Inspired You, by Miss Mustard Seed – a book review (giveaway now over)

Deeply inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review via Funky Junk Interiors

Inspired You, by Miss Mustard Seed – a book review

Winners of the book giveaway:

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Operation Magpie
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Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

Once upon a time, an online friendship was born. Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk Interiors bantered back and forth, soon realizing they wanted to work together in some capacity.

Workshop Series by Funky Junk Interiors and Mustard Seed Creations

So they created a successful online Workshop Series together, which ran for many, many weeks.

As time transpired, things got a little more exciting… opportunity started to knock for both bloggers. It was if the inbox could become Christmas morning on any given day!

Then one day, I recieved an email that flipped my world upside down. It was a book publisher knocking on my door!

Marian, being the friend that she was, immediately supported me and promised to make way for a place for ‘my book’ on her coffee table. Exciting times!

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

Well, that book offer fell through for me. But I just couldn’t be more pleased that it worked out for her. Look who has a book on her coffee table now!

So, yes, I’m totally freaking out that my friend got published. But I now have a duty before me. I desired to do a book review so it’s important to be really objective here, right? 

So after I (kissed the book and danced around with it) casually cracked open the spine,

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

… wait. A. MINUTE.

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

Stay objective, stay objective, stay objective…

Seriously, my eyes stung and I was so very touched. Holding this book in my hand and seeing my name inside was like a message to me. It clarified that Marian would always be rooting for me, and what was possible for any of us through diligence and hard work. 

It gave me renewed hope once again that my own book deal may come calling one day.

The ‘objective’ review

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

If you read Miss Mustard Seed, you  know how her writing draws you in. Her words, although perfectly casual, fit together like a well made puzzle. A way with words comes naturally to Marian and she delivers her trademark style throughout the entire book.

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

The book isn’t just tutorials nor just one big beautiful photo shoot. It’s built like a storybook of sorts. Think of it as an inspiring adventure with both photos and tutorials alongside stories, that gently encourage you to push outside of your comfort zone, and discover what you’re truly capable of. If you give yourself a chance.

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

There’s sound advice on how to bargain shop, fix things up, and make them yours.

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

The tutorials come with crisp pictures and clear instruction on how to paint, distress, wax, sew, build, and more.

I’ll be honest. This is the kind of book you wish was twice the size. You’re simply left wanting even more. But there’s MORE than enough to be able to refinish furniture, sew slipcovers, paint, and even appreciate what you already have. 

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

When I received the book, I made sure to treat myself to a hot tea or coffee, warm blanket, ease into a comfy chair and enjoy the ride. It was like a little 1 on 1 conversation with Marian. When I finally turned over the last page, it made me sad. I would miss her. And I do.

Knowing the book is only an arm’s length away is a good thing. This book will always have a special place on my coffee table.

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

pallet wood coffee table

Confession? I was encouraged to build my new coffee table BEFORE the book arrived because I wanted to keep my promise of proudly displaying it on a cool coffee table.

 And it’s even big enough for two. 🙂

Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You, a book review and giveaway via Funky Junk Interiors

Well done my friend, very well done. I am so proud of you!

Now please come over and sign it, k? 🙂


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261 thoughts on “Inspired You, by Miss Mustard Seed – a book review (giveaway now over)

  1. What a lovely friend you have.:) I would be overjoyed to win this book. Something I would like to accomplish and have oned day is my own craft/office shed. It would be my women cave. 😉

  2. WOW, looks like a Super book to spend an afternoon reading.
    I would love to refinish an antique wooden toolbox that belonger to my Dad’s Father and give it to my son.

  3. I started following both of your blogs when you were both trying to hit 4,000 followers. It’s been so inspiring to follow both of your journeys. Someday I hope to finish all of my unfinished projects. I live in a museum of good intentions!

  4. I would love to win this book! Most of our furniture is far from new…and I need all the help I can get to get it spruced up! Thank you!!!

  5. I am with Eunice 100%!!!!! Ditto what she said!I am not sure I can wait to win one…I think I am going to go and buy one today :)…However, I am thinking that they would make great gifts to encourage some friends to lead their “inspiring” lives. Creating is great therapy…

  6. Just recently found your blog, and have fallen in love with every project 🙂 Last year, at the age of 48, I went back to school part time to finish what I started 30 years ago…a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My hope is that I can continue to juggle family, work and school and realize my dream of graduating college.
    PS: One of my graphics projects was to design a logo for a fictional trade show event called…Funky Junk!

