How this fulltime dayjob / blogger / mom does it all

Every so often I get asked, “How do you do it all?”

While I may ‘do it ‘all’, I don’t always do it all that well. Here’s a typical scenario..

Get up in the AM, make coffee, wake up in front of the computer.
Start playing around. Glance at clock, gasp! Wake up boy.
After he’s off to school, get online. Get into writing, forget about the time. Run late for stuff.
Work late because I started late. Get home, hang out, make dinner, check online, get caught up in browsing and not doing, forget the time, house falls apart, laundry piles up, bedtime.

And the more I was online, I felt like a failure for things that weren’t getting done, so I stayed online MORE to forgetaboutit. Needless to say, this wasn’t working for us. And here’s what woke me up.

“Mom, I’m so hungry it HURTS.” Ouch.

Ok, my boy had just eaten so let’s just get the fact squared away that he’s well fed. BUT… he’s inherited a man’s appetite now and just needs more. And more of me.

Honestly, it was just a heads up that I need to be even MORE aware of the life around me offline.

So I put my foot down and vowed to try something new so I could get a handle on all that overwhelms me. And… it’s working!

So here’s how this fulltime dayjob / blogger / mom does it all these days.

I make a plan and follow it.


AM – NO online until boy is off to school.
One coffee while I check email, comments, etc. No heavy writing.
Coffee done by x time, get ready and GO. TO. DAYJOB.


Finish dayjob when boy is home from school, he snacks and rests while I go online abit or take photos, then it’s our time until dinner.
Dinnertime – we both clean the house while food is cooking.
Dinner, cleanup, mom/son time.

Late PM

Boy’s bathtime = my coffeet ime while online
Mom/son time.
After boy’s bedtime, my productive writing time with decaf latte (yum!!) until 10pm, 11pm at the latest.

(mom/son time may or may not include working on a DIY project together)

One day a week – career day (blog, shop, write, DIY or ?)


Saturdays – DIY and chore day (with plenty of breaks so it’s fun for a 12 yr old!)
Sundays – church & family day

And two evenings a week, my son is in Cadets while I hit Starbucks and $ write. 🙂

This allows:

blog business
blog writing
productive writing ($)
cooking a decent meal
a clean house (imagine!!!)
proper bedtimes
mom/son time
DIY time (but best on weekends)

And yes, all of the above is flexible. I’m human after all!

Notice I reward myself with my fav beverage when I’m doing the $ part? That’s my gift to me which helps to entice me!

It isn’t easy juggling everything, but if you’re attempting to grow in another direction, you just have to take intentional steps to get there. And a little structure has made an enormous difference in freeing up time for MORE things.

Well, I’m officially approaching ‘$ writing time’ so I need to wrap this up! Time to go brew up that latte.

(p.s. I wrote for 1.5 hours tonight… yes! see? it works!)


More blogging/time management tips can be found above.

Do you have a handle on things?

How could you improve?

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