January is "A Month of Me."

Change. Some detest change for the same ‘ol gets comfy and predictable. It’s.. easy.

On the other hand, there are those of us that need change in order to thrive. And I’m totally pumping my fist into the air right now like a student in a classroom requesting to be heard! 🙂

Your feedback last week on the blog assessment was invaluable and I thank you!

You see, sometimes I veer off course. I get hooked into deadlines and submissions and blogging just for the blog and other things that lead me further away from my own goals and desires. Only when I hit the ditch do I realize what I’ve just done.

So while I climb out of this last wipeout, it’s kind of like the sun peered over the horizon. “Oh. Right. THAT’S what I want all along. How did I get here again?!?” It happens.

I’m confusing you as all get out aren’t I? No worries! I’m sane. Just redefining my purpose here.

So for the month of January, I’m going to shake things up abit around here. I’m deeming it “A Month of Me.” And what that really means is, no other things will stand in the way of doing what I need to do to put my own stuff on the blog page.

So what does this REALLY mean? It means I no longer have any excuses or reasons to not go ahead and post my new quirky thang of the day. Or even share what I did on a given day because I’m waiting for a weekend event to be over. (I get confused emails when I post over SNS) And I may even have time to (gasp) WRITE. And I’ll take you down that road too.

So, here’s to A Month of Me for January. There will be no weekend parties, no advertising, no giveaways, no nothing but me ME ME big alter ego ME! Not really the ego part but I like the way that sounded. 🙂

Even my advertisers will do well because they’re getting a bonus month for putting up with me. They help support me being here and I totally would appreciate you clicking on them from time to time as a thank-you. But don’t go crazy or I’ll get booted off! Illegal (meaning fake repeated) clicks are bad. Inquisitive clicks are good.

So, off I go to invent this new wild wonderful me world. Scary thought isn’t it? 🙂

What do you want to change?

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