How to wear your hobby around your neck

I love my camera. These days it’s simply a part of me wherever I go and every bit as important as my keys, purse and iPhone. 🙂 (I’d bring my iMac if I could too!)

When I received this camera necklace, it made me smile big ear to ear. It’s really just a small thing, but it reflected so much of who I am today.  Just a quiet way to share with the world what I’m passionate about.

Hobby themed jewelry is not only fun to have for yourself, they make wonderful gifts for those difficult to buy for as well.

Love the charm as much as I do? There’s a coffee one too. 🙂

So… I went shopping for you (or maybe your mom?) on my review blog.

Come check out some of my favorite pieces from Lisa Leonard Designs.

They’re on sale too. 🙂

Do you have any special pieces of jewelry that mean alot to you?


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9 thoughts on “How to wear your hobby around your neck

  1. My two dogs gave me that necklace for my birthday last year! I love it. It’s really dainty (something I’m not). (And yes, I did say it came from my dogs. They know me so well!)

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