Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand

Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand - this thing is awesome! via Funky Junk Interiors

We came home from camping for a couple days for a dentist appointment for my son, while I raced over next door to get my eyebrows and moustache line threaded. Ever get threaded? Google it… it’s brilliant!

Anyway, we got hit with a little mini heat wave today and I gave my water snake (as I call it) a real workout. Guys, I LOVE this thing. LOVE. IT. There are some gadgets that don’t work, but this one does.

I nearly didn’t buy it. I looked at it and laughed thinking… riiight. But then my hand somehow latched onto it all the way to the check out.

We sadly didn’t put up our pool this summer. I think the weight of it compressed the septic system near it and I didn’t want to risk having to pay many thousands of dollars creating a new one. So I was desperate to find a way to cool off. And I totally lucked out. This works!

Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand - this thing is awesome! via Funky Junk Interiors

The official name for this thing is a Cobra Mistand. It’s like a section of water hose that is hard plastic. You attach it to your water hose, crank on the water and it does it’s magical thing.

Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand - this thing is awesome! via Funky Junk Interiors

 The little screws in the head give off the finest mist ever. It’s so fine it doesn’t even really feel like water hitting you, but more like a cool breeze. Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand is a good thing.

Here’s a tiny video clip from my Instagram page… (I so very hope this video doesn’t self play… crossing fingers… if it does, I’ll remove it… here’s the link in case it doesn’t work here.

Anyway, if you don’t have a pool up and you’re dying to cool off, look for one of these! I got mine in BC, Canada in Canadian Tire but I’d bet they’re available most anywhere.

Good eyebrows AND cooling off… I rate that a very good day indeed!

How do you stay cool on a wicked hot day?

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7 thoughts on “Cooling off with a Cobra Mistand

  1. I got one of these from Home Depot years ago. It was about $10. My kids and I loved it! My daughter and her friends even gave it a name as if it was a pet ;). Fond memories!!!

    I recommend it for anyone who wants to cool off!


  2. First time I have seen one of these other than the one my husband made exactly like it two years ago!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. I had never heard of threading before, so yes I googled it. Watched a youtube tutorial. I have a twisty mister from a while ago, so I can lay in the sun and be cool because now I know what threading is.

  4. I have heard threading is wonderful, unfortunately the midwest is a bit uncultured so we don’t have a place like that around here. We stay cool with the garden hose or a jump in the nearby lake, that is if we can stand the mosquitos-they are vicious this year. The water snake looks like fun!

  5. I think ours was missing something and that is why it was a hand me down to us. it just kept plopping over and watered the ground instead of us.

  6. I love those and the plants do too. You can get a mister hose with about six outlets (or build your own, any length)… I have one across the edge of my back porch roof and across the overhang of my potting station that really helps to cool the temperature. Inexpensive way to cool the air.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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