4 – Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance


Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net  
Being that we had kinda sorda planned to go away for Christmas, I’m always on the hopeful lookout for ideas where fresh greens won’t die on me. And that’s when I head outside to do some outdoor shopping, and figured out branches would sweeten this deal.

Presenting… a kitchen Christmas winter branch valance that will truly not die. And can stay up well past Christmas.  12DaysGiveaway And you’ve also found the Giveaway blog too! That’s farther down below. But first…

kitchen toolbox-1918
Here’s what my windows generally look like. Clean and unobstructed. Let that light shine in! I didn’t want to take away from that feeling. I love sunlight to the extreme.

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
With the simple addition of branches, lights and two free standing shutters from my generous neighbours, this was done.

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Removing the sawhorse pipe lamps for a lighter look, shutters where shoved into their place, hiding the wall outlets and plugs. The lightness keeps things bright and winter like. And still feeling like the windows are wearing treatments. How’s that for a true unique window treatment cheat?

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Don’t you love a great ice storm? There is nothing prettier!  I still remember attempting to dash on top of a massive drift on the farm back in the day, coated out with thick, crusted over ice. I got as high as I could, ready to walk onto the barn roof.. when suddenly both my legs disappeared.

Oops… Took me awhile to get outta that pinch! But most of the troubles were due to laughter! So fun to get stuck… when you’re a kid that is. πŸ™‚

That is what this valance reminds me of. Icy snowdrifts that make you smile.

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
To further fuel the feel of ice, clear jars of all types were lined up on the window sill with battery operated votives. Real candles could work too. I just like to not have to remember to blow them out. A little faux snow and ornaments sealed the deal. Very light on the eyes.

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
The jars disappear from a distance in fact! How’s that for less clutter? πŸ™‚ I am digging this no colour winter kitchen this year!

Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
My kinda “Frozen.” πŸ™‚

A winter collection
I’ve made an ebay collection of all things winter that ties in awesome with this post HERE.

Realistic snow secrets!
And also my trade secret realistic snow secrets HERE.

Disclosure / I have partnered with ebay to write the two above posts. But I don’t make commission off any collections.

And now onto the giveaway!

Fusion mineral paint
I’d love to introduce you to Fusion Mineral Paint!

I met Jennylyn of Fusion while on my travels to Toronto. (we toured the city together HERE!)

Fusion Mineral Paint is unlike anything out there. It doesn’t require a primer, but also doesn’t require a top coat! The paint has acrylic in the mix, so your needs are even simpler than ever. (primers and topcoats are optional)

I’ve used the paint, and found it to go on as smooth as butter… the cover is amazing and the colours clean and beautiful! The full product line also carries beeswax, brush soap, crackle finishes, and SO much more!

But there’s one thing that shall always stand out, and that’s the abundant brushes. Oh my word. The brushes!

Old paint masters only used round brushes back in the day. These high end brushes are old school, all handmade with handles designed to reduce fatigue.

When I used the brush, I felt like the paint could carry forever. You will love them! 

So I asked Jennylyn if she could help the winner get started off right. And of course she said yes, because “The winner NEEDS one of our round brushes!” πŸ™‚

So get your entries in! We a ready to give you the gift of Fusion…


Fusion Mineral Paint How to enter to win $100 worth of Fusion Mineral Paint products giveaway star 1 1. Visit Fusion Paint inspiration HERE, and tell me in comments: *What colour you’d like *What you’d paint and you’re in!

For more optional chances…

giveaway star 2 2. Subscribe (and verify) to Funky Junk’s daily posts via email, and comment again that you have done so or already do. (sign up on the right side bar) giveaway star 3 3. Subscribe (and verify) to Funky Junk’s weekly newsletter via email HERE, and comment again that you have done so or already do. (if link doesn’t work, please sign up on the right side bar) giveaway star 4 4. Follow Funky Junk on Instagram HERE, and comment again that you have done so or already do. Please leave your Instagram handle with your comment. Thank-you and good luck!

