Day 1: 31 Days of Junk That Matters

Junk that Matters - a 31 day series that will help reset your priorites, make friends and enjoy your life more! via Funky Junk Interiors

Two weeks ago I attended my local church service. And you guessed it, the topic was yet again pointing at me right between the eyes. The message? Keeping up those people connections. 


I cringed and sunk into my pew in pure guilt. Being online is a wonderful experience, however I’ve allowed my online time to take away my personal people time in a big way.

My 8 day Bella Rustica experienced further cranked up the guilt volume once I got home. I missed the Nashville friends I just left!

photo courtesy of Southern Hospitality at Bella Rustica

But I did something different when I was at Bella. I hung out with those I didn’t know and don’t blog alongside and made friends. We played, we workshopped, we hung out. And didn’t blog. And I survived! And learned a whole bunch. 

I learned I really missed people interaction. Someone with thousands of online followers CAN indeed be lonely.

We connect easily with those online because we hang out online. What’s stopping us from connecting with those locally while still embracing our passion?

Us. We stop us. 

But I have even more to fix. People matter indeed, but so do other things I’ve been letting slide. I want to fix those too.

Here’s the deal. We all have the same 24 hours in which to eat, sleep and do. But it’s my belief that we  attempt to do too much. So how do we do it all?

Not sure, but I’m joining Nester’s 31 Day Challenge to help me get back on track with junk that matters.

intro HERE       linkup HERE

Some posts will be short, others long. Some will be picture heavy, some with none. Because what’s most important here isn’t blogging about it, but rather DOING it. 

Life matters. Goals matter. People matter. Rusty junk matters. It all matters. But we can’t do it all. Or can we?

Need help too? Watch how I change my own life and priorities and jump in!

Rust will also be involved. 🙂

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Disclaimer: hate this topic? No fear! If it fails in flying colours, I’ll do it anyway only off the blog. 🙂

What are you lacking in your own life?

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17 thoughts on “Day 1: 31 Days of Junk That Matters

  1. I have recently been thinking along the same lines – that I need more personal interaction with friends and family. I have been pretty much housebound with an ailing husband for over a year and I really miss seeing my friends and family in person. Got to make more of an effort and make alternative arrangements so I can re-connect!

  2. I find myself telling folks in the store the same thing again and again. “Yes, we do have to pay the bills and feed the boys, but when it really comes down to it, everything is all about people. Real people. Blessings on your 31 day adventure, Robin

  3. I am lacking family. My husband and I have one parent left. I lost both of mine in the last eighteen months. We had a meaningful last two years. At one point I had two in diapers! We have one child left, a single adult, My husband has lost both of his sisters. I have two brothers, a widower with a disabled daughter, and a single brother with a girl friend with cancer. We are not close because of distance, interests, and life style. I have not spent much time with my friends over the last few years because of sadness and time spent caring for my parents. I feel like I have nothing to offer them and would be a drag on them. I spend a fair amount of time in our retirement home and have younger friends here who are mainly people I pay to help me do things. I feel like I need time to rest, re-energize, and plan the rest of my life. I have several friendships through blogs that have added a lot to my life. I think Blogland provides a place for like personalities to find each other. Who knew I would find fellow junkers? Who knew I would find several people that I could help from a distance just by observing their life and insecurities? When I first started reading blogs I found two things. Lawyers who don’t work as lawyers anymore, but can write like the dickens and approach improving their home like it was the Trial of their life. ie, Censationsal Girl, The Zhush, and I forget who else. The other type was people who had a situation usually medical, that approached blogging as therapy. Like September the March who is now A Little Junk in My Trunk – the famous Denver Goodwill blogger who was in an accident that altered her sense of time. Also Donna, Funky Junk who suffered bad vertigo spells. Another nameless person who couldn’t work, but had chronic pain, and many others. Many, many bloggers make these fabulous things and have no self esteem. They need to be supported and encouraged. I can do that, big time. I think I should have been a life coach, but that field wasn’t invented when I went to school, and I had no life experience then anyway. So here I sit, at retirement age, feeling depleted, trying to be healthier, still sad, trying to figure out the rest of my life, and trying to figure out a better relationship with my husband who is across the country still working. It is said that if you want a friend, be a friend. I am trying, but I am tired. I guess I need to build myself up again so I can be of help to others. Thanks to you Donna, this is going to be a great 31 Days. Fondly, Ann

    • I’m lacking family too Ann. My mom was my best friend, and I knew the day she left us where I’d end up. I just haven’t done anything about it. It’s high time I do! While blood is indeed thicker than water, I also think that some friendship ties can be equal or greater to family ties if we choose wisely. Can’t hurt to try, right?

