The Handbuilt Home by Ana White – a book review and giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to all that have entered!

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Not very long ago, I noticed a new blogger in town. Ana White was into building in a big way. I was completely baffled at the things she was making all on her own, right down to building her own HOUSE. 

So I invited her to my link party and we became fast friends. But as it turns out, she didn’t need help at all because this girl’s success basically exploded overnight. 

Ana became known for her easy to follow building plans she drew herself which she offered for FREE, then implemented, to prove one didn’t have to break the bank in order to have new furniture.

And then Ana’s fans finally got their wish. Ana wrote…

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors


Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Guys, this is one amazing go-to reference book. You won’t believe how well laid out these tutorials are. And how many there are! It’s a super thick book!

What does the book hold?

There are 34 tutorials on creating furniture from scratch using basic lumber found at the hardware store.  From mirror frames to major pieces of furniture, there are projects for everyone and is taught in such a way that anyone can make and afford them.

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Is it easy to follow?

Totally. The book is downright pretty. The graphic design is clean, and colourful.

I love how these projects above are colour coded for easier reference.

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

There’s even a rating system on difficulty, cost and how long it takes to whip up a project. Love that.

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Super organized

Each project starts off with a pretty header, then the supplies.

Each tutorial comes with a 3D simulation of the project, a photo of the finished project as well as the entire build. It is VERY thorough.

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Guest builders!

And guess what… not all these projects are built by Ana. She’s incorporated so many gorgeous projects from bloggers you know and love! Recognize anything here? I sure did!

Prefer things rustic?

You know me. I was wondering how I’d fit into a book with new builds.

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

… and then I flipped the page and found this. Of course! You can choose to make your wood look old or go ahead and use old wood if you wish!

Want staging ideas? 

The book is loaded with them. It’s really like a high end catalogue with plans.

So what if you don’t build? 

Well, the way Ana breaks things down, I’m a serious believer that you can. And she thinks so too. The book was created for all skill levels. Everything is taught in ABC format and plain english. I cannot wait to try a project myself!

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Want proof?

Would you like to make this bench? It’s online, straight out of the book right  HERE!

Ana, your book is gorgeous! Congrats! And there’s only one con to the whole deal. That you aren’t here in person so I can give you a high 5. 🙂

Where to buy?

Any major bookstore or online outlet. 

Ana White's The Handbuilt Home, a book review and giveaway, hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

Want a book? 

Enter to win! 

Tell me in comments below,  something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to build and you’re in!

(email must accompany comment or be avail on a blog in order to win)

Either blog, tweet, FB, Pin or G+ this event and comment again for a 2nd chance!

(good for 1 more chance only)

Giveaway is avail to Canada and USA. You must be over the age of 18 to win. Void where prohibited. This giveaway will end Sunday November 25, 2012 and will be drawn by random and the winner will be named in this post. Please include your email with your comment if it isn’t linked to a blog otherwise a new name will be drawn. I was not compensated to host this giveaway, however I was given a book to review. My opinions are totally my truth and nothing but.

Good luck, future builders!

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is Katie from Sabin Family. 
Congrats girl! You’ve been emailed!

Thanks so much for entering, everyone!



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272 thoughts on “The Handbuilt Home by Ana White – a book review and giveaway

  1. I’ve always wanted to try and build a pallet shed. I’ve seen lots of inspiring pictures out on the web and have seen lots of lonely pallets our by the dumpsters but haven’t gone the distance and made it happen.

    • Oops! I just read what it takes to enter. So here it goes. I am always over ambitious when I set out to do something, for example, since I know nothing about building anything, I should start out with building a small box, but instead, I would set out to build a huge farm table, see my dilemma. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to “furniture I wish I could make”. I am pinning this book to my “books to read” board, just in case.

  2. I would love to build a desk that would work in my daughter very crowded room.( which is due to the full sized bed with the huge headboard and footboard that she loves)

  3. I want to not be afraid of power tools. My dream would be to follow my muse and MAKE things and be able to leave my current job. That is a huge, huge dream, given my age and responsibility. So, the more attainable goal is to overcome my trepidation and create some built in bookcases…how’s that for a goal?
    [email protected]

  4. oooh Thank you for this giveaway! Ana White is so fabulous! I would build the farmhouse bed (king!) and then start playing around with builtins! Think cubbies in the mud room and custom built in nooks in each room – they make a home so cozy!

