Why writing is right for me

I have two more work days before a 2 week Christmas break, so I’m totally going for it, leaving little time for much else. So until I can finish a new creation to show you, allow me to share what else I’ve been up to…


I had a neat opportunity come my way not long ago.  It was to do with photography, however the event was geared for an adult’s night out.

I would have loved to jump at the challenge, but I had my son to think about first.

So, we stayed home.

This isn’t really anything new. I’ve been turning down all kinds of opportunities or events lately that haven’t included my son.

And that’s why writing for me is intriguing. It’s something I can do with little interference with our current lifestyle and easily pull off once the kiddo is fast asleep.

Sometimes you just have to temporarily put on the brakes for your own pie in the sky goals, and pick and choose what works for you at this given moment. There are tons of self made opportunities anyone can do to suit. That’s the beauty of self employment.. you pick and choose when.

I remind myself constantly (because I need the reminding) that I cannot compare my life and situations to anyone else.  What’s important is, what works for you and your family.

So does that mean I have to shut down and forget about what’s important to me? Not a chance! It’s all how you play the game. Just make room for important things no matter how tight your time is and let the rest go.

And that is why writing is right for me. So I did something about it. I’m on chapter 2 for the photography ebook. YES!!

So KUDOS to the mom who stays home and turns down cool offers while her child sleeps and writes instead. 🙂

My season on my own will come one day. However for today, I’m busy customizing my current season to include opportunity and my life as it is.


Are you?

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