The One Scary Thing Challenge link up!

The One Thing Scary Challenge via Funky Junk Interiors - make your dreams come true!

So my scared friends, today is the day! Last week I challenged to you to The One Scary Thing Challenge. I hope you’ve been busy scaring yourself into success!

My scary thing

… continued …

My scary thing involved cracking open my sign ebook once again. The writing was finished at the beginning of the year… but I knew the design would take my little project into overtime.

How to Make Old Signs ebook coming soon! via Funky Junk Interiors

Why this was scary

I’ve been making excuses FOREVER because I knew what was coming. So the day I finally decided to smarten up and crack it open, my heart actually RACED. Crazy but true. I truly felt a flood of dread dump over me like a bucket of water. I literally sat down in front of the computer and groaned while I opened the document. But I pushed and just MADE MYSELF DO IT.

Know what? It was as tricky as I predicted it would be. It took determination and redos. Yes, even effort. My neck hurt and I went through lots of coffee. It just quite simply took lots and lots of effort. 

Mission accomplished! A start anyway…

But… I did it!!  I’m happy to report Chapter one is fully designed and I know the rest will flow a little easier with a ‘look’ somewhat established. I hope… 🙂

I also realize this one could fall by the wayside once again, so I actually have a plan of action to keep things going.

Plan for success – SCHEDULE IT

My goal is to have the book completed alongside my new website design that will begin this summer sometime. So I’m making a vow to MAKE myself open that ebook up at least once a week and pound on it hard. I do best with longer spurts than quick entries because I tend to reread what I’ve done and tweak rather than move ahead. Longer is better for me. So… I’m booking it in! And I’m telling you so you’ll help keep me honest. (yes, shaming myself)

The initial ebook intro is HERE.

How scary goes away

Still on the fence about your scary endeavour? I don’t blame you. But I also know, if you start stroking these scary things off the to do list, they get done. Imagine. And you just get better at it. Just like my church photo session I told you about on Tuesday. That was every bit as scary as this book writing. And now it isn’t. Funny how that works. 🙂

Your turn!

I’ve heard some ramblings behind the scenes of some plans you’ve been working through, so I truly hope you’ll share your scary progress in either the below linkup or in comments.

So, what was your scary thing you worked through? 

How did it help you get where you need to go?
What will you do to keep up the momentum?
Do we need another challenge?

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Pat from Corn in my Coffee Pot! 

Congrats girl!! I’ll be emailing you for deets in a jiffy!

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10 thoughts on “The One Scary Thing Challenge link up!

  1. I’m so excited about your sign book Donna! I think it is great that you are setting a goal of revisiting it once a week to keep the momentum going. I didn’t do any planning on that end which is so important. I really should set a goal to use a power tool each week even if it is for practice and I don’t have a project in mind. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thank you so much for motivating me to get back to blogging again. I feel energized. Now I just need to stay that way! I’m very inexperienced at this so I’m not sure if I linked up correctly. I will get better at this…I hope! Al lthe post so far have been great…I can’t wait to check back and see more!

  3. I saw this challenge when you first mentioned it and conveniently “forgot” about it, knowing full well what my one scary thing is – writing everyday. Another series I am following has encouraged to me to write everyday, as well. I’ll get my blog post going and link up today! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Why don’t you set a reward for yourself when you finish the book and sell 100 downloads. You could go to a fancy dinner, or a weekend, etc. That way you can get your reward sooner if you work faster. Remember, this is the first one, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You just have to start us off with some easy projects and painting tips. Then, there will be SignPainting — JunkMaster Style , an advanced version for the second book.

  5. This is just great. I’ve been scared of looking for a job, going to interviews and facing rejection. But my finances have driven me to a point where it’s not an option. But it’s still scary!

    Anyway, after I read the challenge I made up a new resume, something I’d been dreading for absolutely ages. It really wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be! So to continue the challenge I now have to apply for jobs.

    Thanks again for the challenge/inspiration!

  6. I’ve been reading here for a few months now, and this is my first post. I don’t have a blog but I did want to tell you that your challenge – and the way you live – has been the last little push I needed to make a move I’ve been contemplating for nearly a year. I will be quitting my very secure government job in two months so I can homeschool my special needs daughter.

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