Outdoor pics and cute cats… with an iPhone

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nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors

I went for a little walk behind my house with the iPhone. 

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors

This area is a little city owned park that leans against farmland. If you walk just far enough into the chestnut trees where the mowers can’t mow, that’s where the real magic happens.

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors - chestnut trees

If I ever need a moment of silence to think, this is where I walk.

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors - chestnut trees

The quiet never talks back. It’s silent and is the best listener ever.

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors - chestnut trees

It’s like my own private little woodland fairytale. Untouched areas are the best.

But let’s head into my backyard for a moment…

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors - old shed with grapevine

The grapevine running along the roofline of the shed got so heavy, when I opened the door, it fell and now needs an open door for support.

nature photography with an iPhone via Funky Junk Interiors - old shed with grapevine

So I left the door open. It’s only a wood shed anyway. It’s perfectly imperfect.

It’s nice to get outside. But these days, it’s equally fun being indoors.

tuxedo cats in a bed

These guys make my bed the best cat bed EVER. 🙂

tuxedo cat Lake on an office chair

Mr. Hollywood Lake makes the best office chair prop ever.

tuxedo cat Skye on her cat tree

Little Miss Skye makes this the most loved cat tree hotel skyscraper growth thing ever. Seriously. She is always snuggled in the top.

I really REALLY didn’t want a carpet on steroids. But my son begged. So I buckled. Does that make me a sucker, or a crazy cat lady? Nevermind… I’ll happily take the title of both. They love it so I will too! (maybe)

(not really)

(I’ll pretend)

(she looks cute on it doesn’t she?)

(it’s gaining on me!)

(I lied)

(it could be worse…)

(I lied)

And this is how my Friday night post was built. 

Life is good. With an iPhone. 🙂

How’s your summer going so far?

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    • Never, never forgetting. Never. I will admit these two definitely keep your mind occupied! Better than a silent one that does too much thinking! Maybe that was the plan after all…

  1. Your kitties are so PURRecious. My eyes tear up when I see them because I know they are shelter adoptions and I know that they are loved immensely and will be for all of their lives. I’ve worked in rescue for years and know the plight of cats and kittens – those in shelters and those left on the side of a road. God bless you and God bless your kitties.

  2. Well, look at that! Your new baby has taken a liking to the back of your office chair…..isn’t that where your previous fur kid liked to perch? Hmmmm….

  3. Cats in a Bed! We need more pictures like that! You should teach these cats to play Angry Birds. Have you seen the You tube videos of cats doing that? Hilarious. Ann

  4. My sister in law had a photo book of every cat she ever owned. If you can really own a cat. A book of every cat that ever lived in her house. From when she was a little kid. How about a post about all your cats? With music. that would be great. Ann

  5. Hey

    I’m a crazy cat lady myself – I’m glad you gave in to the tower if they like it. My kitty prefers to climb to the top of the refrigerator. Your 2 new arrivals are beautiful….


  6. Cats are wonderful and every house needs some kind of carpeted towering object for them to play on. Our cats love chasing the mouse pointer on my computer screen! One even likes to nap on the keypad.

  7. Your babies are so precious. I have a warm hearted smile looking at all of your pictures and seeing all the love being expressed there. Skye and Lake look like they are doing a bit of shopping, better keep an eye on your front porch, no telling what may be delivered 🙂 I love your magical walking spot, it looks very peaceful, the perfect thinking/reflecting spot. I think you are a very lucky girl! Do you make grapevine wreaths with all that grapevine? Enjoy.

  8. Love the nature pictures, and LOVE the kitties! I have 2 that are glued to my side at all times, even when I’m working on projects or painting. They’re the best. I truly believe there are no words to explain the love of a cat owner 😉

    Teapots & What-Nots

  9. Love your new kitties! Wonderful you chose to open your heart to tow rescues. I know how hard it is to loose a baby. Mr. Hollywood Lake looks just like my Ellie May who was a rescue that filled a hole in my heart. And I love Miss Skye’s lovely long eye brows!