When winter shuts us down

We are still in our major cold snap!

Schools shut down half way through today summoning parents for early pickups. So I put down the dayjob, braved the snow drifts and checked out the very white windy wintery wonderland.

Mass mayhem! A regular type street was closed due to drifting snow. Accidents left. right and center. I ended up driving like a ‘grandma.’ All I can say is I was VERY grateful to have 2011 tires on my truck. It was a dream to drive – Grandma style. So my son says. Are all 12 year old boys this complimentary?!

Once home, I didn’t venture out again. Even to shovel the driveway. It’ll drift away eventually, right?

We’ve actually had some serious fun the past few. Took in a snow hill with the neighbourhood kids, lots of walks, shoveling, making nice big hot dinners, it’s been fun! But with the current weather on us, there’s nothing leisure about it. It’s crazy!

So what do we do when it’s madness outdoors?

Some of us freak out…

Christmas decor

Some of us change things out…

And some of us even plank out. 🙂

Oh go on Teddy! We know you wanna…

More snow pics are HERE.

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16 thoughts on “When winter shuts us down

  1. This is the kind of weather we had here about four weeks ago. Personally I am glad it left here…now we have cold cold winds! Yuck
    Enjoy your snow

  2. I am anxiously awaiting our first snow in New York. It lightly coated a few days ago but not nearly enough for sleds and snowmen. It is unusually warm and mild in my neck of the woods. Although I love the snow, there are the hazards (i.e. car accidents) that come with it so perhaps it’s better this way. Stay warm! Shouldn’t have any trouble locating Teddy should he decide to venture out!

  3. Wow! We have yet to really see any snow! We’ve had light dusting, but that’s about it! I’m looking forward to the first big snow though…kinda like being forced to hibernate for a few days! I’m wondering if its ever gonna come, its been unusually warm here this winter. In fact, we even had our windows open a few nights ago!

  4. The forecast in Dallas calls for 74 degrees tomorrow. Much too warm for January – especially when the record heat of the summer is still so fresh in our minds. I’d love a “snow day” or two. Anytime a snowflake is forecast, everything closes down immediately and we all go home. It’s funny. And I love it!

  5. We are in a cold snap, with windchill warnings. It’s warmed up slightly from -32C yesterday,-1,000,000C with the wind chill, to – 25C today, with the wind chill – 500,000C. With the temps being so snow we aren’t getting any snow, which I really would prefer. So we all just stay inside when possible, plug our vehicles in and let them run a bit longer when we do have to venture out. Brrrrrrr from northern Alberta.
    Donna G

  6. Wowzers! You really do have a ton of snow! My kids have been so bummed, no snow here in South Eastern, MA yet, just bitter cold! Hoping to have a little, just enough for them to go sledding and then bring on Spring!

  7. Sounds like you’re all having lots of fun. A snow day is like a gift from Mother Nature telling us to get reconnected with each other and ourselves. Wishing for one here in SW Ontario – bare grass and a cold wind, but no snow on the ground as it was all washed away earlier in the week.

  8. I’m so glad I live in sunny Arizona….save for the HOT summers…..I don’t like snow of any kind. When it rains here people get stupid about their driving & I just stay home then too. It does look awesome but cabin fever is coming!

  9. Donna that makes me glad I live in the South. Snow is beautiful, but wow I think you
    and Cody got way too much. I sure hope things change for you two. Oh, the answer to your question about 12 yr. old sons. Mine is turning 43yr. next week and he is
    just as complimentary as he was when he was 12yr. When the weather gets bad here we
    would play board games by candle light, until hubby starts the generator.

  10. We got the snow…not as much as you (we live inPoulsbo..across the water from Seattle)…but this morning it has turned to freezing rain…weird!! You can here it hit the ground…it sounds like tin foil getting crumpled up.
    Stay safe!

  11. We are getting quite a falling of snow right now (they said 1″-2″ – but it’s really more)and we’re supposed to get 6″ more tomorrow. Thanks goodness it’s not blowing like where you are!(yet) I know the birdies are happy I filled the feeders yesterday.

    As much as I don’t like the snow and the cold, our perennials need to have so much of it to be as pretty as we want them to be in the warmer months. There. How’s that for a positive thought? Enjoy your time with your overly complimentary son! ;^)

  12. As much of a mess it can cause, snow is still so pretty, especially coming down! We have had so little and that is odd for Chicago! No one wants to complain though!

    Your kitty is darling!


  13. Wonderful photos and I am living vicariously through your snow storm. I love a good storm as long as no one gets hurt and the power stays on!
    Stay warm and cozy…love your decorating too!

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