This giveaway is valid in USA and Canada. You must be over the age of 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. Draw will take place Sun, Dec 14th midnight EST. Winner will be announced on this post the following day and emailed. Winner must have a valid email, and provide full address within 1 week of announcement.

Fushion paint has graciously offered this giveaway in exchange for promotion. I am not being compensated for this post.

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  1. I love the “Fort York Red.”

    Red has been my color this year. I would like to color my wood ironing board.

    Enter me please.

  2. I love the Laurentein & the Renfrew Blue, but I think the Ash is my favorite – very chalkboard-esque! I’ve been wanting to make a quick pallet wood sign & this would be a great backdrop!

  3. I would like ash. I love grey and that is just the right color for the furniture I have piled up in my garage. I also like sterling, that would be just the right color for my kitchen cabinets.

  4. What a wonderful surprise for a prize, girls! I love the coal black and casement colours! I think they would give my living room furniture the facelift that I’m looking for. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize! Have a safe, happy and healthy, holiday season. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh – a second chance! I love this! Thanks! I’ve been getting your daily posts for a while now and enjoy them immensely. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh – a third chance! I love this! Thanks! I’ve been getting your weekly newsletters for a while now and enjoy it immensely. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m now signed up to follow you on Instagram with my user name heatherannes_haven. Thank you for the forth chance to win this awesome prize. πŸ™‚

  8. Boy did you make it hard. Fort York Red – Prarie Sunset – Champness and Renfew Blue are my favorites but if I had to choose just one I would take Renfew Blue. I have a very old oak bureau that I would paint. I already subscribe to your Blog and I love it. Thanks for doing this offer.

  9. Ooooh, I love these colors. It would be hard to choose, but I would probably either go with Fort York Red… or maybe Inglenook…. or maybe Cathedral Taupe! Or maybe all of them!

    Thank you!

  10. I love Jet Black for my dining table. Already subscribe to your blog and the newsletter and I love your kitchen branches. Personally, I like the shutters much better than the lamps which are lovely but seemed a little heavy on your counter. Thanks for the great inspirations.

  11. I’m in love with Laurentien, I would love to paint the base of my 10 foot kitchen table this color. I also love the Buttermilk cream. I am a long time subscriber to your daily posts and just signed up for the weekly news letter. I also follow you on instagram as lauralimanieri. Love me some Funky Junk!!!

  12. Champlain, Buttermilk Cream, and Prairie Sunset, in that order, for my kitchen makeover would be delicious! My maple cabinets care still strong and I love the profile but the wear is really showing after almost 20 years. And the deep wine walls are past peak, too.

  13. I have to say I don’t think I have ever seen such luscious colours!

    While I could almost eat Buttermilk cream Fort York Red is the exact shade I have been looking for to redo a gate leg table top.

    I have many project pieces and these fabulous coulors will be the ones I keep in the back of my mind as each piece is ready to be redone.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the Fusion Mineral Paint information.

  14. What a great giveaway! The Fusion Paint that caught my eye was Champness. I have a thrift store side table that needs some TLC and that would really do it.

  15. Oh my, I love them all but my fave is the Champlain and I would paint a little antique stool I have in that color. It is so wonderful not to have to have a primer or two coats. How easy is that!!!!
    Thank you,

  16. I would like to win the lamp white and paint a wooden rocking chair on my front porch. I already subscribe to your post and love all your ideas for decorating. Your style is exactly what I love!

  17. i am so happy i found your blog!!! i love everything right down to the Fusion Mineral Paint! over the next week i hope to go thru past posts to catch up!! love, love, love it coming right to my e-mail thank you for your inspiration

  18. I love Casement, I would paint my kitchen cabinets, but I also really love the blues & greens, so many choices. Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  19. Wow, I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I want to ‘grow up’ my daughters old pine bonnet bed and I think I’d go with the Bedford with some Ash and Renfrew Blue in the panels. Thanks for this exciting give-away!

  20. I’m so excited about your blog and this new paint. I just moved into a little home and I am lookng forward to transforming into this simple eclectic primitive style. I used to paint murals and furniture and I have some pieces that I want to refurbish from brand new to distressed and funky. The Fusion color choice I would love is the HOMESTEAD BLUE

    Thank you for the chance!!

