Band practice


For the ladies out there, please don’t get jealous of my new living room decor. We have a full set of Man Cave styled drums right smack dab in the middle of our upstairs.

It’s a GORGEOUS set we have on loan from friend Tamara from The Greenhouse Diaries for the short term. My son just fired up practice so we are in trial mode.

(you may remember my past Tamara adventure on staging for a music video HERE and the poinsettia tour HERE)

So what’s a junker to do with a buncha drums you ask?


Why… PLAY THEM of course!

Dear real drummers, please look away. FAR FAR away. Thank-you.
(I think the video disappeared when I moved to WP… you can view the YouTube video HERE)

Now where’d that cat go… I don’t get it.

Thank-you again Tamara! I’m my son is having great fun!

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  1. WTG Donna! Here’s a tip from someone who ran a recording studio for years. Get a piece of carpet under that kick pedal and save your floors!

  2. Oh the days of Band Practice.. my basement had
    so many kids playing with my Son and his Sax
    down there and it was amazing how the house
    shook…. You might have heard
    of Alison Krause.. she was down there in her
    HS days learning how to tweek her voice for
    her success… I truly miss those days.
    Love it!

  3. Mom of three percussionists here. The drum set is definitely the elephant in the room, but I love hearing the distant banging of the cymbals. Tells me they are home, tells me they have a healthy hobby, and tells me they love music.


  4. You are a hoot Donna! And I think you did really well for the first time on drums. Or maybe you’ve been practicing secretly? Who’s going to enjoy this drum kit more, you or your son? Fun stuff!!

  5. You are so cute, I have never even tried my son’s drums. Anyway a drumset for my son at 13 was actually one of the best things I ever did for him. He is now 22 and very VERY good on them and is in and out of bands all the time. In high school kids would start chanting “Alan, Alan” when he came out. Cool huh? I hope your son gets as much pleasure out of them as mine did. Love your blog and your cool sense of humor.

  6. You’re entering my world…not the playing, but having a son who plays! I’ve had a drum set in my home for 6 years now. Fortunately they are in the bonus room and I don’t hear them too much. But, that room is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, so this year’s Christmas present to my son was an electronic drum set. something he could keep in his room. He loves it, but now I hear random “tapping”…can’t hear the cymbals or the bass, or the sound of the drums, just the tapping on the rubber.
    Have fun with those things…love having a drummer!!

  7. OH my gosh! This is the same reason I can’t do a thing with our office. I have a giant set of drums in it for my son! I feel like we are about to go on tour! Good luck!

  8. I love that you played them. I played drums in high school and for years have wanted a drum set. But, my hubby thinks that it is best if playing drums remains a pleasant memory of the past. One that he doesn’t have to hear now. LOL… he would die if there was a drum set sitting in the middle of our living room.

  9. Love the look of the new site! And of course, as a mom of a drummer, I love the new living room set! I try my hand at the drums, occasionally, but man, those things are harder than you would think!