idgie

    P.S. One of these days I am going to get photos of my brown kraft paper kitchen floor loaded somewhere and share them – Pinterest idea that changed how I feel about our kitchen in a big way!

  2. Oh what awesome eye candy she has in her shop! Love the train case, but I really NEED your pillow:) Okay, doesn’t have to be YOUR pillow, doesn’t look like I’d be able to snag it out of your hands anyway but I LOVE IT!

    It would be the perfect icing on the cake for the 14 year old couch I’m attempting to recover.
    Mom thinks we should dump it, but she doesn’t realize how broke we are. Plus, it’s so comfortable.

    I just bought fabric to redo the cushions and pillows and need one “pop” to tie it all together in the middle. I’ve been checking forms at thrift stores, but when I saw your picture, I was like THIS IS IT!!!

    Thanx for sharing this awesome shop!

    a hui hou, Shelly

  3. i checked out the items and i love the large watering can and the rustic mini lantern.i also love the farmhouse hooks and the metal hooks

  4. Oh my! There is so much to love. The French Farmhouse baskets (all of them) are must haves, followed by a long list of everything else. Thank you for sharing her site.

  5. I just love EVERYTHING Lori has on her site pretty much, but I do adore her pillows!! Lovely giveaway from a lovely lady and shop!!
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures
    (this is the only way my comment would go through)

  6. I Love everything in her shop! There’s so much awesome stuff (the pillow and those blue bottles are to die for, I can’t get those in my area). But if I were to pick one thing, my favorite thing would be the first Vintage Lace cuff in her Vintage Finds section. I will be tweeting/Facebooking this contest! Good Luck to Everyone!

  7. Wowzers..I need the large Farmhouse basket, the zinc rose, metal hook, the topiary…I NEED these things! Everything on her site is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  8. First of all Thanks for the info on this cute shop… Love the french farm basket and I think I have to buy this hat your wearing. Your look so cute… I think my daughter would love this hat.. Oh heck with that I would love it…
    Hope I win so I can get a few things..

  9. Oh my gosh!! I am totally in love over her India Rose shower curtain.. I just may have to order it, even though I have glass shower doors on all of the showers in our home. Seriously, I swoon!:) And just about everything else on her site is delish!!

    Missashleigh at juno dot com

  10. Oh wow! Those AQUA jars are amazing! You just don’t see those much in my area. I tried painting my own pasta jars to achieve that look, just not quite the same. So many lovely things and really reasonable prices – YAY!

  11. You’re so right. I’ve been a fan of her shop for awhile now. If I were ordering right now, right this minute, I think I’d buy the Holy Night pillow, the Fresca soap, the Love charm necklace, or the pillow you got or the ice skates…..

  12. Oh.My.GOSH!
    What wouldn’t I love?!
    I would surely love one of those gorgeous wire baskets, or a pillow, or milk bottles…
    Hmmm… so many wonderful choices.
    dragonflyu (at) verizon (dot) net

  13. Ok my favorite things are the jacalyn tan cuff, the hat like you got and I have to say I am loving the pillow you got as well….it really is a lovely shop…dhuneger

  14. I Love Everything!!! I would Love to have some Pillows, one with the Blue stripes and the one that you have!!! One of the Holiday Stockings, Egg Basket, and The Watering Can.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 🙂

  15. Oh Donna this is such a delightful giveaway. Lori’s items are fabulous. I’ve done some ‘window shopping’ and here are my choices: Vintage Farmouse Egg Gathering Basket for $28 and the French Farmhouse Bucket3 for $23 and the French Farmhouse Large Basket for $18 and last, but not least, the Zinc Rose Magnet for $5. The best part is that Lori is local to me so I wouldn’t have to wait too long for these lovelies to get comfy in their new home. Thanks, ladies!
    SuZeQ ~

  16. OMG – I JUST found your blog today, and I adore (ADORE!) it! And how cool that I didn’t miss this giveaway! If I won, I’d have a really hard picking something – because I love it ALL! But here’s a short list: egg gathering basket, watering can, vintage jars in a rack, coal bucket, zinc bucket… Yeah, I think you get the idea. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!

  17. Okay, seriously, Donna? Choose one thing?! That’s impossible! For the sake of entering the giveaway, I’m going to say one of the beautiful stockings. But, I’m heading over there to shop right now. Thanks for the introduction! 🙂


  18. Oooo, I love her store, thank you for the show and tell! I would get the pretty white ruffly bag! I love junky-ruffles, so pretty!

    kate at ingenuwitty dot com

  19. I love love love the vintage lace cuff and the vintage lace cuff 2 and the Farmhouse Rusty Bread Tin with Milk Jars and the Vintage Rusty Doorknobs! I tried to pick just one, but couldn’t!