  21. I have a really old secretary that needs to be refinished and I think that “Casement” would be the perfect color!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  22. I’m torn between the Casement and Champlain colors. Both are clean looking but warm without being too bright. Then I also like the Ash as it lends an older look. I have a wooden plant stand and table that I thrifted and they desperately need a makeover.

  23. I subscribed to your newsletter. Your blog is one of the firsts that I go to whenever I need a little junky inspiration!

  24. I love the Ash paint, I love mostly all of them. I redo pieces of furniture and these colours would look great!

  25. I love the Cathedral Taupe and the Inglenook. I would use the Inglenook to paint a desk in my living room and I would use the cathedral taupe for a small chest in my bathroom. Love your blog.

  26. Hi!
    Love the champlain..Would paint a dresser i have had in the garage since the spring! I get your emails and newsletter.
    Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  27. Oh man — all the colors would be awesome to have and the brush OH my goodness that would be such a help to have such a brush! — and I am drawn to the color Homestead Blue..
    Thanks so much..


  28. I have a few pieces of furniture for my screened porch I need to paint, some are metal & some are wood. I’d love to try it out! Upper Canada Green, Champness or Inglenook would look great!

  29. I follow you through feedly instead of daily emails – I still read every day & never miss a post – I hope that will count!

  30. Fission color would be Renfrew Blue. I have also signed up for your daily and weekly posts. Thanks for your inspiration.

  31. I like the Cathedral Taupe color. I have a child’s table and chair that was made for me 50 years ago. I painted it blue with the alphabet stenciled in red for my son 30 years ago. Now it is time to give it an update for my 2 year old grandson. Great giveaway – hope I win!

  32. I love all the colors but I think that Laurentien is my favorite! I have a metal bed that was my Dad’s when he was a kid that sure could use a coat of that beautiful color!

  33. What a great giveaway! I recently took a milk paint workshop taught by Jennylyn and it was so much fun. If I won I would choose some combination of Limestone, Champlain, Laurentien and Ceramic Green. I need to paint the bench and pie safe in my front hall and a sidetable in my family room.

  34. I have been following your blog for 2 or 3 years and enjoy your creativity enormously. I have always followed you daily by email.

  35. Buttermilk Cream would be the choice and I would paint my daughter-in-laws table and half her dining chairs. The other chairs would be Fort York Red. Who knows after that I might work on something for myself….

  36. This paint sounds too cool! I love the Fort York Red. I bought an old antique waterfall cedar chest that this color would be perfect for. Most of he other reds I have seen are too ‘new’ red looking. This, I believe would fit the bill nicely!

    Thank you for turning me on to this paint! And, for always giving me inspiration through your wonderful creations!

  37. Renfrew Blue is my favorite. Not sure exactly what is paint but is find something as I love this color and want a furniture piece slathered in it

  38. Oh my goodness! What fabulous paint! And I can’t wait to try the brushes….
    I would choose Laurentien and paint the new (old) side table I just found yesterday….. πŸ™‚

  39. Love different color combos in the pictures. But I think my built-in floor to ceiling dining room shelving unit may be begging for the buttermilk cream.

  40. Already subscribe to the Weekly Newsletters. It’s nice to receive just in case I didn’t get a chance to catch up on some posts during the week.

  41. Hi Donna, I have been a quiet follower for some time now. I admire your talents and the strength you possess within that for sure is unstoppable. I’m a subscriber of your weekly newsletters, I have a media center that I grabbed out of the neighbors garbage I’d like to paint in the casement color.

    Thank you,

  42. Oh I love the homestead blue! I have the perfect nightstand to try this color! I have been receiving your blog posts and newsletter for a long time and it is always the first one I look for. Love my junk, and your creativity is so inspiring!

  43. I’m still loving the grey colors, I’d love to use “Bedford” or “Sterling” we have a few garage sale finds that are waiting for “repurposing” a piano bench, a dressing table and a mirror.

