One last hydrangea blast – with a little parade (2)

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How did I get so lucky?

I’ve been watching this hydrangea bush slowly go into hibernation for the winter, thinking I harvested every last flower I could. Until I saw a peek of blue.

I opened the bush and found an entire stash inside, safely protected from the dew and frost!

You know what that means! I had to find the perfect place for them to completely dry out, so I came up with a wire mesh basket and an old galvanized bucket.

A little layering magic did the trick!

I also couldn’t resist playing with my favourite old kettle. Isn’t the patina totally amazing?

So to celebrate the end of hydrangea season, here’s what else I did with them this year.

(click on pics to get to the posts)

Purple with my Jeanne Oliver windfall loot 

The how-to is in this post. (above)

pallet sofa reveal

the ‘change my mind’ bistro table

poolside pallets pretty with purple

How to dry hydrangeas

wheelbarrow coffee table reveal

I’m gonna miss these guys. 🙂

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