My Hall of Shame messy garage

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

This messy garage post is not for the faint of heart. Oh no. This one will be sure to give you the chills if you are an organizer type that tends to spit polish your power tools or dust off the tops of your paint cans.

To get you into the right frame of mind, I’ve carefully hand selected a soundtrack that will mimic what you’re about to feast your eyes on. Proceed… if you D A R E . . .

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

KABOOM! Yes friends, welcome to my hall of shame. Or… messy garage. Watch your step…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

So what happened here?

Well, this tornado (that we never get) ripped through my little town. It was crazy! I had just opened the garage door to allow some fresh air and sunshine into the space because I was ready to build, when the high winds picked up and threw everything in here except for an old door I could really use right about now!

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

Oh nevermind. I just spotted one. Good deal!

Complete fib of course. Things just got out of hand again. I was actually chucking stuff into the middle of the room at one point because, I mean, who could walk in this?! πŸ™‚

Our weather has been pretty wild lately with rain and cold, so I really put this off. But enough was enough! Cabin fever set in and I needed to build… but couldn’t. So we threw on about 3 coats each and head outside.

And then this happened…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors


Well, my son was SUCH a Β trooper! He was to empty out a shed in the backyard, but I gave him the option to help me with the garage instead. He chose the backyard. Kudos, boy! That’s more than your mom would have done!

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

Rain is just our thing here. You just learn how to deal with it or you won’t get a thing done.

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

So everything got scooted out under the tight fitting little overhang.

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

It as very cozy indeed.
My method for cleaning is to gut, then put the stuff you want back again, purging the rest. Anything else is mere shuffling which just changes position of your junk. GUT. Always.

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

And as pure luck would have it, neighbours Corinne and Georgia spotted me scuffling about and darted over to see what was up. I adore it when they come over because I carry this rule that they can’t leave without a big chunka furniture or something.

I just gasped at the green driveway. We dealt with that next but I had no idea it was really THAT bad. Shiver…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

I followed them home with even more stuff.

When I use to visit my mom’s place, she made sure our vehicle was filled up with either food or stuff. So if you come over to my place and leave with an armload of junk, you can thank my mom!

As for the after, it’s not magazine worthy by a long shot. But…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

I can move and build again!

One day I’d love to make this garage totally cool but, well… not yet. I keep having hopes that someone will drop off a little barn they no longer need and rebuild it in my backyard so that can be my workshop.

Strangely, no offers yet. But I’m not giving up!

Honestly, I’m having some dreams about building an extension to the back of the garage with a ridiculous amount of windows, so I can photo shoot while building. Or having it open with two or three massive glass garage doors so I would whip them open on a nice day and feel like I was working outside.

Barn, contractor, supplies, money tree. See? My need list is actually very small…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors

For now, I have my BFF two side by side EMPTY Costco slap’em up tables begging to see some new sawdust!

So after all this, we were TIRED. Cold, wet, hungry, you get the drill. So looking forward to going inside to a nice warm cozy home, I was greeted with…

garage cleanup Funky Junk Interiors


I think I missed the part about my boy slipping in the mud…

Baby steps to cleanliness around these parts…

Who else has started the big garage clean up thing?

When do you do it? DO you do it?!

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47 thoughts on “My Hall of Shame messy garage

  1. My clean out was way easier than yours:) I mean it was full of STUFF but not for building or business , so the mens church group brought a 16 ft trailer and loaded it up, kept what they wanted and took the rest to the donation center or the dump… so now all thats out there is the cars and our diet mt. dew collection lol.. I have to say I havent missed a thing in the 7 months,since all the stuffs been gone ..

    you did good on yours~!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real. I am inspired by your post because unlike the rest of Blog World,you speak reality.I better get started, my shed is calling me.


  3. We started it last summer….and there it sits…like EVERY project around here…I promise everyone that sees our garage that it will be REALLY cool, (someday). ~ Kim

  4. Lets just say…. I understand. We have a trail again too after yesterday, but it got so bad our oldest kids have staged an intervention. A Christmas gift from them is a garage redo for their dad this Spring.

  5. Donna,
    Our shop looks about like yours, only worse! It is such a hard area to keep tidy and organized. I posted a picture of it a while back on my blog, thinking if I post such a thing it will be easier to get it back into shape. Well, it did get tidied up some but it’s more a wreck now than ever. (How does that happen? lol) I just make my little spaces to work in. At the moment, I’m working on a dresser that I should have complete in a day or two so I’m getting giddy just thinking about the extra room that I’ll have, well for at least a day before it gets stacked again.
    Your garage looks much better now~glad you have some room to work in again.

