SNS 110 – rustic / natural / burlap Christmas decorating

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This weekend’s theme – rustic / natural / burlap Christmas decor

You gals are so clever. All I had to do was look back to the last SNS and you nailed this theme perfectly! Not to mention it is my all time fav way to decorate. LOVE this weekend’s topic, so bring it on!


This scrappy little tree is made from scraps as is and hangs on the wall. Isn’t it adorable?

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By Beyond the Picket Fence


A stick is cut into slices, then glued onto a styrofoam ring. How perfectly natural!

By Shabby Love


A beautifully neutral burlap wreath is awesome for ANY season! But especially pretty for a white themed Christmas.

By Down to Earth Style

Rustic, natural AND burlap. 🙂

My quirky little seedling was created out of a branch cutting and burlap sandbag. 

Show us your Christmas burlap creation in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

Upcoming themes and dates:

Dec 9 – mantels and stockings

Dec 16 – handmade ornaments

Dec 23 – Christmas home tours

Dec 30 – your Christmas stories

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41 thoughts on “SNS 110 – rustic / natural / burlap Christmas decorating

  1. Thanks for hosting Donna. I read and commented on several FB posts today about themed link parties etc. I’ll be back to enjoy whatever you have on your site. Your creations and features are like little pieces of dusty, rusty, chippy eye candy to me 🙂


  2. I love this theme. Your sweet little tree in the window is precious. (not a bit sad) 😉

    Of course, as usual for me I am an airhead and I linked to the wrong party, so I made it worse by linking again to the right party. So sorry.

    Thanks for ALL you do to bring us joy! Lisa~

  3. Well, I finally have some posts to link up. Been a long time. 🙂 I happen to be drowning in burlap and pinecones at the moment due to decorating my daughter’s winter rustic chic barn wedding the 30th, but I can’t let the cat outta the bag yet as some folks coming to the wedding read my blog. I’ll have to come back and post the burlap goodness after the fact! I just added my mantel and another rustic/natural vignette…which is refreshing after the glitterfied everything last year 🙂

  4. I decided to go with Organic Materials more this Christmas so I was delighted to see your Blog Party Theme today! I had been given some 100+ year old burlap feedsacks from an old Farmer many years ago and it was the perfect time to launder & use them to compliment this year’s Sage & Sepia Style Christmas Theme. The Family are loving how it is turning out and it has Inspired the G-Kids to look for Found Treasures as Ornamentation Possibilities for the Salvage Style Tree.

    Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  5. Your blogging posts are a god-send to a newbie like me. Thanks for taking the time to share what you’ve learned. I hope I’m soaking it all in…I’m really enjoying getting my feet wet and really hope to do things “right”. The link parties are amazing…as always. I better get my junk hat on!!!

  6. Wow! Some great examples of a funky Christmas decoration!! They are all wonderful!!
    I have yet to start my decorations…better get a move on!! Ha!
    Hugging you

  7. Thank you for Hosting Donna! I linked up my Rusty, Junky, Shabby Chic Christmas Tree (#75) and my Nature Inspired Gazebo (#77). Can’t wait to check out all the other rustic decorations this weekend!

  8. See thats why I come here…..ideas,ideas,ideas.
    Some of the cutest. I love your Charlie Brown tree in the window. Everything is just wonderful Donna. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Great features! Loving your adorable little seedling too, Donna – and how easy is that to whip up!?! I have an odd little corner “shelf” that is currently bare in my lounge – a little seeding would be excellent to fill it!

    This week I’m linking up my custom coloured magnetic chalkboard (link #238). It’s something that I’ve been meaning to make for what seems like forever now (just a couple months though, really). But it’s finally done! So before I make the shift to holiday obsessions I thought I would share this little gem. Hmmmmm, now that I think of it, this would probably make an awesome DIY holiday gift! How surprised would a friend or family member be to receive a magnetic chalkboard that actually matched their home decor!?!

    Hope you like it!

    Take care,

  10. I especially love the white burlap wreath, that is just so beautiful to me. I have to know, you do this amazing blog, work full time, single mom. Do you have a secret calendar with an extra hour each day in it? I am so overwhelmed with holiday stuff in both my sales areas that I am turning into a grinch. I can barely read my emails, let alone keep up with my favorite blogs. I would LOVE it if you did a post on time management with blogging in mind. I can manage time everywhere else, but blogging always seemd to get squished in somehwere and there is never enough time. By the way, Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Hi, thanks for hostessing the “natural” party – I linked my gift wrap idea which has nandina berries attached. So excited to visit the others, so much Christmas beauty – love it!


  12. What a Party … you are amazing. Thanks for bringing all this together. I could spend all day here. Love the branch tree in the window and your home.

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