  7. Thats just what friends should do is inspire each other to be better and what a friend you have there. I have always wanted to open a small shop on my property for all the primitive creations I have made and still have lodge up in my head. Just a charming little shed I have in my backyard, to go out and create in! I love the book cover itself it just draws you in. Thank your friend Marian for me:)

  8. The book is beautiful, love the way it’s presented. When I return home, I intend to finish the chairs I’ve begun…they have been painted, now all they need are the cushions recovered.

  9. I have been wanting to paint an old dresser. I was going to get this done this year but now it will not happen until next year. This book looks really interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I would love to win Marion’s book..I need to try my hand at slipcovering two chairs.
    I would also like to try her milk paint on an old cabinet..
    Thank you for the opportunity…Gail

  11. Yay, so very excited for Miss Mustard Seed!! Something I would like to accomplish?? I would love to have my home in a magazine someday…like you 🙂 My grandmother (and biggest fan) used to always say “Your home should be in a magazine” and I would often over hear her say to others “Don’t you think Laurel’s home should be in magazine?” It warms my heart to think about it…of course she was a little “bias”. But I think she would smile down from heaven if it ever really happened 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book!! Laurel

  12. I would love to win her book. My dream is to open a main street store front selling local artisans crafty goodness. R Larsen

  13. I would love to display this book on my coffee table as well. It is on my Christmas list. If I happen to win and one of my kids buys me the book I will be able to share the love.

    I have several pieces of furniture I recused from the side of the road and a rocking chair I would like to reupholster…..I need this book!

    Funky Junk and Miss Mustard Seed have been my daily reads for quite some time!

  14. Don’t enter me in your giveaway…I already have the book. Although I only “met” Marian about a year ago, I consider her a friend. My name too is in her book. When I saw it my heart was beating so fast it almost jumped out of my chest. I love this post, I love your review…and I feel sure that your very own book will soon join hers on your coffee table. Have a good day ~ Ann

  15. Donna, thanks so much for your generous give a way. You and Marion both have inspired me to do more! I want to work with milk paint. Learn how to wax better would be another great one!
    On a side note I have mailed my socks for Sandy off. My hope is they could get there before the storm.
    Smiles, Alice
    Ps waiting for your book too!

  16. I have always enjoyed each and every one of Marian’s blogs. She is very easy to read. She is a gifted writer and also very talented. I have learned a lot from her. She is my inspiration. Someday I would love to learn to paint like her. For now, I would just really be thankful to read her book 🙂
    Blessings to you and yours.

  17. I want to make covers for my wing back chairs…need some inspiration for sure…and i really want to make something out of a pallet. 🙂

    thanks for an opportunity to win.

  18. I would LOVE to have a copy of the book! I would love to have a booth where I can display and sell creations using chalk paint and milk paint and any other medium that strikes my fancy. You and Marian are such an inspiration for creating.

  19. I would love to win this book! I hope to refinish or paint a china cabinet that has been passed down to me from my mother-in-law, but I am absolutely terrified to touch it.

  20. I would love to be in on your Book Giveaway. I think your projects are just so cool. This weekend I am re-purposing and old cedar fence section using the wood to build a Nut Feeder for the birds. I have an old water pipe I am using as well.

  21. I absorb all the inspiration I can as I am trying to make my home our own since purchasing from my in-laws 4 yrs. ago. Unless the good Lord gives me the $ to gut my kitchen, I’d like to paint the pine cabinets and replace the turqoise counter top. I will post on FB. Thank you both for sharing your talents!

  22. Ohhhhhh I would love to win this book. I visit Miss Mustard Seed every single day (you, too!) and just love everything she touches. She is my idol! I don’t want to write a book, but my dream is to bring in more customers, create for more people and get so many orders for my work that my head spins. Yessiree – that’s MY dream. If you’re interested in seeing what I do, please contact me.
    [email protected]

  23. First a I would love for us to be able to finish our house which was put on the back burner after a series of health issues and then followed by job loss… then to purge and have decorated so that I could have friends to walk through a finished and decorated house!!!

    thanks for the chance!!!

