Don’t be in such a rush

There was a time that I moved into a brand new home. While that was an incredibly exciting time in my life, I soon found how tricky it was decorating it to feel ‘done’. Builders grade is not exactly character filled.

Being there for several years, I went through two phases. Pink (seriously, I even had a pink couch!) and then forest green.

The forest green version by far was the richest and more me. Carpets were ripped out and hardwood floors placed. White bead board ran along the walls and forest green moved up on top. It was a very rich high end looking feel. Back in the day, it was actually gorgeous!

But then, it was all done. And I got bored.

Know what happened next? We moved.

… continued …

Dear friends, if you’re wishing and hoping for the day that your home will be 100% perfect just the way you desire, completion comes with a surprise.

You won’t have ANYTHING TO DO.

Enjoy the the undone areas in your home. Think about them, then take the time to discover new ways to slipcover that sofa or paint out a feature wall.


experiment… (oh the stories I could tell you!)



create new stories…

And above all else… take your time and enjoy the ride. 🙂

I have learned so much hacking away at my current home that was badly in need of repair. And it’s led to many incredible stories, experiences and teachings only a wreak of a house could teach.

I’m going to start telling you a bit more about the behind the scenes stories behind my current home reno. I think you’ll find what transpired incredibly uplifting. It’s a story that really needs to be told in full book form one day, but I think a small travel back in time will fill in some rather important blanks for the time being.

Ready to hear a bit more about about a journey with a purpose?


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21 thoughts on “Don’t be in such a rush

  1. Always stories every time you try to fix anything, isn’t there? I live in an 1850 stone house and have dealt with internet connection problems for the last week; well the last 8 years but they’ve peaked for some reason this past week. Something about dry loop wiring back before there was wireless…now it’s interferring. That or the 2 foot thick stone walls. And then there’s the closet somebody built in my daughter’s bedroom back in the 50’s…I think. I’ve had it with fighting with them and tore out the doors the other day…now what? I wish you’d come help. You always have such great ideas!! 🙂 Great points to remember though. Enjoy the ride!! 🙂

  2. You’re right. Some days I wake up and call the AUTO PHONE TELLER just to check my balance to see what can be afforded today …ON. OUR. BUDGET. $0.00 …. no big surprise.
    Then I remember… Well, duh. If you had the money you’d be living in a ‘builder grade’ house that you hate, with absolutely no character built inside…and the outside would look just like every 4th house down the row!
    Makes me glad I’m broke!
    At the rate we’re moving along on the ‘tick-list’… we’ll be done right before we get ready to move into the retirement home!
    Let’s don’t even discuss the fact my ‘STYLE’ continues to change! Who needs upgrades when STYLE is sooo… important!


  3. Absolutely, I’d love to hear more. I whole heartedly agree to not get in a rush. You end up making decisions that you regret in the rush to get things done. But I have to admit for me, enjoying the undone areas of your home is easier said than done. 🙂

  4. Wise words! We live in a farm house that is over a hundred years old, I will never be have to get bored! There is too much to do here, but I love it that way!!!

  5. I’d love to hear your story, Donna. I have a hard time picturing you will so much pink. lol However, at one time I had lots of animal prints, which is totally not me anymore. I am in the process of searching for my next home, which will most likely be a fixer. I love experimenting, and adding a personal touch, so that would suit me just fine.

  6. Looking forward to seeing all your transformations. I so can relate to the part about being finished… I think my house is finished but then I find something to redo… it’s really good enough but I need to change things because I need to be keeping busy. I’m off for the summer so who knows what corner of my house will be changed up again!

  7. I’m sure that it will be great reading. I’m now in a position to redo my floors & I’m looking, looking, & looking. Of course, this isn’t going to happen til Jan/Feb when it is cool. Homes & gardens are like mother nature…ever changing….a work in progress at all times. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  8. love your posts, donna. definitely want to hear more. i have heard that a good house is never done…but ever evolving with us…so keep the stories coming…..inspire us…humor us….and keep posting! xxxx

  9. Awww…was that Beethoven I saw??
    Just told my friend the other day, “We’ll never be through with this house.” My only “hurry” though is that I want things “fixed” to my level of should I say, “repair?” (new doors, windows, etc) However, the decor will never be done! Gotta be changing something!
    Looking forward to the story.

  10. I would LOVE to hear more, since I came to find you when you had already moved all the other phases, I think it was about the time you were putting in those AHMAZING stairs!! I would like to hear what is going on with your son and those toilets lined up out front! Luckily, I am getting you in my inbox already, so I will be looking for more of the inside scoop in the days to come!

  11. Here, here! My house has never been, nor will it ever be finished. Times seem to change faster than I can decorate and redo and fix things anyway. I can’t keep moving as fast as time does. I love projects and I love the reinventing, remaking and reliving the life of my home! Look forward to your stories.

  12. I have lived in brand new custom homes and have not had near the satisfaction of my current fixer upper. Inside and out it is a continual work in progress, but I love it. And oh the stories we could and do tell about our progress. Friends stop by occasionaly just to see what may have transpired.

  13. Wonderful advice! I shall cherish the chaos around here a little bit more! I’m lucky to have a ton of stuff to do and the abilities to do them. Eventually.

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