  5. Ana is fabulous! She inspires me to try but fear holds on to me like a rabid dog. My dream would be to create a beautiful farmhouse table where all my children and grandchildren would gather a share precious moments and meals but I am scared to try. I have the tools…….Thank you Donna!
    Traci [email protected]

  6. We live in Central Indiana , there are old barns falling down around me.. I want to learn to reinvent the barn wood.. I would start we using barn wood for picture frames and then love to move up to making furniture, tables and benches.. the possibilities are endless.. I would love a copy of ur book.. My hubby told me he will get his table saw down for me and set up shop for me!! Sweet! <3

  7. We live in Central Indiana , there are old barns falling down around me.. I want to learn to reinvent the barn wood.. I would start we using barn wood for picture frames and then love to move up to making furniture, tables and benches.. the possibilities are endless.. I would love a copy of ur book.. My hubby told me he will get his table saw down for me and set up shop for me!! Sweet! <3

    Deborah Winger [email protected]

  8. Love Ana’s blog and all of her projects! I’ve always wanted to build bookshelves for my living room but don’t know where to start….I need this book 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  9. Recently found her blog and made my first wooden frame from it. after an hour, yes an hour, I figured out how to unlock the miter saw 🙂 and made the frame which turned out great. Needless to say, my skills are still a work in progress and I would LOVE to have a copy of her book to continue my furniture making adventure! I would love to build shelves and a side table!!!

  10. I have always wanted to learn to build furniture or to upcycle things into furniture, like a crib into bench!! I could really use the infor from this book… looks fabulous!! Thanks for this opportunity…..what a cool site Ana has!!

  11. Good Morning–I would like to make a kitchen island using an old small kitchen table large enough for two people to sit on one side while the cook works on the other side. Miss Ana’s book seems to be rather easy to follow. My deceased father had a sort of work shop and has enough very basic tools for me to use. I like recycling. Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway!! [email protected]

  12. Thanks for this opportunity ….. what a great give away!
    My kids always think Mom’s a weirdo for all the things that I do now, i.e. Welding yard art from found object…..they could really talk about me if I started making them some furniture!! I’d love to try some of Ana’s furniture! My youngest just got a new house and they need a kitchen table….I’d sure like to know how to do this!! I really NEED this book to show mw the way!! Thanks again!

  13. I got to meet Ana at Haven this past summer and she is one amazing (and beautiful) lady. She wore spiked high heels while she built a great hall tree bench, amazing!

    I’ve made a few of her things but what I really want to try next is an outdoor sofa. I’d like it functional and comfortable with a little funk on the side like your new coffee table, I just love that!

    [email protected]

  14. I would like to build a wall of built-ins that would include shelves, desk, cabinetry. This would house my computer, hide the printer, store all my craft supplies and display beautiful items.

    Maggie @ [email protected]

  15. I used the steel wool/vinegar/tea stain from Ana’s blog on a piece my husband built – it is amazing. Ana’s blog is like a two day long read. There’s no way you can read it all. Love it! Please enter me in the drawing!

  16. I used the steel wool/vinegar/tea stain from Ana’s blog on a piece my husband built – it is amazing. Ana’s blog is like a two day long read. There’s no way you can read it all. Love it! Please enter me in the drawing!

  17. I would actually like to build a price of furniture that can double as an indoor rabbit cage 🙂 that’s my latest project!!

  18. I have always wanted to build a big farm house style table. I dream of the day when I can have a dining room big enough to fit it and fill it with good food, wine, friends, family and conversation!

  19. Well, I used an orbital sander & reciprocating saw for the very first time this summer.Am making a wooden firescreen/shutters, and got hooked salivating over Donna’s creations. Am getting an orbital jigsaw for Christmas, so this book would come in handy! 🙂
    I have always wanted to build my own wardrobe out of barnwood or palletwood (to replace my ugly veneer pressboard one)!

  20. I would love to make a sewing center from an antique wardrobe. I want to be able to open the doors and pull out table tops and shelves that I can put my sewing machines on. My dream table attached would be somehow extendable and on wheels so I can have two sewing machines side by side or use it as a cutting table. When I’m finished for the day I can shut it back up and my room will look as quaint, cozy and tidy as ever with the sweet antique wardrobe looking like a wardrobe again and my room won’t look like a fabric and notions typhoon hit!

    What a beautiful book! Kudos to you for deciding to part with your book and kudo’s to her for writing it!

    Will add this to my Facebook page!
    [email protected]

  21. I spent yesterday dismantling wood pallets. I’m not sure what I am going to do with them yet. I would love some wooden crates to store my ‘treasures’ in or maybe keep them and continue to add to the stack and make a pallet wall of wood. Hmmmmm.

