Rustic and pretty… with a little help from Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart came for a visit.

Or should I say her line did. I was thrown a little challenge you see…

The Product: Martha Stewart Crafts

The Challenge: create something for Mother’s Day with it.

Hmmm… so I thought… what would my mom like if she were still here?
And since she isn’t, what would I like to keep?

So, this little exercise was a cross between rustic and pretty.

You KNOW I had to start with some reclaimed boards, right? 🙂

And I worked in some branches for good measure.

Any guesses yet?!

Come on over and see what I made!

I think my mom would be proud. Martha too! 😀


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  1. Donna, it’s really wonderful that you made that with your mom in mind. It’s really beautiful and a perfect reflection of your style. I’m sure your mom would have loved it.