  6. Well…as part of the Tongue in Cheek Tuesday group who recently shared looks into our various “valuable stash” sites….all I can say is Welcome! We other collectors (hoarders) of treasure (junk) embrace you……we’ll begin regular meetings soon…once we all locate our car keys…..

  7. Oh dear Donna…I love you, woman! I soooo needed to see all this. Although, your “mess” isn’t quite as bad as mine, I was starting to feel like I am getting drowned in stuff EVERYWHERE! I feel a little more human now that I know I’m not alone. Bloggers lifestyle, I guess? Now, I need to get to work!

  8. My cars loved seeing the pics of your garage. They have never seen the inside of one.
    It’s just confirmation of how creative you are. Most truly creative people are messys… Atleast, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  9. I have hopes of getting into the garage soon….hahaha who am I fooling! I have a good deal of stuff to still unpack from my move last July, but can’t touch it until the house remodel is finished.

    The good news is that my stuff is only covered with a few layers of insulation (ewwwww!) and another few layers of sawdust (ewwww!) so I will only itch till I die…

    So proud of you for digging in there!

  10. I wish I had the time and manpower to gut my garage right now. I saw a pin of a painted wood pallet hung on a wall with hooks used in what seems to be a mudroom in your pallet pinterest board and thought wouldn’t it be cool to have that across the wall of the garage to hang and organize things. Too bad I 1). don’t have the time or resources to pull that off, 2). would probably start, but finish the project even if I did have the time and resources, 3). seriously need to gut my garage within the next few months for a move, 4). I have accumulated a ton of junk over the years, and 5). tend to struggle at making decisions about what to keep. This weekend I set out to only deal with sports equipment (of four boys ages 2 to 20) and unwanted clothes/hand me downs. The 2 year old only gets in the way, the 20 year old is off at college, and the middle two seem to always have other plans anytime mom asks for help. It was like pulling teeth to get a little help here. I feel like I just shuffled things around being that I’m planning to have a garage sale next weekend, but I did finally get started on an overwhelming purge project. I need to divide and conquer this week going through as much as I can in the little daylight hours I have free this week. Of course, inevitably I will just open the garage doors next weekend and start pulling things out into the driveway (selling most things for a dollar because it seems the easiest way to go) as I continue to go through and pull things out throughout the day. I never seem to have enough time or help to have an organized garage sale. It’s typically more of a garage cleaning day where I have strangers interrupting me asking me how much I want for my junk. Maybe it would be better if I just put out an ad for an OCD meeting at my house leaving the garage door open or put a sign in front of my house that said something like “Come work through your OCD issues here”.

    • Funny! But an OCD Meeting is a great idea!!! I feel your pain. Imagine this…..I’m a borderline hoarder married to an OCD man! Talk about trauma (he) / drama (me)!

  11. As soon as the snow gets itself gone for good I have several places around here that are going to get the same treatment your garage got. and I totally agree – GUT! I’m trying to get my hubby to agree to do the same with his garage and let me help. It is in much worse shape than yours was let me tell you! And I so appreciate your photo of you house!! So glad to know that I’m not alone!

  12. I had to chuckle and relate to your post! Very brave I might add to show your gararge. I too, seem to non stop accumulate in my garage area, many finds,treasures, bits and peices that one day I will use and repurpose into a special treasure! My poor son has been begging me to downsize so he can set up a weight bench area! Thanks for the post, it is motivating as well as my son in desperate need of “pumping iron”, to get cracking on cleaning out my garage and be able to use it more efficiently! I do not think I will ever be able to actually park a car inside, but being able to walk through would be good!

  13. My garage is way worse than yours and will probably get cleaned out when the weather improves. Much too cold right now. It also has a HUGE tent in front of it block the doors that has to be emptied of it’s junk first. Would you like to take a drive in your pick up and get some of my junk? haha!

  14. This post makes me feel so much better! Our garage is completely out of hand. It’s time for purging! We still have stuff our grown and married sons have left behind (Don’t throw those trophies away, Mom! And that BMX bike I rode to your house a year ago…and left…I may want to sell it.). Yesterday, I unearthed a box with band t-shirts from the many different garage bands who rehearsed in said garage. It’s TIME!

    This week it’s going to be attacked…and if the guys don’t come for their stuff, it will hit the curb for pick-up. Maybe….

  15. We cleaned our garage out last year and so far so good on those extras that do not belong there..Not much has crept in..A lot of great stuff in that garage from where I sit..Wishing and praying a barn comes your way soon..It would be awesome as a work area..