    • Ti Bo, your link isn’t connected to an email. Could you please delete your comment and comment again with an email inside your comment? Thank-you! I said comment 3 times in one sentence…. yikes. LOL

  24. I have been so blessed to have found your blog and Marian’s blog. Both of you are very talented and have inspired me to follow my dreams. I would love to sell crafts and re-purposed furniture at a local home decor booth or thrift store someday and now just trying to get the courage to follow those dreams. I would love to have Marian’s book – I know it will be very inspiring!

  25. I lov Miss Mustard Seed and everything she does. She is wildly talented and an inspiration. I would one day love to have a shop to sell handmade goods and furniture.

  26. Discovering Funky Junk Interiors blog was the day my creative juices really started flowing. Taking the tour of your beautiful home only made me want one just like it! To have a chance now to win Inspire Me to give me even more inspiration and know-how is very exciting. Someday I would love to have my own little workshop where I can just create, create, create!

  27. What a lovely book and how fabulous to be inspired by God…nothing better than that! I have a second bedroom that is waiting to be developed into a guest room (for my grandson, family and friends)/work-art room (for me to create till my heart’s content! If I can accomplish those two things in that room, it will be a great achievement!!! Thanks for the opportunity. Robin [email protected]

  28. I wish to be a better photographer but with more confidence and practice, I should get there. I’ve been reading MMS for quite
    some time now and love her work! Owning a copy if her book would make my heart sing!

  29. hmm… what would I like to accomplish? Well lets see, I have a child size Roll Top Desk in my basement, and I have a beautiful dresser I would like to finish up.

    Really tho, I’d love to actually learn to MAKE things with wood, rather than just paint over them. That is my life long dream!!!

    [email protected]

  30. I can’t wait to read this amazing book! I’m love to accomplish have a small successful business working with found and restored treasurers.

  31. I would like to attempt a slip cover for an older style chair that has lots of charm. I have been following both you and Miss Mustard Seed (I refer to you both as “my girls on the internet” for a few years…my daily dose of creativity!) I would like to win MMS book to have some of that creativity on paper!

  32. I want to paint my corner hutch I’ve had for 30 years with MMS paint. My husband suggested I take it to a professional painter – ouch!! I could do it in a day with MMS guidance and her paint!

  33. Oh my goodness!! I am so excited for Miss Mustard Seed. Her blog (and yours Donna) were the first I fell in love with. I am so proud of her. Congratulations to you both. You are amazingly talented women with bright futures ahead of you. As for me? I would like to keep growing in my creative endeavors. I would like to walk in confidence and not be afraid. I would love to win that book, because it would feel like I was getting personal instruction and encouragement.

  34. Hello Donna….I have a dream to start a family woodcrafting business..we make things to give as gifts and to decorate our home and part of that dream is to maybe begin teaching others via weekend classes how to create such things for themselves…ok 🙂 and while I am sharing my heart -I have always had the desire to write a children’s book {I taught in a Christian school for 12 years}….but, for now I am loving being full-time Momma to my 20, 17 and 13 year old children!! Keep your heart strong Donna and God bless! Becky J [email protected]

  35. I have worked as a nurse for over 30 years but my dream is to someday craft and sell/give away all my treasures to share with my family and friends. My latest projects all have stemmed from either junk around my small farm or from my local restore shop. Creating keeps me sane, but my house kinda messy!

  36. My dream is to open a tiny funky, junky, chippy shop named ElaBlue. Ela for what my Grand Daughters call me and Blue for the name of my first horse.

  37. My dream is to have enough readers to get sponsors and advertisers and to have my own stall in a really really cool vintage/antique store. I am so inspired by Marian, you, Shaunna, and Susan! You guys inspire me to keep writing and keep going! Thanks so much.

  38. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been looking on craigslist, goodwill, salv. army for a sideboard to paint. I’m trying to be patient so I make the right decision and don’t just give up the search and settle for one I don’t really LOVE.

  39. Hi Donna!I so much enjoyed seeing you at Bella Rustica and then following all your comments before and after! It is great to hear what you have to say about the beloved South! One of my regrets is that I didn’t buy any of Miss Mustard Seed’s paints that day. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to paint some old pieces I’ve collected and this book would help me decide how to get started!

  40. Inspired by you, Miss Mustard and the other great women (well mostly women) of these blogs I have started refinishing/repurposing furniture again and even just started my own blog. One day I would like to be able to retire early and spend all my time doing this 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this give away,

    [email protected]

  41. Would love for the vintage concept store I co-own to get national recognition someday and to get our own private label vintage reproduction dress designs produced. Also would like to do something with you someday…bring you to Calgary for a fabulous workshop!!!!

