Where’s my new post on the blog roll?!? How to fix…

Hmmm… I made a really large post last night and noticed it didn’t load on the blog roll.

So I tried posting it again. No luck.

So I drafted both to see if the post itself was holding back the load.

I’ve done this before. I had been happily blogging away for a good week when I noticed that my posts weren’t loading in the blogroll. I googled until the ends of the earth to try and figure out why. There were no answers except one. Someone wrote it could be due to corrupt html within that post.

So I promptly went back to the original post where the loads stalled. Cut and pasted the html code, loaded it onto my test blog, and deleted the original.

BAM! The blogroll immediately flooded a week’s worth of posts into the blog roll.

So here we go again. Same issue. No loading. But this time I simply put the posts in draft mode to see if it works.

So, this is a test. I’m going to hit publish and see if this one loads. If it does, drafting a problematic post is the way to go. If it doesn’t, I’m going to remove it from the blog and report back.

I shall be back with more answers… unless you know them. And if you do, please share!


Redrafting the last post that didn’t go up on the blogroll worked! YES!!!

So there you have it. Redraft the last post that didn’t load.  The rest just may.

How to redraft a published post

Go back into your published post like you’re going to edit it.

Select DRAFT.

Your post will be taken offline and left in draft mode.

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  1. #1, to draft a published post, all you need to do is open it back up like you’re about to edit it, then select DRAFT. Your post will be taken offline and left in draft mode.

    I’ll go back into the post above to make that clearer. Thanks!


  2. I am always so thankful for your “How To” posts…I still have no idea what I’m doing 🙂 Just wondering…I’ve seen people re-post a post to the top of the blogroll. Is this how they do that too? Just take it off and put it back on? Curious 🙂 Thanks, Laurel

  3. I am not a web master by any means… Luckily my husband is. Once I had a similar problem and he figured out that it was because my blog post title was too long. Just a thought for the future. I use wordpress though so it might be different in blogger. Good luck…. awesome web vibes sent your way!

  4. Okay…I’m going to be brave and ask the stupid question. “what’s a blogroll?” that term is stopping me from understanding any of this. Sorry, I was like this in Algebra class too 🙂
    all the other students made mean faces at me.

  5. Talk about serendipitous! I tried to post this morning and it didn’t work. I remembered your post (which is good because most days I am lucky to remember my name!) I had to remove an embedded video and replace it with a link. Not exactly what I wanted but it worked. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  7. Wow this is enlightening; All this time I have been posting blogs and just taking it for granted that when it said it was posted that it was. I had no idea I had to check and see that it was. I am just curious where the blogroll is that we are supposed to check. Is there a list somewhere, I have not seen it with any of my posts on it yet. I know some people are getting my posts as now that I have fixed some things I am getting some comments. One little thing at a time mostly thanks to Donna. Thanks Again Donna have I told you today how great you are. Cherie