  4. I love this topic too! Even don’t I have thousands of followers online, I still spend tons of time online. Much more time than I do with “people”. And I have been feeling lonely too. So looking forward to following along with your series. Cause sometimes (ok, all the time) there are many more things that matter more than our blog, our projects and our last junk we collected 🙂

  5. Your topic post hit me…with are you reading my mind. I have been working on projects for my grand daughter..and have not left the house but once to get paint.Since Monday coming back for a jury duty. The only people I have talked to are MY Hubby and don’t get me wrong, he is the most important person in my life…but alas, my son who is legally blind and many more issues lives with us.He is at my other sons house and thus me and the dog all day…No wonder sometimes I find I can’t the words..because after 38 years of working with the public…I sometimes am desperate for a little face to face…
    I use to train in the art of selling, and said often that just a honest greeting and smile, may be the first interaction a customer has had…all day. With on line for everything..we can check ourselves out at the grocery store, swipe and fill the car up. Pay bills on line or via phone…we don’t talk to people anymore. I think the things that some bloggers are doing like the trip you did, are great examples of what we need more of…OK too long winded…Thank you for the TOPIC Point

  6. Kathryn – But don’t you think that a lot of interactions that we have outside the house are just perfunctory? We say something nice to the check out person, again and again. I find that some of my emails are more meaningful that my day to day short conversations with the public. Ann

    • Ann, I hear what you’re saying. But I think it’s a matter of making meaningful connections, not just surface ones. It’s just as easy to say, “Fine!” when someone asks you how you are in person or online. I just tend to elaborate more online because I’ve spent the time getting to know that person.

      It’s actually easier online for me because of my schedule. It takes time to get to know people and little time just to type a reply. Our world is so different nowadays so this will be a challenge! But one I’m up for and know will be worth it.

  7. Looking forward to this series! I’ve been following the others too, but this one is something to think about. Mind you, I do love the odd days that I can loose myself in online relationships…somehow it is easier to ‘talk’ through my fingers than face to face. Working with the public in a busy garden centre makes me look forward to my quiet time.
    Debbie 🙂

    • I agree. If I’ve been yakkin’ all day at work, it’s nice to come home and chill online. But if you’re talking in public like that, I’d say you’ve done some major interaction for the day so you’re good! 🙂

  8. I think blogging reaches so many and they are all inspired one way or another. The personal bond with human interaction still outweighs being behind the computer. You get to really see the persons personality and warmth. I learned more from interacting in events like Haven and Bella from bloggers and non bloggers alike. When it is all said and done, there is nothing like laughing and making new friends in reality!

  9. Great topic, and timely in my own life too. Like Julie@followyourheartwoodworking, I’m an introvert so the blogsphere has great appeal to me. I’ve realized, though, that I’ve become so absorbed in my on line life that I’ve been neglecting the personal connections that give true meaning to my life. I’ve stepped away from my FB business page and lightened up on my blogging posts in order to spend more time away from my computer. I’m suffering withdrawal pains 😉 but I’m sure that I’ll get over that soon enough.

  10. I am really looking forward to this! I have been on a search of how to “shave off” things in my life that take up too much of my life. Namely, work, work and more work. I work so much that I don’t really even enjoy the work anymore. I paint so much that I don’t love it the way I used to love it. I still love it, just not as deeply, “I can’t wait to get a paintbrush in my hand again”, love. I work so much that for the first time in 9 years, we had an ant invasion because I let A LOT of stuff just get built up under the cabinets, and in corners that no one notices but me. I don’t love cleaning, but I do love order. I have let SO much slide. I have let every single room in my house get a pile of “to dos” and never doing it. So, so timely for me. Good luck with your continued goals of more “people” interaction and less online interaction. Both are good, but the online should never substitute for the real. I am guilty of this one too…..

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