  42. Pick me..pick me 🙂 I would love to win this book and dream of the day I will own my farm with all reclaimed items.

  43. The most immediate accomplishment for me would be making drop cloth slip covers for a couple chairs in my living room. I’ve had the drop clothes for months–just need the time and motivation! Thanks for the chance to win Miss Mustard Seed’s beautiful book.

  44. Thanks for the chance. One day I would like to attemp to refabric a chair, and make my own curtains. I have a sewing machine now just need to learn how to use it. I would love a copy of the book. Congrats to you both.

  45. Way to go! both of you!
    a couple of years ago i identified a few goals for myself:
    *do art full time (check)
    *get a real studio (check)
    *get my work into a gallery (check)
    *teach my art techniques to others (check)
    *write a book about my art techniques . . . . hummmmm

    Donna, you are an inspiration!
    thanks for the chances to win Marian’s book!

    i’ve tweeted and pinned!

    now, go do more awesome things!

  46. In my immediate future I’m looking forward to completing my MBA! 🙂

    This book looks amazing and have been inspired more than one by her creations! 🙂

  47. A little over a year ago I didn’t know the world of bloggers were out there to inspire, encourage, open up a new world of connecting with like minded women who want to make their homes uniquely theirs. I love how it has changed my life! I hope to have my own blog soon too. It would be so awesome to win Miss Mustard Seed’s book, to cozy up on these winter days and get lost in her world of ideas!
    Thank you.
    [email protected]

  48. I am on my way to accomplishing something that is in no small part the result of both you and Marion. I have been inspired to start my own antique/junk/refurbishing business. I am setting up my Etsy account now and blog next. Hopefully will be in a very nice antique mall by the first of the year. You both are a great inspiration!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  49. what do i wish for one day? To actually be living on our farm with several guest cabins and a little shop stocked with collected and unique pieces made by myself and others. but for the time being to have the courage to step out and be artistic again. to learn to paint and actually sell my work… whether it be sachets made from vintage sheets, shopping bags from reclaimed fabrics, or funky cloth flowers… Basically to step out and not be afraid!

  50. I’m a loyal MMS reader. But I’m still working up the courage to paint a piece of wood furniture. I’ve watched all her tutorials and I have the piece to paint, but… I’m afraid of ruining it.
    flgirl1987 AT yahoo DOT com

  51. pinned it! I know one day I’ll have one of your books gracing my table as well! I just want to say how much of an encouragement you are to me… its amazing how long its been now. even when i fall silent for long periods of time… well you are still an encouragement even when you don’t realize it. Take care now.

  52. I shared on Instagram and Facebook via Instagram…
    Oh, and I forgot to tell you that one day I hope to have my own craft store/antique shop together, showing how the two could be used to decorate! Long ways away! But a dream!

  53. Love to see folks follow their creative hearts!!

    Would love to receive a copy of the book – I always find inspiration in others’ work!

    Thank you.

  54. I have to first say I love your coffee table and the sofa (well the wooden frame of the sofa actually lol) and I would really love a copy of the book, looks wonderful!
    Thanks! Juls

  55. I would love the opportunity to win MMS’s book and learn how to reupholster the seat of my newly chalk-painted chair! It was my grandma’s, so I’m so glad that it’s coming back to life.

  56. I love the way you support your friend. She has a treasure in you. My dream is to have a successful blog. (I have my own definition for success:)) Thank you for sharing her book. I hope yours is next.

  57. I would love to win this beatiful book and be MORE inspired!! Over the thanksgiving holiday I’m going to make curtains for my living room.

  58. Thanks for a chance to win this book! One item on my “things to accomplish” list is to paint a dresser and repurpose as an entertainment center for the living room.

  59. Oh my wow. I would really love to win! There are so many things I one day hope to accomplish!! As someone else said a woman ‘cave’ with an area to craft, paint and sew would be an absolute dream. I also like doing crafty things w/ my 3 year old daughter (she loves glueing, finger painting, taking pictures…)and I think it would be super fun to paint a table or a chair with her as a fun project. Lastly, I dream to one day have my own storybook home/farm filled with reclaimed and repurposed treasures so I can create a blog to post photos, inspiration and diy projects. That way I can maybe have people ooh and awe over my home/life as I do now with the blogs I read now, such as yours 😉 Thank you so very much!