  16. Ha ha….. My garage and yours look a bit similar! I’m readying for moving into my booth in a week or so and things are everywhere! No place to go inside or out…. And to top it all off- we are contemplating a kitchen reno! What am I thinking? I am OCD and have to get things done “right now.” Not good…. Have fun with your cleaning up project, Donna! πŸ™‚

  17. I have a BIG little problem, 2/3’s of my 2 car garage was turned into a huge den. Hard to explain but looking at the garage from the front looks like a regular garage even the door slides up but only 1/3 of a garage is left (the front 1/3). My son races Motocross (dirtbike) so in that little space is 2 dirtbikes and the generator we had to buy for the old RV (new one has built in generator) 2 air compressors 2 work benches…can’t work on them cuz they are covered with STUFF and a huge shelving unit that you can’t put STUFF on cuz you can’t get to them lol. We had to buy a shed to put more STUFF in & still can’t get around in the garage πŸ™

  18. That sure looks familiar. Our garage is a 2.5 car garage with no room to walk through. I have moved to working on the back porch. The plans are, once the weather clears, to gut the place and only put back in what BOTH of us deem necessary. Ahem….one of us is a major-league hoarder. (he still has his old high school gym clothes) My work area on the back porch is nice and neat. I dream of having the garage that same way. Your post is so inspiring!!! Now if the weather would only get with the program…

  19. No have not started the garage cleaning yet.Although we can get our cars inside so I can put that off for a bit right πŸ˜‰ .But soon I will have to tackle it and it is never a fun job either.Yes I have some messes around here getting ready for show furniture and paint everywhere ……LOL!

  20. Wow! I don’t feel quite as bad now about my garage…. at least we can get one car in our 3 car garage. I blame it on newer houses because they don’t have basements so where are we to keep our “treasures” Ha-Ha!

    Good job though…

  21. Don’t you just wonder how these things happen – like in no time at all! I can so relate, which is why I need to start with my desk today and then work toward the rest of the house – and get it done before the weekend.

    BTW, oddly enough, we had a tornado through here too. πŸ˜‰

  22. LOL Your garage looks almost as bad as my husband’s ‘barn’. We don’t have a garage, but we have this ‘barn’ that is his workshop and another separate building that is also his workshop. (Which is why I made my workspace downstairs…there was more room!) Both of which are filled with tools, supplies and junk with the wood under a tarp beside the ‘barn’.
    I can’t believe how green the grass is, how much is growing in your gardens and the blooms on your tree! We still have snow here, but I was able to finally take a picture of some crocus blooming yesterday.
    Debbie πŸ™‚

  23. No garage cleanup here. We seem to do it about once a year but I swear it’s like there are rabbits breeding out there – the darned stuff just multiplies on it’s own. LOL I keep weeding it out back to the walls and then it just moves forward. Pretty soon we barely have room to walk in the middle. It’s about that time……

  24. As we have no garage I’ve had to settle for a small shed (the only open space is the area where the door swings in) and a storage room in the basement. Now when I contemplate bringing home a “find” I think of those stairs. It’s kept the floor space open.

  25. Hmmm…I think I can help you. I have read this post and have looked at all the pictures. I am sure I can identify the problem. Do you see that big black thing sitting in the green driveway?? Have you ever thought of trading that off for a Volkswagen Bug, or maybe a Mini-Cooper? Then these roadside finds would not be so tempting, or even possible!! S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.!!! Whoops, that might not work…you have friends, don’t you?? Well, never mind. Please come and help me clean and organize my garage when you finish yours. P.L.E.A.S.E.

  26. I’m waiting for a sunny day. lol Those seem few and far between. Maybe when Spring actually comes to stay I can do something about the mess out there πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Donna, well, my garage is an ongoing saga. Summer stuff out, summer stuff in. I have swings and chairs and all my wonderful yard stuff, Christmas stuff, painting stuff, garden tools, lawnmowers,etc, etc, ack!!! I try to tackle it in small incriments. As my garage is oversized with two vehicles in it. My honey did build me shelves a couple years back that I can now get ‘stuff’ off the floor. I agree with an above comment, ‘You are real, and show real stuff.’ Blessings and smiles, Emilou πŸ™‚ Oh, your new blog service is better, you come up a lot faster now.

  28. Just a thought, but I have friends that attached glass sliding doors all around the room to make a sun room. Maybe you can be on the look out for used glass doors to make the room. It really worked well. Like I said it just a thought. God Bless!

    • Oops! I forgot, the last time we cleaned the garage and put everything out of it and we had people stopping to see what we had in our garage sale. We weren’t having a garage.LOL

  29. Thank goodness I’m not the only one. I’m now squeezing between my workbench and my rafters high pile of stuff. At least one car can get in there, but only on a good day. Thanks for sharing and being so real!!