  20. I LOVE the pillow that you’re holding in your picture!! bestest to me 🙂 AND… if I did win it, it would go right on an overstuffed reading chair in my office which is getting a redo (my office, not the chair) – “junk” style, of course! Thanks!!

  21. Her prices are so reasonable I could grab a lot of vintage goodies. I love old keys, adore the DREAM sign in burlap, and wish the rustic mini lantern was not marked sold.

  22. Omigosh, she has such beautiful items in her shop and I love what you bought from there!! I just fell in love with the Vintage Christmas Stockings, soooo gorgeous. I’ve placed your giveaway button on my sidebar with a link to here:-) xo

  23. Hello! Love your blogs-both of you, and your lovely creativity. I think that large ruffled down pillow and the creamy pocket pillow would find a nice home with me. Really was sad to see the green jars already gone! Have a great week, everyone! MaryC (

  24. Donna,

    First of all,you look so adorable in that hat. I would love one of those. I also liked the numbered galvanized, pots, the French wire basket…too many things to mention!

  25. This one will be a hard one to win because it’s such a wonderful giveaway many people will be entering. I would purchase the large ruffle pillow and the large wire basket if I won. It’s a no brainer for me.

  26. I am so thrilled to find a shabby chic store that is reasonably priced and her style matches mine! I love so many of her items. If I were to win I would have to get one of the ruffle pillows like you received. The handmade ruffled lampshade would be fabulous in my bedroom. Ruffled purses, galvanized number pots perfect for growing herbs in the winter…ahh so many cute ideas!!! Thank you for sharing this fabulous site! Since scouring it Wednesday she has already added more! SWOON!!! shaeded at gmail dot com

  27. Judging from all the comments I don’t have a hope in hell on winning this but here goes……. I would want the same fantabulous flower pillow you have! Fingers crossed, please put my name in your lovely new hat! Thanks, Patty/BC

  28. Hi Donna! I love Lori already and have for awhile now. I stalk her shop on a regular basis and drool a little each time. 🙂

    I love her pillows and now love her stockings.

    I would be thrilled to win!


  29. Wow! Must have the Vintage Bottle Paris Label 2! Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and I have this little thing for skeleton keys…the hubby just happens to have an antique/vintage bottle collection too!

  30. Have been loving FJI blog, keep up the good work. Inspiring!
    Love the train case, Jacalyn Band Cuff & Dance in the Rain charm oh and all the pillows!
    Thanks for sharing the site.

  31. What is there to not love?! I really like the pillows, I love the white/cream/burlap/natural coloring of everything. I love the Farmhouse Wood Tray, too. So many things I loved were already sold out – so sad. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. 🙂

    April avcjoy @

  32. I love Lori’s website and her blog. she has great tutorials! I would love one of the lace cuffs and a pillow or two! I have purchased several items from her and everything is very nice. I have the black Jaclyn cuff bracelet and I have gotten so many compliments on it. Several of my friends went to her website and bought one!

  33. I LOVE Lori’s pocket pillows, and her purses, and just any of thos old tin and wire carriers would be wonderful too.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    barbara jean

  34. Amazing shop! It doesn’t help that my daughter’s name is Katie Rose! I love the lace cuffs and the milk bucket! I Pinned all my favorites so maybe I will find them under the Christmas tree!

  35. Gosh, I love it all and it is all reasonably priced! I will definitely save her site in my favorites. I love your tattered rose hat in black and the burlap pillows along with any type of basket or any zinc/galvanized metal. The jewelry is lovely too. Did that pretty much cover everything? lol Thanks for sharing her awesome site.

  36. I love her stuff. I would have love 1 or 2 of the Topiaries and mason jars i baskets, but they are sold. I also like the India Rose shower curtain because I was going to make one but hers would save me the work and time! The zinc pail with lid is cool, the lg feather down ruffle pillow,the tattered rose hat in blk, there’s too many to list! I love it all!

  37. (this is my 4th try to post **sigh**, this is why I rarely post, lol)

    I want TWO of everything!!!!!!!! Seriously, I am also disappointed that there are no more hats! And I am definitely ordering that pillow you are hugging, Donna!!!!!