  60. I would love to win Miss Mustard Seed’s book! Someday when my kids are a little older i want to have my own space in a place like Lucketts, or maybe my own store where other people have a space in my place!

  61. My dream is to make the home we’ve just moved into a reflection of who we are now, as this is our last home (we hope)! My pie-in-the-sky dream is to have a booth, or shared space, in a shop someday, where I can share my fun finds from Estate sales with others, for an affordable price (basically, what Marian already does)!

  62. What a lovely book! My sweet husband is building out a space in an old warehouse for my studio! I am so excited! We are in the design stage now working with an amazing architect. Slow going! Winning the book would give me inspiration! Thanks for the chance.

  63. I remember finding MMS thru you, Donna. Yes, back in the old contest days. You’ve both been so inspiring. MMS’s book also has video content and the one I watched was completely wonderful. Your turn will come; soon I hope! You are an original and deserve a book/TV series/major motion picture.


  64. I am wanting to paint an old dresser that used to be my changing table back in the day. I think it would make a great tv console in robin egg blue! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win a copy of this book for more inspiration!

  65. I don’t usually participate in giveaways but this one is different. I’ve been following Marian’s blog and hope that her book exceeds all expectations. What would I like to accomplish…..master my Cricut (since I am not very good at hand-lettering).

  66. I’m desperating trying to get the courage to paint our first bedroom furniture. It’s good furniture I’m just so scared I’m going to mess it up. But by reading your blog I just about have the courage! Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful book – can’t wait to read it!

  67. I found you and MMS about the same time almost two years ago!
    I don’t think I’ve missed a post since from either of your blogs, and have thoroughly enjoyed them all!
    I was a totally new to blogging, trying to find my way, and learned a lot, and got a lot of inspiration from you both—THANKS, more than you’ll probably ever know!
    I can’t wait to read MMS’s book, and hope to YOURs too very soon!

  68. What a wonderful book, review and generous giveaway! What I look forward to doing is squashing my fears of tackling a project..specifically our kitchen table. It desperately needs refinishing, but I just cover it up with a tablecloth! [email protected]

  69. I am dying to get my hands on Marian’s book! You both inspire me to be creative and try new things…I remember when I used to look at decorating as something you did by going to a store and buying new things to put into my home. Not anymore. Something I want to do? Find a way to make a the switch to a Creative Career. Thanks!

  70. Love Miss Mustard Seed..
    love Funky Junk Interiors!
    have followed both for several years now..
    always inspired!
    altho I love thrifting and re purposing..
    my real passion is my Photography..
    together with my sis, we hope to soon join the Crafting shows around Florida, selling our unique brand of coastal beauty!
    Mountain Mermaid

  71. I am slowly working on a dinning room table and chairs.I have sold my beautiful store bought set.My husband is building a new table and I am in the process of putting together mismatched chairs. I really need to be inspired! Thanks for this opportunity.

  72. I follow you and MMS and have for some time now. If I were lucky enough to win her beautiful book, I would recover a couple of Craigslist chairs I got to go with some furniture I inherited from my grandmother. It looks like the book is packed to the gills with tutorials! What a treat!

  73. Hmmmm next project? Just one? Think I will spray paint my polished brass ceiling fan in a deep red to match the other accents in my kitchen. I even brought home a box from work to do it in. Planning to just take off the blades and globes, tape off the ceiling and cut the box to fit to protect the rest of the area. The big question is should I leave the blades wood tone or paint those red too? Perhaps one side red one side wood tone? Charlotte Barnes, Midlothian, Va

  74. Wow something I want to accomplish soon? Hard question because there are so many. But right now I am putting in new granite countertops and it has pushed me to actually start to paint the kitchen. All of it, walls and cabinets as well. And get new appliances, so fun to have a new kitchen soon. Will be blogging about it.

    Of course one other thing I would love to do is to meet both you and Marion. You don’t live as far away as Marion does, but not sure this will ever happen. Looking forward to have you write a book as well.

    Hope to win this awesome book.

  75. Ha. I just want to get SOMETHING finished in my house. Every room is in construction mode. That’s what I want for Christmas – a bathroom sink.

  76. What a great giveaway! I’ve been fans of BOTH of you for a few years. Glad to see you are both getting the credit you deserve. I want to slipcover my couch. Thanks for the chance.

