A boy’s big bedroom plans – we’ve started!

A big boy's bedroom... we've started! funkyjunkinteriors.net

 I finally enticed my son to jump in, and get a cool room as a result, while learning a few new DIY skills he’s never done before! Mom is very proud. 🙂 

Let me take you through a little trip down memory lane on this one.

“the playroom”

Once upon a time, this lucky boy had two small rooms to himself upstairs. 

One was his bedroom and the other was a playroom. 

The rooms were too small to house it all in one.

“the bedroom”

Both rooms were finished pretty nicely but I noticed one thing. 

They weren’t being used.

I also didn’t enjoy being in them because the space was ‘tight’. Closet like tight. 

So we kicked out the wall. 🙂

And then the big stall debate transpired. He was stuck on an ALL BLACK room. I didn’t need a depressed boy so we let it go.

And then I cooked up an idea to incorporate his black and my passion for industrial.

Our inspiration

 But I needed a little help.  While I can fully visualize something to completion, my son needed encouraging on what he could have. When I saw this photo today I nearly squealed… it was so close to what we had talked about ages ago. Perfect…

This photo is crazy busy but I’ve labelled what we’ll be applying. But with more industrial flair. And yeah, he’s wild about the idea!

What we’re goin’ for

Industrial subway coolness with really no theme, just neat stuff.

The before and our plans

Wants and Needs

The closet bi fold will be removed (and thrown out thank goodness!) and we’ll create something new in place of it that can open wiiiide so he gets abit more privacy in his ‘changing area’. With that many hooks on the wall, I expect to see NO clothes on that floor! (haha.. sure)

We hope to land something cool for the mirror frame. He likes cleaner bling (NO RUST.. BOO) so maybe a galvanized pipe frame or something.

 Wants and Needs:


We desperately need another TV area in our house and the front room is too small for a big screen. So he’s going to save his nickels and dimes for a flat screen that I will also help with when the time is right for the lounge area.

I’ve never endorsed a TV in bedrooms but because we need the space, this will be handled as a regular family room with time limits and HIGH parental passwords. But I’m not worried. He’d rather hang with me and if I’m not in here, he won’t want to be either so that’s cool.


This wall will be painted out in black chalkboard paint (fun!) with a long industrial type desk to fit the wall. The (eventual) TV will be mounted on the wall so it won’t take up desk space. Funky lights will hang overhead.

Wants and Needs

Let’s sit and watch a movie. 🙂 This will also be a nice reading area. The desk height may be designed to work with these cushy chairs scooched up to it.

He’s been begging for an area carpet for his birthday of all things so we’ll be looking for something.

He likes the idea of a graffiti wall (spelled wrong in the photo!) so we may make this wall appear concrete like.

And where we store half his junk. Sigh… here

All posts on this bedroom to date can be found HERE.

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35 thoughts on “A boy’s big bedroom plans – we’ve started!

  1. Going to be an awesome space!! Love the blackboard wall….I painted bi-fold doors with chalkboard paint in my kitchen!! Now I have a giant grocery list keeper!! So cool!
    Chalkboard paint rules!!

  2. Wow, can’t wait to see your version of this! So wonderful to get your son involved!! And what a super duper idea for a boy who wants a black room! My boys are still young enough that I have the say and get to use my creative juices in anyway I please, haha.

  3. Love the blackboards. I know just how you feel. We don’t have loads of space so when we decide to work on a room / rooms the rest of the house looks like a tip! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Love your ideas! One lucky boy, I admire that you can visualize the room so well. cant wait for the progress. Love your blog by the way, one of my favs!!!!

  5. That boyo is gonna love that room when it is done. I can SEE it because of your good pictures, drawings and descriptions. I can’t wait to see the finihsed product…although I am sure I am not nearly as anxious as YOU are! xo DiaNA

  6. What a fun and “funky” room this is gonna be! I love how you planned the room together. I have three boys. And we went through a period where two of them shared a room and wanted a climbing wall. My hubby made it happen! I’m embarrassed to say the room is still neon green and has holes everywhere from the now removed climbing wall. My boys have both been married 4 and 5 years now. Maybe I should consider this for my picture perfect room! I’ll let you know if I have the guts (and finances) to commit to that one! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas on a regular basis!

  7. What a lucky kid! You know what else would be interesting… where the closet/changing are are… if you used a barn door on a track that ran across that whole area… so when the closet was open the changing area was covered by the door, and when the closet was closed the changing area was open…. I’m really ‘into’ those barn doors right now, can ya’ tell?
    I’ll have to use one in my Bonus Space finish… if that ever happens.