  22. Love this book and would love to build a craft table with more storage underneath. i love wood working and building my own things

  23. Oh my God! What an awesome idea! I love doing projects around my home, but my skills are pretty limited to what my dad taught me as a kid and what I watch in DIY Network. I’d love a tutorial to help me with some of the bigger projects I have in mind. I have a bunch of ideas for my living room – repurposed barn wood shelves and a coffee table, an island for the kitchen, and a headboard for my bed.

    I started a blog this summer with some of the projects I discovered on Pintrest…


  24. Donna, 4 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day I took a sledgehammer to the walls in my bathroom. Jack was out of town and I sent him a text with a picture. (YIKES!) It is still unfinished even though we have all of the materials. What’s holding us up is how to build the vanity for the sinks and the linen closet! This book holds the answer to my prayers! Please enter me to win the book? Thanks…your friends in Indiana!

  25. This book would be an awesome way for me NOT to have to wait on hubby to do this project for me! I’d like to be able to build a bed frame for our mattress which is currently sitting on the floor of our bedroom…(prettty classy..LOL) along with a headboard to match, all with a vintage flare to it.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show HIM what I CAN DO!

    [email protected]

  26. I pinned both your blog and Ana White’s book and blog to my “Blogs I Follow” board, under the name Carla Pennington. Yaay, I am so excited about the chance to win this and get started on some of her projects. Thanks for the chance.
    Carla Pennington
    [email protected]

  27. OMG! What perfect timing! Just bought a big old house and I NEED this book in order to incorporate my love of repurposing old/existing pieces. I certainly can’t afford to buy new (yuck) stuff and I need help in re-making what I have. I’m not great with power tools, but this book would give hubby and I something to work on together that would make our house a home we created on our own, with Ana’s help! Thank you for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving from Texas.

  28. I have always wanted to build a kitchen island, (something my mom learned to do before I was even born)but I never thought I had the skills to do it. Thanks for extending the opportunity to win! =)

  29. I have always wanted to build and L shaped island to tie into my existing cabinets. I renovated my tiny kitchen into a large open kitchen but could only use the existing cabinetry and a long upper cabinet that was donated from a friend remodeling. I need my kitchen to be more functional and make use of all space. Anna’s book would help me with that and many other projects I need to build.

  30. What do I want to build? Oh… let me count the nails! I want to build a platform for a sleeping porch bed/bunk for my nephews to bring friends to! Thanks for the great giveaway. So happy to have found you.

  31. I have always wanted to make a kitchen side board, for buffets, for a coffee bar, for storage, for whatever. That, though, would be just a start.

  32. I’m obsessed with hardware stores and all the possibilities. Spent my days in Home Ec wishing I could be in Shop. So my wish list is long…I’d love to build a dining table, a garden swing, working shutters for my windows, an upholstered bench/coffee table with shelf underneath. Built-in bookcases, an entry console and display cabinets for my dining room. Goodness, I could go on all day. Ana White is who I want to be when I grow up. Congrats to her on this great accomplishment!

  33. I have been following Ana for quite awhile now. because of you, Donna, AND Ana, I have asked my family for some power tools for Christmas!!! My first project will be a special shelf for my entry – everything I find is either too large or too small!!!

    Thank you both for all your inspiration & the confidence you have instilled in me, also!!!

    [email protected]

  34. I want to build a narrow table with a shelf for my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom. She’s the teacher and needs a table to put books on for part of the day, and a place to store them when they aren’t in use.

  35. I’ve always wanted to build a farmstyle bed and I think it might just be possible because of her wonderful instructions – she’s an inspiration!

  36. I’ve always wanted to build a bookshelf, actually. I keep running out of space for my books, and it seems like they should be fairly simple. I’d love to win this book!!

  37. There are so many things I want to build. A bed for the master bedroom, daybed for the office/spare room, cute little dog beds for my pups, end tables, coffee table… Basically I need a house full of cottagy furniture.

  38. HA! You want me to pick just one thing? I have always wanted to build the modular office furniture Ana has on her site…you know the one from the popular decor store/mag…and the project table…and the modular media unit…and the mudroom/entry way bench with pegs….and on and on. Table saw is on the Christmas list and Ana’s site is bookmarked so I can get a build list and plans and get going! She is such an inspiration!

  39. Hello there! I have always wanted to build a simple bench-yeppers-but my hubby doesn’t allow me to touch his tools-sooo, sounds like this book is the boost I need! Yippee!! Thanks for the giveaway Donna! Becky J [email protected]

  40. Hi What an awesome book. I have wanted to build some furniture for the back verandah but I haven’t built anything yet. I love your site and you do inspire me

  41. Im currently in need of a large worktable and would like to build one. The book looks awesome! Such an inspiration! Thank you for the giveaway and hope I win! Janice- harleybabe1007 at yahoo.

