Sunflowers, dog hair, and thank-you!

sunflowers in full bloom pictures


husky shepherd dog

The emails and comments are still coming in due to the loss of my sweet Jenna. I’m completely overwhelmed by the love and support you’ve shown us and simply can’t even come up with the right words to show my appreciation. Just… thank-you!! (continued)

sunflower pictures

We are doing ok. It’s strange, and sometimes not ok, but most of the time, it’s ok.

Quite honestly, since Jenna has been gone, we’ve been on the run. Paper route, my work, etc etc. Which has been a blessing in disguise I’m sure. Being productive has always helped me at times of loss so I don’t overthink things.

sunflowers in full bloom

I’ve also had neighbours stop by and offer their support. Neighbour and friend Francis even brought over a big hug and these gorgeous sunflowers from her own garden. Aren’t they spectacular? Made me cry all over again. 🙂

I started to clean up the dog hair and such in the house, but I caught myself. It would be the last time… so what’s the rush? So I stopped. There is no rush. None at all. But some areas that I have cleaned have magically stayed clean. A completely unknown phenomenon in this house.

Her collar is going to become a special part of the garden in due time. I hope what I have in mind turns out!

black cat in garden

My kitten is getting positively smothered with love and she’s drinking it all in. She’s a happy little clam, and has taken up residence in the household as the animal kingdom ruler with no issue, wearing that swanky Lion haircut of hers. It’s finally growing back in, but no doubt the Lion nickname will still linger long afterwards. 🙂

I didn’t say anything but Teddy collapsed under a month ago and I rushed her in. I think her thyroid meds were working too well so she was removed off them and is back in full swing again. Two needy animals in one month?! Craziness.

A whole range of firsts are starting and I admit, some of the pile is difficult to climb. A thunderstorm resulted in no panting worried shaking dog in sight. A walk only heard the sound of 2 feet instead of 6. And I miss the nighttime ritual of me climbing into bed, then Jenna circling her own bed about 100 times, finally slumping down with a happy sigh.

I know as time goes on, all these little rituals will become happier memories. So it’s a day at a time as we discover the new norm.

With the loss of Jenna, I desire to go forth and push myself in new directions. Being less ‘housebound’, I just feel the need to fill the ‘hole’ with productive excitement.  Know what I mean? And I do have something out of this world cool to tell you that involves junk and a whole lot more so hang in there until I can it all typed out!

Anyway, thanks for being there when I really needed you guys. Due to your thoughts and continued prayers, we’re going to be just fine. 🙂


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35 thoughts on “Sunflowers, dog hair, and thank-you!

  1. This is a sweet post, filled with love, happy memories, and new ideas.

    Love those sunflowers and your kitten is a sweetheart.

    Have a great week ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I feel your pain…..and wish you a better day, The memories won’t go to far, they are right there in you heart…..a pet leave those footprints all over……The pictures of the floweres are so beautiful….Blessings and well wishes to you and your family…..
    Carol Cavallo, a Funky Junk follower !!!!

  3. Does it ever stop? We have lost so many and now my Chumley was just diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know how long he will be with us, but I try not to think. At all. I have been where you are way to many times. He’s 14 and in great shape, considering.
    We’ll be thinking of you and your son. Take care!

  4. Hi Donna- I have not had as much time lately to visit blogs…so this is news to me. I am so, so sorry about your loss. I lost my sweet little Misty Moon about 3 years ago and I have never replaced her. I just don’t think I can bear to lose another pet. It is sad, and maybe a bit self-protective on my part when I know so many pets need homes, but it is where I am at right now. God bless you, Donna. It does get easier but it is NEVER an easy journey. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. So sorry.My 12 yr old dog has been sick & I dread the day.Your posts have given me some great “food” for thought. It has also made me cherish everyday with her.
    God be with you to lead you through this time of loss

  6. What a sweet post Donna, and such sweet thoughts. I can’t imagine how it feels, but I know someday it will happen. Our dog just had a minor incident and my youngest Jack was so worried she would have to be put down. {IT was a toe nail} So it was kinda funny he thought that, but I suppose he worries about the loss. You guys hang in there, stay busy, and yes, leave the hair for a bit!

  7. It’s truly a tough time but knowing there are sweet memories everywhere…is a blessing. I am happy you have so much support!

    Lovely flowers and post.

  8. Losing a pet is sometimes like losing your shadow. They are always there loving you without condition. So sorry for your loss Donna.

  9. So sorry about Jenna. I cannot wait to see what you do with her collar. I left my little Rupert’s collar hanging on a hook with his leash by the door….it’s been years but it’s nice to think of him every time I see it.

  10. So sorry about Jenna, I am a dog lover. I find it hard to even read this as my dog died many years ago but my sons dog died last year and was the spit image of my dog. Gentle and so loving.For sure hey become part of the family of animals. When he told me how it all happened to his dog and he had not a minute to think as she was dying before his eyes my sons dog. All he said it is okay girl You go and stroked her paw.. She slipped away. I would of freaked out. I am way too sentimental. My son is too but what could he do. He phoned the vet with cell phone in the other hand but it was too late. I cried for days. Now I read and see your dog. I feel for you big time. tears again. Thank goodness for sweet memories. What would we do without them. Hang in there girly. Better days ahead. Time does heal. Yet you never forget your loss of your buddy. Now your kitty is getting all the attention cute.