  77. my husband and i are trying to accomplish the remodel of a 90 yr old house. there is an old cottage on the property and i am working to open that as a “junk” shop. and daily i ask God to accomplish His will through me. thanks for your blog. gives me inspiration! melody

  78. Donna, thank you for this opportunity. I am doing something next week that I thought would never happen. Almost 2 years ago my husband and I moved an old grainery onto our farm. We have been slowly redoing it into my workshop and a place that I can sell my products. Well I am having my first sale next weekend and hope it will go well. That is seriously stepping out of my comfort zone. Thank you for all you do to inspire me daily.

  79. I hope to some day soon , build our own house. This book would come in handy with all the tips. I found you recently, but have read Ms. Mustard Seeds blog for awhile. You both have very cool styles. Enjoy your creativity! thanks for offering this giveaway!

  80. I read your blog everyday and have never left a comment, but a chance to win this book made me start typing. I love what you and Miss Mustard Seed (I read hers too) provide for the DIYers. Your projects inspire me, the novice, to jump out there and try it. I am trying to decorate my house in the classic Cottage Farmhouse style and this book would be perfect. Thank you for inspiring me. Beth [email protected]

  81. I follow you both and would so enjoy having a copy of her book. There is a property near my area-in an historic district- with a 1928 short sale house. I have fallen in love with it. It is overgrown and charming and begging for someone to love it. There are already two bed and breakfast places on the street, so don’t know that it could support another… Everything I see on your site and Marian’s, would inspire what I could do with it all.

  82. Love both of you two’s blogs and tutorials. I want to finish my nightstands that I made out of a vanity. Could really use her book for further instruction on distressing and waxing. Thanks Donna!

  83. Love both of you two’s blogs and tutorials. I want to finish my nightstands that I made out of a vanity. Could really use her book for further instruction on distressing and waxing. Thanks Donna!

  84. Beautiful book and you have a gorgeous site. Great eye candy. I have a spare bedroom in my house that I use as an art room but it has also become a catch all. So I would one day love to turn in into a real art studio. A space where I could go that was organized, calm, beautiful and my creatively would flow.

  85. Love your things and creativity! I too yearn to write a book..a children’s book…I love crafting and making things for others..Bless you both!

  86. I’m very happy for Marian and the successes that she’s having. She just seems like a warm and loving person and it shows in everything she does.
    Her book is on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint…to my family). I would love to paint something and have it come out as beautiful as everything you and Marian paint. You two have the Midas touch when it comes to furniture.

  87. I’m not sure which of your blogs I discovered first, but I’ve been reading both of your blogs for about 2 years. (I’m sorry I don’t comment much.) I enjoy them both. My style lies somewhere between your two styles, I think.
    My secret dream is to have pictures of my home in a magazine some day. I don’t want to write the article or take the pictures…just have them magically appear in a magazine! It could happen, right? 🙂

  88. We moved to this place five years ago and I have yet unpack it all and get it together, Every time I have taken on the task something major happens and I have to leave it sitting undone. It has been two flooded basements, an illness and an ice fall leaving my arm in a cast. It is starting to drive me nuts, somehow i have got to get this place in shape and finished, I am not getting any younger….LOL….

  89. I would love to paint my grandparent’s old set of armoires and the matching night table. We use it as is, but I’d really love to freshen them up some day.

  90. Hi Donna,
    As a fellow Canadian,(I was born an army brat and raised in Chilliwack BC.)I need you to know how wonderful it is to have you as such an inspiration.
    I’m brand new to blogging and have just created my own site. It’s called Just shut up and paint and I would love to be able to continue to expand my furniture re-inventions enough to sell from my site as well as from my weekly flea market booth.
    Marianne’s success shows you that with a little imagination, and a whole lot of positive thinking, miracles do happen!

  91. Paint! I love it….tole painting for 30 years…painted china..just now learning to paint furniture. Miss Mustard Seed is just plain fun to read…so I know her book is Fab. I would love to organize my craft room one day. Congrats on being a wonderful friend!

  92. Donna, what a sincere review of her book. I love how you described all the features of this book. You definetly make me what to get this book. As for one of the things I want to accomplish is . . . To open my own handmade, trash to treasure home decor business. I have the entire imagine in my mind and know how I would display, run and recruit consignments. One day!

