A Centsational example of using our gifts for a good cause

Imagine if you will, taking your passion and helping another with it in a big way. Today I’d like to highlight a blogger that does exactly that… continued…

Kate from Centsational Girl, along with a team, volunteer their time to transform spaces of need into beautiful places, through business sponsors and private donations. They are currently on Alma Project #2 and this is the cause:

 Living inside the Alma House are single mothers, previously homeless, who reside for free on the condition that they are learning skills, stabilizing their lives, attending counseling, and remain drug and alcohol free. These mothers are saving their money from their part time jobs and raising their children as best as they can. They have no time or money to fix up this house. 

Most recently, the team just completed a playroom transformation that is not only extremely beautiful, but incredibly functional. Take a look!

Incredible, colourful, beautiful inspiring surroundings, loaded with tons of wonderful ideas.

You can check out the rest of the amazing room transformation HERE.

I was especially drawn to this custom looking wall unit. It was created out of Billy bookcases, coated out with a lovely vibrant cheerful background. This room just makes me happy!

But what makes me even more happy is the joy I know these families will feel when they occupy this lovely space. I know all too well what it’s like to live in a home you can’t afford to fix, when a team suddenly shows up and makes it right for you.

You can read all about my own story HERE.

And if you’d like to dig a little deeper, my home reno blog starts HERE.

Trust me when I say, I. TOTALLY. GET. IT.

One day I dream of doing something similar for others. Here’s my pie in the sky dream…

I have a small team that picks a home in need. One room is chosen to be worked on, but with a bigger purpose. We involve the family in the redo, in order to teach them the skills to tackle the rest of their home after we leave. And you guessed it.. the decor would be completely revamped thrifted and salvaged pieces in an effort to prove you can have a beautiful home with just a little creativity.

Wouldn’t that make the coolest show? 😀

This story did indeed motivate me to donate. Thanks for inspiring me in just the right way today, Kate!

More about The Alma Project #2 is HERE.

And if you feel so inclined, you can donate HERE.

I do believe the call upon us is to be ‘generous’. (thanks pastor! Scroll down for an audio on Generosity)

Bravo to this wonderful team for being just that!

Do you dream of doing something special with your own gift in order to help others?
Care to share?

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16 thoughts on “A Centsational example of using our gifts for a good cause

  1. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve always wanted to do something in the way of helping seniors…there are so many of us without siblings, children, grand-children & the like. To be alone is just as bad as not having a place to go to when one has children. We just need to put out our hand and say “I care.” Hugs.

  2. I LOVE this idea! I would be so up for doing something like this. Not that I have awesome decorating skills, but I can make pretty things from junk! Centsational Girl and her team really did a wonderful job on that room! Thanks for sharing this with us and make us “think” about others.

  3. That is fantastic…not only the beautiful makeover but the reason behind it. Love to see people making the most of their talents. Thanks for highlighting this!

  4. Beautiful story, and I would watch your show! You could even have different guest teams come each project, that way we could all help and learn~

  5. That is wonderful! And Donna – I can just SEE you doing a show like you described – that is a fabulous idea. A friend and I once painted two children’s bedrooms in a Habitat house (in the middle of summer in Georgia when the house had no a/c yet) with murals and then of course we had to get curtains – couldn’t leave without that! It was so much fun. Now if you had been there I’m sure those bedrooms would have also had bunkbeds built out of pallets LOLOLOL

  6. I think I might start watching TV again if you did a show like that! Here’s hoping 🙂 Love your blog, though. Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas and your ‘can-do’ attitude.

  7. That playroom is one AWESOME makeover isn’t it? And really, I LOVE the concept behind the Alma Project. Just awesomeness and then some. Your idea of teaching the family the skills to do the rest of their house on their own (and maybe even pay that work forward one day) is awesome.

    I love creative types like you and Kate. You make my blog reading habit so worthwhile (smile).


  8. Aw Donna, this just warms my heart so much! It was a labor of love and I know both you and I share that desire to use our talents to help others! It’s what gives meaning to our lives. I so appreciate you and this wonderful feature, thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the families served by the efforts we’re all making! Bless you!!!

  9. This is a room with impact! Wow- what a transformation. Better than those daytime tv show makeovers for sure.
    I would love to get involved with a hands on project like this.
    For the moment I do what I can by shopping the Habitat Restores.

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