    Your beutiful flowers did brighten me up after this read.

    • That’s sort of what happened here too, although I didn’t have the heart to say it at the time. I was with her and ran one last time to call the vet. When I checked on her again, she was gone.

      I got to say good-bye. I’m so glad she knew how much she was loved. Thanks for sharing your own heartfelt story. xo

  11. So sorry for your loss. It breaks our hearts when they die but, life without them would be worse. We have three collars, ID tags still attached, with bird feeders hanging from them in our trees. The memories are sparked each time I fill up the bird feeders. I remember Coal (a Labrador) chasing the squirrels up the tree and then, at a much older age, sleeping under the tree. I remember Prissy ( a Poodle mix) never quite figuring out why Coal chased the squirrels, all she wanted to do was play with them. At first the memories brought tears now they bring smiles. Life would be so empty without them!

  12. Sunday morning over coffee I was remembering the first post I remember reading with Jenna in it. It was the one when you were playing around with burlap and you had washed a piece of it. It came out all wrinkly of course, and you draped it across Jenna’s back and took a pic. She looked like those men way back when they used to wear the powder wigs. It was precious and I recall thinking what a beautiful dog she was. That was back when I first discovered your blog in 2009, wow…time flies. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and photos that included your son and your fur babies. Holding you and your son in my prayers. (hugs)

  13. You are giving all of us a gift – how to deal with grief and loss in a healthy, healing, way. Thank you for sharing with us, and turning the loss of your beautiful, beloved dog into a lesson in love and loss.

  14. We make a new normal ~ remember the good memories and smile because they were in our lives for as long as they were. I know she was a part of your family Donna and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts. xo

  15. I lost my dog a year ago and sometimes I still find a stray piece of fur (Hey, he was a shedder, don’t judge! LOL!). It brings a smile to my face remembering him. I can’t wait to see what you do with Jenna’s collar.

  16. Donna,at the begining I only stopped by your blog because your dog looked just like my Fred. we lost him about 6 months ago he was the best dog he was with us 16 years. I got him 4 years before I got married, from a breeder in Texas. He was part malemute and low content timberwolf this is why your janna and my fred never did bark. Fred loved my husband and kids, but he was my dog always with me. My best friend gave my kids a book call Dog Haven and in one of the pages the book reads “dogs in dog haven will be there when old friends show up. they will be there at the door”. I like that I like to think fred is at the door waiting for me.



  17. aww this touched my heart, as I have a couple of furry friends, that are dearly close to my heart. so I KNOW the love, that one has for their furry companions.

    hugs to you my friend.


  18. Jenna, I could honestly have written this as I’ve been through the exact same scenario. Our Cairn Terrier Lulu we loved for 18 years was finally at her end. She couldn’t see, had congestive heart failure & had lost control of her bodily functions, which broke our hearts. She & our cat Trouble (a black & white tuxedo cat) tolerated one another but Lulu was always the center of attention (you know, because she was a dog & dogs need attention)while Trouble always just ruled from whatever throne she happened to be perched upon at the time, not really demanding much attention other than food, a clean cat box, and a few belly rubs. When we finally lost Lulu, Trouble became the only ruler of the roost & has been caring for us ever since. She has been by my side through more sad times than I care to admit, but it made me see that she finally got her own time to shine. We were finally able to see her true personality & it turns out that she’s really a hoot as well as a love.

    Just know that there are gazillions of us out here that know what you’re going through & it’s so hard. Still, I could never live without a pet. Ever. Always keep your heart open for new animals because they really do fulfill our lives…

    Liz @ Living The Life Fandango

  19. What lovely flowers and what a lovely friend to bring them to you! It’s always so nice to know that there are others who understand the grief of losing a beloved member of the family like our sweet pets. I can’t imagine losing my Zoe, she is truly my “third child”. 🙂 You are in my heart. I’m glad that there are so many good memories for you all to hold onto.

    Much love,

  20. I grieve with you over the loss of your Jenna and am dreading the day, as it gets closer, that my own sweet baby girl will join Jenna. Maddie has a very large tumor and we fear that she will not be with us much longer. Thank God she is in no pain but I already feel the loss…..

  21. I found your blog by way of another blog and tearfully read you blog about Jenna. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your baby. They really have a way of digging into your heart. I know, I have four of them and love them all to pieces. My oldest is 14 and is in surprisingly good health for his age. I just lost my “Best Buddy” a year ago-July 6. His name was Henry. He was a stray and oh so goofy–but he was a mama’s boy. I will ALWAYS miss him–he was my “special” one, I guess. Not to say that all of them aren’t special, just some has that extra little something that just bores straight into your heart. I know that you will always miss and love Jenna-but, really-time does help. You never forget them, but it becomes “bearable”. One day thought, I just know that Jenna, like Henry, will be waiting for us at the gate when we go home. I have become a follower and hope to pop in often.

    xoxo Faye

  22. cuddle your kitty,,,,and a door will open a new bound of energy will enter…we had to put our Max down after 17 years…that is really old for a german shephard. We had got a pup about 1 year earlier..blesses that Max imprinted his soft side onto Thor…as he was a handful….now Thor is gray in the muzzle…and all the Kat’s are his to round up…

  23. I am so sorry for your loss! I am sad that I have not been around. I am dealing with my mother in hospice and her final days.
    I know Jenna will never be forgotten.
    A nice road trip is what you need.

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