Why SNOW is my 2012 word

The Lettered Cottage is having a word of the year link party. Have you heard about this latest trend? You pick a word that will help guide you the rest of the year. And my word is SNOW.

I love snow. We don’t get it often in our wet coast region, so when it snows, it’s always time to dash outside and enjoy its splendour while it lasts.

Snow is beautiful. 

Everything it touches turns into a whimsical treat for the eyes. Why does it always snow at night first? Sneaky!

Snow is silent. 

 If you walk down the street on a snowy night, the muffled squeaky crunch beneath your boots leaves you feeling like you’re walking into your own secret world where anything is possible. Calm, serene, and oh so very silent.

Snow feels like a live Christmas card come to life! 

And we all know what Christmas means… love, sharing, beauty, enjoyment, special times.

Snow is unexpected and has no boundaries. 

It may sneak up on you when you aren’t quite ready. But what a happy surprise!

Being snowbound brought you closer to your family. 

When growing up on the farm, major ice storms resulting in power loss had you huddled inside around the table by candlelight playing boardgames while wearing your winter’s finest. No finer sound was had than breaking branches heavy with icicles crashing down onto the frozen snowdrifts.

Snow is flat out FUN and opens up chances to be silly! 

One of my favorite memories is when Dad would hook up our toboggan to the tractor and circle around and around and around our circular driveway late into the evening. Snow evenings always resulted in warming up those happy frozen faces with a warm cup of homemade hot chocolate.

my 2011 snowy mantel

And then once on my own farm, Pete and Jocelyn use to come by every Christmas with horse and sleight to deliver their Christmas cards. Oh what FUN it was to ride in that one horse open sleigh! Yes, I got a real sleigh ride!

Snow brings on special moments, special times and opens up a secret place where you can just for a moment, allow in some dreams to make your world extra special.

And this is why my word for 2012 is SNOW.

Wouldn’t we all like it to snow like this every single day? You already know I’m working towards making that possible. It isn’t easy. I have to push myself some days when I can’t push any longer.  But just imagine a world where everyone did what they LOVED.

As you can tell from my writings, I like to try and make it snow in your own neighbourhood from time to time. We all have a special gift to offer and I’d love to see you also bless the world with yours.

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Wouldn’t every day be wonderful if it were a snowday?

Let it SNOW!

What word would you choose for 2012?

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