  93. I have dreams of one day publishing my own book. Stories like this encourage me, and I hope that one day you have a book published, too, Donna. Hang on to your dreams and keep working!
    I’d love to win Marian’s book. My email lorrieorr AT

  94. I have recently lost my husband to cancer and interior decorating and blogs like yours have gotten me through my first year alone.. Thank you would love to win a copy of your beautiful new book… Thank u

  95. I am so happy for Marian! I have followed both of you for so long that I feel like I know both of you personally – what a wonder is this blog-world! What I would like to accomplish (aside from cleaning out my house) :-), is making your neat crate w/ license plate – I have both, but somehow have not managed to put them together yet -LOL – like what to do if crate is too wide or too narrow?

    Wanda in NH
    [email protected]

  96. I love your site and how it inspired others to take chances. I wish to be able to make a living off the things I make.Thanks for all you do!

  97. Great review Donna! The book looks and sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see it! You are both bloggers that I have found so inspiring and I am so impressed by the success of both of you! I do hope you have a book of your own one day too!

  98. I have followed yours and MMS’s blog for years now and I wish to have just an ounce of your success. You both have inspired me over the years. Congrats for both of you. It is well deserved!!

  99. I am so happy for Marian, I love her blog and I am sure her book is just as wonderful. My biggest dream is to open my own store full of vintage and antique items and some new things thrown in the mix.
    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway.

  100. I recently had to downsize and will be moving to the southwest. I will be pretty much starting over with furnishings and decor and would love this book as a guide. Thank you for the opportunity.

  101. I want to get my blog up and going. So many of you are such inspiration (meeting Miss Mustard Seed at Haven was great). Can’t wait to get the paint and also to try some of her new paint.

  102. I’m so happy for both of you as I read your posts! I have been following you both for over a year. Seeing your accomplishments keeps me going with my own ventures! Thank you! (When you liked my pallet art…I was over the moon, too!!) I would love to win her 1st book.
    I have a list a mile high of things I want to accomplish, but the one I would like to do the soonest is turn my shed into a studio/workshop.

  103. I would love to have a mix of antiques refinished/re-purposed furniture (that I have done myself) in every room in my home. My email is karen(dot)patriquin(at)gmail(dot)com

  104. I have recently discovered the world of blogging while searching for painting furniture. Now that I have found wonderful blogs I have become inspired to paint my own furniture and even try a few crafts! I would love to have a space one day where I could possibly display my finished furniture/ crafts and maybe have people love my finished pieces. Thank you for the chance to win “Inspired You”.

  105. Oh Donna…. I LOVED your post. That was really special to read about your friendship with each other. My daughter, Andrea, bought her book and so I spent some time reading it and it truly is a lovely book. I need one of my own!!! The thing that I am really looking forward to doing one day soon is moving into our “in the process of building” new farmhouse! Thank you again for all your inspiration… and now when I read your blog I’m always so happy for the lunch Andrea and I got to have with you at Bella Rustica! Hugs to you! ~ Dori ~

  106. I would love to one day make enough money off my blog to pay my health insurance. I know that sounds ridiculous, but this is a major issue for my husband and I. I would love to win the book, I am a big fan of yours and of Miss Mustard Seed!

  107. I would love to win Marion’s book! Both of your blogs inspire me! I hope to get the courage to paint several pieces of furniture with MMS paint & better learn to appreciate what I already have! Cindy at [email protected]

  108. So many projects partway done, or still just in my mind’s file folder… but one day I’d love to accomplish enough of them that I feel comfortable hosting get-togethers at our house, and to have it decorated in such a way that it looks naturally “collected over time”.

    [email protected]

  109. The books sounds so interesting. What I would like to accomplish some day is have all the furniture (projects) I have stored in my husband’s wood shop finished and out of his way.

  110. Love MMS! She is so awesome! Can’t wait to own her book! Someday I would like to find my niche refurbing found furniture (kind of like Marian!). Thanks for the opp!

  111. I would love a copy of miss mustard seed’s book! I also hope to have a successful booth ay our local antique mall full of lovely painted things. :0)

  112. i love resurrecting old furniture and having it adopted by an enthusastic new owner.
    There are so many more pieces of lovely old furniture looking for new homes. I need more inspiration to transform those pieces and would love for it to come from miss mustard seed. sharon at [email protected]

  113. i’d love to win miss mustard seed’s book! i’ve been a fan for so long…and found you through her!!! one day…i’d like to be finiancially independent. after many years as a stay at home mom and trying to work again…and taking much lower pay than i was making 15 years ago, it seems almost unreachable…but that’s my goal.

