Make these up-cycled water fountains for the backyard!

wine bottle water fountain

Make these up-cycled water fountains for the backyard! When I was down south last summer for the World’s Longest Yard Sale, I came upon this quirky wine bottle water fountain during our junk hunts. I smiled, questioned the gent about where he got it from, in which he proudly replied, “I made it!” Knowing how […]

Taxes, thrifting, Starbucksing, and taking pictures


This week will not likely be a heavy DIY week by any stretch. Day job The dayjob got busy. It runs in gushes… nothing for awhile, then BAM, solid wall. So when it’s nothing, I DIY and blog. When it’s solid wall, I write posts like this. Taxes Taxes. I’m so proud of me! In […]

2-ingredient healthy pancakes, gluten-free!


Gluten-free 2-ingredient healthy pancakes made with bananas and eggs Love pancakes for breakfast too? I love them so much! However because I’ve cut flour and gluten from my diet for the most part that pancakes were no longer included in my breakfast menu. Until now. Remember my 6 ridiculously easy life changing habits post? On […]

See 140+ Upcycled garden planters!

junk garden planters

See 140+ Upcycled garden planters! With the sunny spring and summer weather upon is, it’s time to dream about what to plant in our gardens! So why not prepare early and look for some fabulous upcycled salvage to create garden planters?  No need to just grab clay pots or standard planters! Upcycled garden planters offer […]

Yard dancing with lawn mowing… and snow.


Not quite sure what’s going on this year, but I’m really antsy for spring. It may have something to do with the rarely shining sun this time of year on the wet coast. So when the sun peeks out for even a quick moment, I love to get out there and act as if it’s […]

A $2 chalkboard, burlap and twine bulletin board


I was called upon from my church for a very special project. They desired to have a bulletin board of some type and asked if I’d be up to giving it a go. Would I! My premise with these kinds of projects is, use what you have. So here’s what I came up doing just […]

Visit 217+ old window ideas to upcycle! All with tutorials.


Visit 217+ old window ideas using vintage wooden windows! All these upcycled projects lead to full tutorials so you can make them too! Welcome to Saturday Nite Special – 217+ ideas on what to do with old windows Every Fri 7pm  to Sunday 11 pm Pacific. Old windows are so fun to create projects with! […]

It all started with a sign

old sign headboard

 I remember the day I fell in love with all of you. It was just like it happened yesterday.     my sad little bedroom  My house had just been finished being renovated, leaving me without a cent to decorate with. I took in a local home show regardless, which further depressed me. I was […]

A walk through Franklin, in Nashville, Tennessee


Last September when I attended Bella Rustica near Nashville, Tennessee, I had the extreme pleasure of taking in a little Franklin touring with a local friend. Wikipedia reference of Franklin, Tennessee HERE.   Wikipedia reference of Nashville, Tennessee HERE. I met Sandy Leeper at Bella when we were both preparing the barns for the show. We struck […]

Dear blog… it’s the cat’s fault.


It may nearly be time to write a Dear Diary Blog kinda post. Because, quite honestly, things change by the second around here and you can’t mess up a Dear Blog post, right? Dear Blog, I told myself, “Yeah, you should start a regular thing on your blog… as in a schedule. Go on, you can […]