Cute mailboxes and garden features… from a blogger papergirl

Cute mailboxes and pretty garden features... from a blogger papergirl

Cute mailboxes and pretty garden features are part of…

mail delivery. I believe it’s a lovely gift given back to you for your efforts. 

A blogger delivers newspapers and snoops the neighbourhood. via Funky Junk Interiors

See, I delivered papers today for the first time! Most kiddos join the force early on. But 50 year old me? Never too late, right? 😉

Truth be told, my boy is taking over for neighbours that generally do it. So over the course of 2 weeks, we’ll be packin’ papers and getting to know the neighbourhood in a different way.

delivering newspapers

I walk everyday anyway, and the more I think of it, the smarter this is. 

Why not walk and get paid for it?

We have quiet, pretty country styled roads so there’s plenty to see. It was a pleasure as well as a chance to bond with my boy in a different way together as well. Teamwork!

And you know me, right? I can’t keep my camera, or in this case, iPhone tucked away for too long. So I sneaked in a few selected areas that spoke to me (before I got caught). So… let’s snoop! 🙂

black mailbox inside shrubs

Don’t you love how these shrubs hug this mailbox? It was totally stunning in person.

reclaimed lumber mailbox with asphalt roof

A sweet little rustic mailbox with a moss covered asphalt roof. 

Just like a real shed buried under a tree. Adorable.


stamped sidewalk with flowerbeds

This home and it’s amazing flower gardens belonged in a magazine. 

I adore the stamped concrete sidewalk.

old wood mailbox with rusty heart

This reclaimed lumber mailbox was perfection. That’s a rusty tin heart. 

I’d just like it to be known here and now, that I adore houses that have mail boxes, even in hand delivered areas. I’m going to rethink the newspaper stuck under the front doormat or shoe or rock thing myself. I want to have a charming little junk styled mailbox too!

old wood birdhouses in a bed of daisies

The birdhouses were absolutely buried in a deep abundant pile of daisies. It was stunning.

red geraniums on an old chair

Why do red geraniums make just everything look exquisite? Such a pretty sight in a little front porch.

The walk was a great workout. And yeah… I was really really beat. I actually sat down on the sidewalk on the way home… Ok, it was REALLY hot out so I’m sure that’s why. 🙂

Regardless, I’m pretty sure it did this ‘ol girl some good. I think I want a paper route… for REAL. 

(until it rains or snows…)

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24 thoughts on “Cute mailboxes and garden features… from a blogger papergirl

  1. Happy to be your 8801st follower.. it’s great to have such a lovely neighbourhood to stroll around..I’m lucky I too have a wonderful street and on our early evening walks we often have to stop for kangaroos crossing…love it!
    great blog!
    Bec x

  2. Thanks for the beautiful neighborhood tour…loved all the quaint mailboxes and yard art. This does bring on the crafty…ness in me…love the little old houses.

    What a lovely area…where you live.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your route, Donna. So many beautiful houses, and creative souls. I’m loving that mailbox with the rusty heart. Whenever I walk, I always notice so many things I hadn’t before. It’s stupid hot here, so I won’t be taking that walk today. lol

  4. Loved the photos around your ‘hood!
    Always think time with the boy is great, might as well, get some exercise and great shots too!

    love the bird houses, geraniums, and of course the rustic hearted wooden box!

    I have a plain mailbox, Pat

  5. oh my! I would take up a paper route if that was my view everyday. What amazing photos of your neighborhood, how proud you must be to have people who care so much about their homes surrounding you! Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. All your photos are so pretty!!! I remember my kids having a paper route and it was exhausting!!! I always helped and we soon realized it wasn’t for us!!!
    I live just across the border from you and I was dying yesterday! Rivulets of sweat…not enjoyable at all!!! I sympathize with the sitting on the sidewalk! Doesn’t today feel great??

  7. So pretty. And, a bonus….the exercise you got. Can’t wait to see how you feel after the two weeks. Loved the bird houses…my yard has sort of too many bird houses. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the mailbox with the heart! My mailbox is an old breadbox that sits on a cement pillar. I have some rusty stars I may add to the box after seeing the heart one. Thank you.

  9. Good for your son, taking on income earning responsibilities. Great for you to tag along, get exercise, and expand your snooping…ahh…photographing experience.
    You’re right, for some reason big red geranium blooms make everything look great. I can’t get them to grow to save my life but they are really beautiful plants.

  10. Good for you {and Cody}! You have a very pretty neighborhood. I admire your courage to whip out the iphone and snap away. I’d be too chicken to do that! I’ve had a pretty mailbox area on my list for a while. Doesn’t help that the actual box isn’t even attached to the wooden pole anymore (just kind of balances on it now)…and the door was ripped off by some bored teenagers that decided to hang in my neck of the woods one evening. Little did they know I’m usually up much later than they are. Pretty sure they won’t be back again. 😉 It was nice taking a walk with you.

  11. There is some very pretty landscapes & yard decor in your neighborhood! We live in the country & our house sits back in the woods so we don’t see many neighborhoods, except when I hit garage sales. Looks like you found some great inspiration…love that rustic wood paper box & the rocker with the geranium is so pretty!

  12. Hi, I love your blog and am now a follower. I just learned how to sign a post using a digital signature, thanks to one of your old posts. I have given you a shout out in my latest post. Thanks…Connie

  13. When you make your own wooden mailbox you are free to choose a design that will best suit not only your individual needs, but the outside decor of your home as well.

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