  114. We are a military family so I would love to someday have a house that I live in for more than 3 years and that I can do more than “temporary decorating”. I want to make it my home!

  115. Yay! Please add me to the ever growing list of admirers to her book and your blog. I would love to be able to look
    at a book of all your top projects too. Can you tell we all love a good project? hahaha….Procrastination is gone forever, I’m
    now rushing to finish one project just to start another one I have seen on your blog. Maybe if I had a staff I could get things
    done quicker!
    Have a great weekend.

  116. I would love to win her book! I refinished several pieces of furniture following her instructions, and can’t wait to use her milk paint in my new home. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  117. Looks fabulous, and one day Donna, in Gods time we will all be clammering for FJI’s decor inspired project book sitting on our coffee tables. But for now, your kind heart is offering this amazing give away of MMS book and I would so love to win. One day I too want to write a book. On what…I do not know just sounds so exciting. Thanks for all that you do to inspire, motivate and encourage us. You are a doll. Be blessed!

  118. I have been pretty good about checking projects off of my list lately. Two I have left are to paint the inside of my wardrobe (I painted the outside white) and to update a little sweater armoire in my bedroom.

    I love Miss Mustard Seed. She is such an inspiration !

    [email protected]

  119. I love both your blog as well as Marion’s blog! So inspirational…..and I need a lot of inspiration right now as my husband and I just bought our first home. And I need to furnish and decorate every inch of it from scratch. On a VERY tight budget. I am in the process of refinishing my first piece of furniture, a dresser my momma had for years. She went to be with the Lord recently, and I am excited to breath new life into a piece she dearly loved. I will think of her every single time I look at the dresser. The problem is I have a perfection problem, and can’t seem to finish the dresser. I need to get over it!

  120. Oh my goodness! So many things I want to accomplish! I would love to start by having my home look as nice as those pics; maybe a book could help me out!

  121. Your blog is such a great inspiration. I LOVE creative people! I am inspired by you! I have been fine tuning my goals over the past year. My first goal was to start a blog – which I did. Now, I want to work on fine tuning the blog. My over the moon dream would be to one day write decorating tutorials or be published in a magazine. It kind of feels strange to share that “out-loud!” I would love to have a copy of this great book! Just a regular girl with big dreams and willing to do the work to get there! INSPIRING!!!

  122. This is awesome. You and Marian are such inspiring women. It’s been a pleasure watching you two attain your dreams. The skill I’d really like to have is to be able to sew well enough to do slipcovers and other household items.

  123. I would love to win this beautiful book!

    I would like to have a business wherein you decorate a client’s home using what they have and styling their home.

  124. I have so many projects I want to get done around my house! My family has ranched for over 100 years and I KNOW there are amazing items laying all around but my eyes don’t SEE the potential… I’d love to be able to see through someone else’s eyes on what I could accomplish!

  125. I have so many projects I want to get done around my house! My family has ranched for over 100 years and I KNOW there are amazing items laying all around but my eyes don’t SEE the potential… I’d love to be able to see through someone else’s eyes on what I could accomplish!

  126. WOW! How exciting!
    I’d like to re-upholster a couple of old/antique chairs I picked up on Craig’s List… they are like one I inherited years ago, from my mom-inlaw (was severly damaged when I moved).
    I’m looking forward to seeing this new book! from Miss Mustard Seed…
    pinned also

  127. I’d love to win the book and it’s nice of you to offer this give away. I hope you get your book deal some day. I have an old wooden rocker I want to refinish but I’ve never done anything like that before.

  128. Oh my yes, I’d love to have Marian’s book; I read her blog daily. It might give me the confidence to try my hand at making dropcloth slipcovers. Our cat-clawed loveseat is embarrassing but too comfy and solid to replace. Thanks for this giveaway. (Wish I used social media for a 2nd chance at winning, but I don’t.) P.S. Nice to read about your history with Marian–gave me an extra-big smile.

  129. I would love to accomplish what both you and Marian have. Online and offline success at doing what you love. I would love to win Marian’s book. Congrats to her and to you for your encouragement, as it is evident that she greatly appreciated it!

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