Junkin’ Patsy plus Funky Junk? Good trouble at Bella!

Junkin' Patsy makin' good trouble at Bella Rustica, via Funky Junk Interiors

I knew the moment I saw this picture from last year’s Bella Rustica collection, I had to get on over there. This photo just spells FUN in a real good way.

Well, I met these gals!

But guess who I hung out with at Bella for a spell.

Junkin' Patsy makin' good trouble at Bella Rustica, via Funky Junk Interiors


I fell in love with Patsy Draper Jones the moment I met her. I recognized her from the photo and we started yakkin’ while she was setting up her outdoor vendor booth.

Carter's Creek Station Antiques, Spring Hill, Tn via Funky Junk Interiors

Patsy sells her junk through The Granary at Carter’s Creek Station Antiques (I got to see it above!) and Henrietta’s Haul Antiques, both located in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

This girl has great vintage junk style and knows how to pick!

vintage shoes

I die. She’s adorable.

junk necklace

Car on a necklace? BFF instantly!

But Patsy has more goin’ on than just great style. She’s a movie star. Yup! She is!

Funky Junk meets Patsy Draper Jones via Bella Rustica in Nashville, Tennessee 2012

So, me bein’ star struck and all, I needed my picture taken with her.

Smile nice, you two! Very good.

And then the tables turn…

Patsy plus Funky Junk? Good trouble at Bella Rustica! via Funky Junk Interiors

So what happens when two junk chicks can’t keep a straight face?


Only Patsy doesn’t know about it quite yet.
Patsy at Bella Rustica

Here, Agape’s Clinton gets things set up. Ready, Patsy? ACTION!

Patsy at Bella Rustica

She’s takin’ her role right serious here! 

What happens next? Well, I may be quick but Patsy’s quicker…

Serious antics only need apply here at Bella Rustica.

All Bella Rustica posts to date are HERE.


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6 thoughts on “Junkin’ Patsy plus Funky Junk? Good trouble at Bella!

  1. I love it. Such fun. I can’t wait to see and hear all of the rest of the stories. Sort of hard to get back in the grind of things? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Donna! You are smooth! Very cute video. I so enjoyed meeting you. I’m hoping Myra might send me the pic of the three of us. I only had my iPhone! I’m itching for a good camera so I can blog like a big girl like you guys!

    • Hey Lucy, I have been inside reading alot today even though here in Georgia its a simply beautiful day out. I have Fibromyalgia and somedays are just meant to be lazy for me. Actually what caught my eye was your name, my favorite grandmothers name was “Lucy Farmer”. Loved her so named my first born after her and she is nothing like my grandma. My Lucy should have grown up in the 60-70’s, my Hippy girl she is. I love crafting and making things out of nothing. Have alot of things that have been left to me that have sentimental value. I have to wait til my 11y/o grandson is old enough to inherit these things, so I have to stay busy until then. Lol. Thank you for sharing my ramblings.
      Debbie F. Brown

  3. Oh Ms. Patsy sold me my “lucky penny” table! I love it and her booth was fabulous! Glad you two enjoyed each other. Thanks once again for coming South for Bella Rustica! Sandie

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