  8. Donna that is one lucky young man to have a mom like you. I think that is great you two have a
    project together. I can’t wait to see the end
    results. Make us proud!!!

  9. You are a cool mom. And smart. I think that the chalkboard idea is genius. My girls want an all purple room and I know that it is in the cards at some point in the future. I need to remember that this is their house too. (As much as purple is not in my color scheme :)).


  10. I love that he’s in on the planning and DIY-ing and can’t wait to see how your plans come to life! The design looks so cool! My girls love DIY now too and ask for decor for gifts! Funny how our passion rubs off on them but so awesome!

  11. Did you say you were going to THROW OUT those bi-fold doors? Surely there must be some funky junk you could make out of those! There seems to be something about every un-attached door that says “Hey, I should be something else”, don’t you think? By the way, we have chalkboard/whiteboard mania at our house and we love it. Good luck with your project!

  12. Sounds a fantastic room. We plan to do a chalkboard wall in the family room just as soon as I’m convinced the roof leak is actually fixed this time (very long on-running issue). I have the builders plastering the wall in my boys room today and once they are finished I have promised to discuss how we are decorating it.. will be interesting to find something both a 8 and 3 year old like !

  13. That’s so cool!
    I just watched the vid of you taking down the wall.

    (I have seriously used white string to tie my hair back when I was painting a new home with not even a hair tie in the place.)

    We are waiting on a delivery for a VERY important piece of our new (very fun!) kitchen. We’re so excited! Okay, I’m so excited!

    Fingers-crossed, it should be here by tomorrow!

  14. I can’t wait to see what you do with the space Donna – you are always so inspiring!

    As far as my picture perfect room – (my dining room turned craft room) I am almost finished!! I had my dad and husband finish the last of man stuff. They hung my monitor on the wall and built me a sawhorse desk. I went shopping at the antique store and Habitat for Humanity the other day for some decorations, and now I just have to figure out something for the big open space on the wall above my monitor and pegboards. We have VERY high ceilings and it just looks bare. I can’t wait to share my space 🙂

  15. I’m so glad he’s a part of the process. Nothing makes me sadder than reading a blog post that begins, “I haven’t done my son’s/daughter’s room yet because I haven’t decided what I want in there.”

    Awesome that he’d rather hang out with you than all alone. You’re a cool mom!

  16. That sounds like a fun project for you to share with your son. You are a wise mom to accommodate his dream and yet make it acceptable to your taste. No bad feelings that way. The plans look like a neat space for him. Good luck!——-Shannon

  17. This will be fun! We did something similar when my son was about that age. We used aluminum paint (had to air out for days) and various sheet metal flashings that we used for crown molding, floor molding and a chair rail…wish I could link you to a photo, but I don’t have one and we’ve already changed it out! It was all glavanized metal, black and red…lot’s of fun!
    Can’t wait to see what you do, as I always love your designs!

  18. I’m so glad you titled this Boy’s BIG bedroom and not the other way around.
    Bet Cody is glad too…
    that’s the last thing your little man needs you calling him a big boy!

    I think this will be great fun working together– I know you have a creative guy there, it will be interesting to see how y’all weave it together- Mom!

    have a great week, Pat

  19. I love the idea of opening it up! I was just over at the American Folk Life and saw you were on there….I do not know how I missed that, since it is right on the side of your blog!!! ha ha It is a neat blog and magazine. I guess I get caught up in reading what you wrote and looking at the pictures that I missed it! Anyways, I look forward to seeing how your son’s room turns out!

  20. Can’t wait to see the finish room, lucky boy to have you! Love your strength, I raised two daughters on my own, I remember changing bedrooms so many times, fun, I don’t know who enjoys more? Mom or Kids?

  21. Well I too have some “help” with my last son’s bedroom redo. He’s the baby of 6 kids, my 4th son and the last to occupy said boys room and he’s the lucky one – he doesn’t have to share it! So it was time for a change and then I hit a slump. Tore it apart in August and he’s still waiting for it to be done. I just don’t find many great ideas for boys rooms (he’s 12). However!…… pipe I know about – he has PIPE in his room! Fresh from the isle’s at Home Depot. We used some of the pipe stuff from the last redo. We used pipe and the end thingy’s to hold shelves, incorporated it into the twin beds (I think it makes them look like jail bars though) and it’s also the curtain rod. It was also used to frame a huge chalkboard, but that isn’t going back up – made it look to sports themed, but I’m sure you could school me on how to work it in to something like your inspiration photo.


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