  44. I would use the Champlain as the base color for a “Gone Fishin'” sign that I’m making out of reclaimed pallet lumber.

  45. I love the liberty blue. I have a long dresser I am making into a sideboard and the is the color I have been looking for.

  46. The colors are amazing! How could you ever just choose one?!! I wouldn’t stop painting but would start small…I enjoy making things and I haven’t in awhile so I would start creating again!

  47. I love all these colors! I have a buffet that I want to paint, but have been procrastinating on, due to being intimidated by the beast. However, when I get over my fear factor, I think I’d paint it using Cathedral Taupe. I love the colors, Upper Canada (reminds me of my Grand mother), Algonquin and Casement are lovely as well. I have a sofa table, another two dressers to paint for my house and still keep putting it off! Maybe thispaint and a good brush would help? Good Luck to everyone and Merry Christmad!

  48. I love inglenook….perfect beach color to complement my coastal home. I love to find people’s cast aways and make them over into beautiful, one of a kind pieces for my home. Junk is divine!!!!

  49. Um, all of them?! No way I can pick just one. Like a Lays potato chip. The blues are to die for. But that Renfrew? Love that shade. I would love to layer that with another paler accent color, maybe Algonquin or Champness, just to provide subtle hints on a vintage buffet.

  50. I would choose the coal black and use it to paint a old furniture cabinet I have. Im already a member of funky junk interiors. I love all your country ideas.

  51. I found some old rustic, log-cabin type, birdhouses at a flea market and a goodwill store and I want to paint parts of them with white paint and sprinkle iridescent glitter on the paint so it looks like snow. THey will be part of my other inside Christmas decorations., I also have a couple of chairs I’d like to try in an aqua/light turquoise color

  52. Just recently heard about Fusion paint and would love to try Champlain and Casement and Ash and …. well you get the idea. Our 2nd bathroom needs new wall color and I’ve a couple chairs…
    Love your kitchen window decor – so serene!

  53. I love the colors (I’m in the US) Sterling, Inglenook and Upper Canada Green and love them all equally! I paint A LOT of furniture and currently use Chalk Paint but if I win this I will get all 3 of those colors and use them together!

  54. The Homestead Blue would look lovely on an old, dark brown, vintage, leather briefcase I am making into a table. All of the colors are so yummy though. I’d have combinations of those colors in every room. Thank you for introducing me to them.

  55. I love many of the colors but I would have to pick Cathedral Taupe and I would paint my bedroom set that I inherited from my mother. It will be a lot of work but with this paint two of the steps are taken care of so it will save me lots of time. Fingers crossed!

  56. Love all the whites, especially casement and the ash color is wonderful. I would use these colors to enhance vintage finds for subtle and dramatic effects. I’m an artist and would paint landscape scenes and designs on furniture.

  57. I would LOVE to finally paint the jelly cupboard my grandmother gave me, in Champlain!
    I already subscribe to the daily email and weekly newsletter. πŸ™‚

  58. Oh these colors are stunning! I have a buffet and I’m dying to use Champlain and Casement on it, that would be my choice. I just signed up for your daily emails and newsletter and already followed you on Instagram. Thanks for the opportunity for the give-a-way!

  59. I L*O*V*E Inglenook
    I think it would be the perfect color to paint
    a vintage child’s wardrobe unit I have been
    holding on to til the perfect color inspired me.
    Thank you for this chance.

  60. I have a big wooden buffet my son did a little dumpster diving for and either Ash or Fort York Red would be really cool on it

  61. fusion mineral paint giveaway
    I’m loving the retro colour of Laurentien- and I have a 35 year old maple wooden kitchen set that would look fantastic in this colour!

  62. Hi, I’d like to enter the contest for $100 worth of Fusion Mineral paints. I have not yet tried the paint, but I am anxious to start. I’d like to paint an old men’s dresser (it was my Dad’s), it has 4 drawers and a cupboard on the side, very unique. I’m not sure which color – I really like Inglenook, but also like Upper Canada Green. I enjoyed looking around your website very much. Looking forward to learning who the winner is, and am very interested in trying out those round brushes!