Day 2 – Flight Day and cool airport stores

Funky Junk airborne

Never fails. On flight day, I break out into a huge smile.

To me, flights symbolize the promise of something amazing on the other side of the plane ride.

The first flight was really quiet. Sitting beside a couple that didn’t understand english, there was no need for small talk.  I just signed up to wifi and played around.

But… not without taking in the amazing ever changing scenery right outside my window.

air pictures clouds sky jet

I was not disappointed.

air pictures clouds sky jet-002

air pictures clouds sky jet-003

This was a super cool picture. We were flying into a storm of sorts. From no clouds to a complete white out in a matter of seconds, it was a little unnerving, but luckily, totally uneventful.

I love flying. But I’ll admit I miss those airline meals they use to have back in the day before serving up the boxed variety. Remember the little sectioned plastic trays filled with a funny looking hot meal requiring a plastic fork and knife, accompanied with a tiny bag of nuts? Oh well. These days, I just eat before boarding and enjoy a beverage or two instead.

Being that I had another flight to catch, there was a little time to walk around the Dallas airport. I have to admit this was one of the prettiest airports I’ve been in yet. The stores were really decked out.

funky store airport pictures

This store had so many funky cool elements I knew you’d appreciate. I think it was called The Ice Box, and it offered desserts.

funky store airport pictures-001

The toilx chairs added just the right amount of industrial bling.

funky store airport pictures-002

GORGEOUS chalkboard art behind glass. Love the presentation… the glass addition was just a really good idea.

funky store airport pictures-003

Plenty of metal to please the industrial type.

art purses at the airport

There was also this really nifty store with a twist on anything they carried. The colourful purses caught my eye.

art purses at the airport

This design was so colourful and vibrant, reminding me of tie dying.

art purses at the airport



The layered text on this last one was hugely inspiring. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of making my own junk styled purse because I can’t seem to find one I really like.

Then it was then time to catch the next flight from Dallas to Baltimore. I sat beside a very sharply dressed gent with the loveliest accent, whatever it was. But it wasn’t until he started silently rockin’ to his tunes via earphones, that I had yet another reason to smile. We should all have that much fun!

And you can bet I am. Because the next stop was to finally meet a blogger I’ve LONG admired. That’s up next!

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11 thoughts on “Day 2 – Flight Day and cool airport stores

  1. HI Donna! Glad you had a nice flight! I’m suprised you flew into BWI instead of Dulles. Guess it all depends upon how they have the planes routed. Are you getting a limo to bring you to Leesburg? LOL! Great photos! I’ll be watching for updates via facebook and looking for you on Sunday! Enjoy your time here! Hugs, Leena

  2. Hi, Donna! You look so pretty in your airplane photo! Hope you’re having a marvelous time in spite of the rain. Also hope your son is having a great week! Lillace

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