  30. Wow! First, great job! That was quite an undertaking! Second, I feel your pain! My garage, aka the evil vortex, is full of furniture to be refinished and baby things from my grand kids and leftovers from our yard sale in addition to the usual boxes of holiday decorations, yard stuff, etc. I keep looking at it and realizing that I need to get it back in shape (I’d love to get my car back in there – imagine, a car in a garage?) but mosty, I’d like to be able to get to the items I want to work on without climbing all over everything in the process! I swear it’s like taking your life into your own hands just to get to the recycling bin! That was a gorgeous piece of furniture your neighbors were dragging away and I didn’t even see it in there! You’re right; the only real way to get it done is to purge it all out and then rebuild from there. That’s part of what’s stopped me. I don’t want my neighbors to see how awful it is! LOL! Guess I’ll have to get to it soon. Wish me luck! Hugs, Leena

  31. Thank-you for posting this! It’s not just my garage, but my basement too! Whenever I see posts of perfectly organized work areas I feel so inferior lol Hopefully lots of the furniture will be redone and moved out for an upcoming spring market, but in the meantime it is what it is. So glad to find out from you and your commenters that I’m not alone in my clutter!

  32. I am so, so pleased that I am not the only one with garage issues! I constantly struggle with all the stuff I have, but shelving all around the walls helps. So my mitre saw and bench saw live in a line down the middle (works well). Before our Christchurch earthquake my car lived in the garage, but now it is all mine, so maybe a workshop and not a garage now.

  33. Website? I don’t have one! Eeeek! Who let that girl in?! I just loved your garage! At least your create-n! That makes it, the state of the garage that is, a-okay as far as I’m concerned. I love your ‘blog’! Maybe I used the wrong word now that your at dot-net? Don’t know. But I have to tell you that you’ve inspired me, my middle son just helped me yesterday with two pallets, I asked a neighbor for them! (I rang her door bell, my middle son was with me to help carry them home),’What? That junk?’,she said! When we got home, two houses over, my son asked me,’where do you want them, Mom?’ I said,’oh just find a space somewhere’ (the garage is too full, the pallets are leaning on the wall in the side yard! Chuckle, chuckle! We moved back into our home in June and I still haven’t unpacked alot of boxes. It’s just that I prefer to work on the yard and landscape-n and such like, than go thru boxes. Who can resist the sun? Loved your green driveway! Are you try-en to be ‘green’? Send us some rain, we need it!! Maybe then I can work on organize-en the inside of the house…..Keep-up the good work, signed: a-stay-at-home-mom. πŸ™‚

  34. The other day I put the garage door up and a neighbor from up the street came running down and asked, “Are you moving or just having a garage sale?!” Eer….neither :/
    Mine is really bad, but I’m getting on it soon, I promise! haha Juuust as soon as the weather warms up a bit : )
    Your son really is a trooper!

  35. I would LOVE to have a garage to junk up and work in!! πŸ™ But that isn’t stopping me from buying my first dual-bevel mitre saw (at Cdn Tire this week) thanks to your encouraging blogs. Thank-you for pioneering for the rest of us DIY wanna-be’s…LOL

  36. OMG!!!! I thought I was the only one! Heard about your site from a friend…she used only the good words to describe it and she was right! I have no attic, so all of my “treasures” are stored in my garage…except the car. Have lost kids and cats in there…(that’s not a joke, I really have). Alas, life somehow gave me a kick in the —- and I am being FORCED to clean it out! A FLOOD….not just your normal flood…septic flood….yeah..YUK! Tons was thrown, rest is in 3 large PODS in my driveway! Workers drying, disinfecting, ripping out walls, disinfecting some more…etc…etc., you get the picture. Today, Easter Eve…I have 8 heavy duty blowers, 2 giant R2D2 style dehumidfyers, and a smaller R2D2 style “air particle cleaner” going full blast in my basement! From the outside my house sounds like a jet plane…I half expect it to sprout wings and take off…leaving my precious treasures behind in the PODS! The good news? When this is all done, and everything is systematically and neatly organized and returned to the fresh clean and newly painted garage in labeled, color coordinated, plastic tubs (no more cardboard boxes for me, they don’t like H2O)I will once again be living in total creative bliss in my newly organized and forever to stay that way garage! Yay…..huh?..what? garage stay that way? Folks, I heard your collective…”yeah, sure”….LOL…So right you are!

  37. You have really done justice by giving the heading “My hall of shame messy garage” because it is really very messy.However,I appreciate that you wrote reality which was very nice .

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