Visiting at Scout Handmade and Vintage Market – photo heavy!

Last weekend I had the privilege of taking in Scout Handmade and Vintage Market. Anywhere there’s junk and bloggers, try and keep me away!

… continued …

 And naturally I brought my camera-that’s-joined-to-my-hip.

I went during the preview evening so there were swag bags to be had. Thanks Lily! (Birch & Bird) Definitely go to preview evenings if you ever get a chance. First pick at finds and included food made it totally worthwhile.

Ready for a very vintage photo heavy tour? Let’s go shopping…

I took home some of these vintage pans and things from Diana. (Vintage Cove)

Homemade strawberry marshmallows, dark chocolate and strawberry s’mores. Oh yes I did! Unreal… once you taste an adult s’more, lookout.

It was high time I met you, Victoria! (Edin Home & Co.)

Way to snatch up that scale, Cindy!

And then I hit Monica’s booth (Red Wicker). Every time I look at her stuff, it was as if I hand picked it all. Our tastes are so similar it’s scary. Yup, I shopped here.

And my buds Shelley (left) and Colleen (Vintage Home) were back! Oh they are so fun! 

Nice garbage can walk, Colleen… 🙂 One day I’ll spend more than 5 minutes with her.

Their stuff is so pretty!

I didn’t catch all my friends on film like Home Sweet Nest and Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets… not all the photos turned out. I was busy eating and clicking and shopping and Instagramming and yakking and drinking…

Wasn’t that fun? I was actually a good girl and only came home with this small armload. I’ll be showing you what I have planned with my stash as soon as I put it to work.

I didn’t keep track of all the vendors I took pictures of. If you’d like to see a complete listing of who was selling with all their links, click above.

Thank-you Lily for the wonderful event! And to my dear blogging friends, what a blast to see you again! 

I’m ready for another! 🙂

You’ll see many of these same vendors at last year’s Fieldstone Vintage Market HERE.


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12 thoughts on “Visiting at Scout Handmade and Vintage Market – photo heavy!

  1. looks like it was a ton of funky junky fun! kind of jealous thinking that you were strolling through vintage wonderland and I was probably hauling dirt and rocks into my backyard. but i’m excited to reap the benefits of your photo journaling 🙂
    just noticed the new URL…congrats on the .net!

  2. OH Donna…yes we should do more than 5 min!….I have still not slowed down since the Market…need to but too many orders to fill!
    Thanks for these great pictures…I shall be linking!

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