The little toolbox that brought me back to my quiet

Branch handled toolbox organizer with twine storage via

A funny thing happened to me when I came back from Snap.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Branch handled toolbox organizer with twine storage via

 We as bloggers are accustomed to creating on our own. In the quiet. Then we move on over to a humming computer monitor, type a few keys and create a blog post.

Then we do it all over again. 

We like it. That’s why we do it.

Branch handled toolbox organizer with twine storage via
And then I flew to a hotel full of 500 over the top, amazing bloggers. 500. Can you imagine?

“Don’t you worry about getting enough sleep. These girls and this amazing opportunity will be gone in a FLASH. Go enjoy THEM.”, is what I prepped myself with.

And I was such a good girl, I listened!

Branch handled toolbox organizer with twine storage via
Morning, noon, evening, and even night, the conversations and connections were AMAZING. I felt like I was flying down the highway at 200 mpi with no chance of a cop catching sight of me.

We ate, we learned, we danced, we (ahem) sang (karaoke… I was one of the Abbaholics I’ll have you know)… and had the most amazing time. Non stop!

And then I got home. To the quiet again.

But… something was different.  I was too tired to do anything, yet I couldn’t sit in the quiet.

So I’d get up and do something, then flop down again. Then groan because I was bored, and got up, only to go back down. Repeat that for about 3 days and you start to question your own sanity!

I didn’t really know what to make out of myself! I wasted SO MUCH TIME. SO MUCH. I could have gotten so much done. But.. it was like I ran out of gas even though my brain was on fire.

And then by around the 4th day, I wanted nothing to do with even the computer screen. As in, I made every excuse in the book to step away. 

“You need to chill. You are not getting a thing done anyway. Pull away! Do it. And make no excuses. Just be ok with this! REEEESSSSSSTTTT.”

So I did.

On Saturday, I went to a conference in town. 

But I didn’t want to go home. So I met my sis at Starbucks. I talked that poor girl’s ear off. Sorry, Wendy. 😀

But I didn’t want to go home. So I took in Bears at the theatre. Mostly for the popcorn. The bears kept me company…

But I didn’t want to go home. So I went to Subway.

But I STILL didn’t want to go home, so I stepped into a coffee shop I knew I wouldn’t like and right on schedule, I wasn’t enjoying the coffee. 🙂 

Then I smiled and told myself I was indeed a little out there if that desperate to run away.

So I went home, but it was only 8:30. Drat, too early to sleep! So I grabbed two books, and went to bed, tossing and turning and flipping between the two books. I flicked off the light, but flicked it on again until I was exhausted.

Sunday wasn’t much better, but at least I had things to do. I went to church, then picked up my son.

Branch handled toolbox organizer with twine storage via
And then….. I made this little toolbox. I just wandered into the garage, grabbed a few pieces of wood and a favourite branch, and whipped it up. 

And my heartbeat finally went back down to normal.

Well… no sooner did I do that, I was taking this photoshoot. And here I am, posting once again like always.

I later learned what I was going through was the blogger blues, which was the climbdown from a super active, amazing event. You are on the constant learn and visit, when suddenly the plug is pulled. You’re still supercharged, but everyone’s gone. The finish line has vanished, but you’re still running. So you spin circles for awhile until you realize you don’t HAVE to run any longer.

I get it now. I just needed time to unwind.

But why do we make it so hard on ourselves to mentally run away? It’s really kinda ok for a short spell, but… it was hard. SO hard. But only after I gave myself permission to stop, did the issue go away. Weird, huh?

Be smarter than me. Be ok to run away.

I’m so glad I went to Snap! I’m also so glad I went full throttle! But isn’t it wonderful that all it ultimately takes to get back on track is to chill for a spell and do something that simply inspires you?

This little branch handled toolbox organizer is going to the winner of the toolbox giveaway from the Junkers United event. Congrats again Jessica from Ontario! Glad I could share a little part of my west coast with your east. 🙂

And thank-you little toolbox, for bringing me back to my quiet little world once again.

Toolbox therapy… who knew it was a thing.

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You can see how to make this toolbox HERE.

And see my other toolboxes HERE.

Read all the SNAP updates HERE.

– – – – – 

How do you climb out of the funk after a big event?

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7 thoughts on “The little toolbox that brought me back to my quiet

  1. I’ve had the same feeling before – usually after the holidays because it seems everything is so rushed and compacted into a small amount of time. I don’t really “do” anything in particular, just wait it out, knowing I’ll return to “normal” soon.

  2. I love making toolboxes. Just working with wood is so calming in of itself. I have had such a harried schedule lately that I need some balm to reground me. I think I will build one today to get my serenity back. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in getting crazy sometimes.

  3. OMG!! This was ME last week!! I didn’t go to an amazing conference BUT I did feel burnt out, encouraged myself to take time and do nothing and at the end of the day realized I too had wasted PRECIOUS time!!! Im so glad to know it’s not just me!! The tool box is ADORBS!! Thanks for sharing

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