  42. I would LOOOOOVE hubby to build me a farm table. Our movers broke our table and we’re currently in a battle to replace it. We’re using a plastic fold-out table in the meanwhile… I’m just SO sick of it!! I have yet to get hubs to build me anything yet, though… still working on purchasing the tools to start some projects!! NEED this book to kick his butt into gear!! [email protected]

  43. Cabinets. Always Always seem to be in search of a cabinet. Would love to make the perfect size cabinet for my bathroom. The kind that doesn’t waste so much space but goes from ceiling to just above the toilet. Would LOVE to build custom cabinets for my kitchen so that I am not fighting a loosing battle in there and can finally cook in harmony. Or what about that much needed space under my living room windows that I would love to find the perfect cabinets to hold dvds & books, but can never find after countless garage sales, thrift store shopping, and craigslist searching. If only, If Only I could gather the courage to stop searching & start building my own cabinets. No more hubby begging, no more fruitless searching, just the knowledge that Finally I will get the exact piece of furniture I need because I will build my own cabinet 🙂

  44. I’ve always wanted to build bookcases that cover a wall and look like ‘built-ins’ but they’re not. I’d love love love to make any kind of bookcase / display unit for myself.

  45. I have so many craft things ranging from paint, to scrapbook, to diaper cakery, and diy projects that I would love to build a whole craft room to organize it all and have a lovely and inspirational work space!

  46. I am trying to get the courage to build a farmhouse cabinet in my kitchen to store my canning etc. I’ve just started to venture into the blogging world and love the inspiration your blog provides!!!!

  47. Hi~ My name is Elizabeth and I need this wonderful book! After 41 years of marriage and 22 years in the same house I have decided after the first of the new year to change things in here and I have “alot” to change and do!!! We are in the process of finishing our basement and I would LOVE to have a built in hutch and bar down there where my grandkids can eat and gather! We are up in age so its a slow process but we are getting there and a few months ago my daughter told me about “Pinterest” and through that I found Funky Junk and I just LOVE it!!!!! I have always been a junker at heart and love all the repurpose and ideas you have on here! If I had this book I would put it to good use for sure!!! Thankyou so much for your site and wonderful ideas!!! Elizabeth Schackow~~~ Not sure how to do my email in case I win??? Happy ThanksGiving to you and yours!!!!

  48. I’ve stumbled across Ana’s blog and luv reading about the home she’s buiding for the moms.

    Having lived on Adak, I can relate to the challenges the weather brings to construction!

    Great giveaway.

    Mille gratzie!

  49. I really need to build a garden shed and for the slightly less ambitious project a liar’s bench for a coffee table.

  50. I would love to build a long, farmhouse dining table that can seat 12 easily! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    beetree96 at yahoo dot com

  51. I’ve been building my own furniture and shelving for years – wish I could build an eye catching blog to talk about it!! 🙂 I would love to build a garden pergola with built in benches and maybe a macrame hammock – of course I will first need a tropical paradise to place it in :/ Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. I have always wanted to build a mudroom wall complete with hooks for jackets, cubbies for gloves, hats, and of course a shoe area, with seating bench to put shoes on. I just love those.

  53. I want to build a rustic cupboard for my mudroom. Hubby needs a place to stow his stuff when he comes in the door, so I guess it’s a kind of “man cupboard” that looks cool.

  54. Deck furniture, especially an adjustable-back lounge, and a simple loveseat (like your excellent pallet version). What I REALLY wanted decades ago, when my school system made me take home ec when I keenly wanted to take wood shop, was to become comfortable and moderately skilled with power tools and woodworking. Never happened, but I’m still here, so there’s hope….

  55. I love this lady! She is so awesome and talented! There are many things I would love to learn to make. Tables; from kitchen to coffee. And window seats. I have also had a fascination with all these great projects using pallets!

  56. I love Ana and how resourceful she is!!! To live in Alaska where you town only has a couple of stop lights……she is amazing and so down to earth! I would love to build her bench/shelf unit for my mudroom. I would love to have this wonderful book!!

  57. I would love to build a bench for my entry way or one of those tables you put in the entry way that is just a place to put your keys so they don’t always get lost (like mine do)

  58. I just discovered Ana’s blog last night and made my way here from there. I built a floor-to-ceiling bookcase last spring with a circular saw and a drill. Thanks to Ana I now have about twelve projects in my head! First up is a built-in unit and loft bed for my son’s room, he has been waiting for ages. Then maybe a coffee table… or a bench… it will be hard to choose!

  59. I’m dying to build a loft for my four-year-old’s teeny tiny bedroom in order to free up more floor space so he can play. He’s getting way too big for his toddler bed!

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