Growing rust in a spring yard

Rusty wheel garden art / Growing rust in a spring yard /

The sun came out in our area. And while it’s nice to see, it’s still fairly cold. So I’ve had no enticement to get outdoors and play in the soil yet.

Hydrangea bush's new leaves in the sunlight  / Growing rust in a spring yard /
But spring is struggling to reach its way to the top regardless. 

Snowdrops in a garden / Growing rust in a spring yard /
As cold as it has been, I just felt like taking a walk outdoors today. To dream a little…

Rusty wheel in a garden / Growing rust in a spring yard /
What surprises will the garden hold this year? I’ve always wanted a junk water feature, so maybe?

Rusty kettle garden art / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Let’s dream even bigger for fun…

An additional shed would be nice. A barn style, super nice! Or maybe a woodworking expansion to the garage, loaded with windows overlooking the mountain view. Perfect for photography.

But something always holds me back.

Spending bigger coin in this yard is hard, because I’m not sure this is my forever home. It certainly could be… it has all the basics for sure. But my eye always wanders towards places with little barns out back. 

I should just keep my eyes at home, and continue making this my dream home.

Maybe that’s what it’ll take to quit looking around. 

Pruned bushes in the garden / Growing rust in a spring yard /
I did do something major outdoors already though. And I’m really happy about it…

I hired a pro to prune all the trees and shrubs. I should have taken a before picture. But that bench had disappeared inside the ivy, and every shrub was overgrown and touching each other. And the ivy was climbing up one side of the house.

Hydrangea bush in the sunlight / Growing rust in a spring yard /
I am SO glad I hired out. All the cuttings completely filled the back of the gardener’s very big truck!

Rusty tools garden art / Growing rust in a spring yard /
And now all my rusty trinkets patiently wait until the days get a little warmer.

It’s a little like a spring yard ghost town. All the components are there. They just need life.

And red geraniums.

Rust always looks better with red geraniums.

But isn’t that rust growing just fine?! Yum… 🙂

Rustic garden shed with old signs / Growing rust in a spring yard /
As soon as it’s warm, first thing on the outdoor agenda is a good pressure wash, which we do ourselves. Then it’s really time to play.

But I’ll admit one thing…

Canning jar lid wreath and rusty lantern on a rustic garden shed / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Canning jar lid wreath and rusty lantern on a rustic garden shed / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Rusty lantern on a rustic garden shed / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Rusty bike garden art / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Rusty trampoline springs  / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Kettle and snowdrops  / Growing rust in a spring yard /
Pallet wood walkway / Growing rust in a spring yard /
This yard sure grows rust well this time of year!

Have you started any gardening yet? What plans do you have for yours this year?

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19 thoughts on “Growing rust in a spring yard

  1. Gardening? Girlfriend, right now we’re digging out from under 10″ of SNOW. Spring…..hmmmm……I really wish & envy you.

  2. OH MY! So nice to see some green. We are still buried in snow in Michigan
    after experiencing a record-breaking COLD February! My garden won’t be
    alive until late April I am sure. Making plans to clean up areas for sure.
    No big adds this year but love your little shed. I have a shed, but it is too pretty, prim and proper. I would love to change it’s look with some old rusted stuff…cool stuff to be sure. Maybe that is the goal this year. Thanks for the green fix.

  3. This was a lovely post to see and read as we wake up to a coating of snow this morning in Nebraska! As a military spouse, I miss out on gardening every few years when a move rears its ugly head during the summer and this year is one of those years. So….don’t mind me while I look forward to what’s happening in YOUR garden this time around! I’ll be living vicariously and looking forward to a someday forever home and garden!

  4. Looking at your yard, makes me want to get started in mine. But, that’s not going to happen until this ton of snow & ice we have in New York is gone! I do have one lonely daffodil poking its head out of a snow bank! It’s a teaser of what will be coming soon.

  5. The only grass I’ve seen lately is on blogs and in magazines. We live in Connecticut and have more snow than we know what to do with. I brought in a large bowl of snow to show our cats because they are strictly house cats. I thought they would be interested – they weren’t!!! Your blog today lifted my heart. I can now make plans for outside – thank you very much!

  6. I am jealous…. All that sprouting green is so pretty I can smell it… Here we are getting more snow on top of the 12-16 inches still on the ground…. It Is March…. Soon it will be green…

  7. I love the rust in the garden! Have that stuff just makes a garden look so nice and inviting. I plan on doing me one this yr with pops of color all over the place too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Our gardens are still buried deeply under a blanket of white, so this was a welcome sight! What lovely photos! I think it’s quite appropriate that your gardens are blooming with rust, too! 😉

  9. Our goal is to purchase a tree to plant, one with flowers and/or colorful leave. I’ve learned to plant things with gopher baskets and deer protection. Little fortresses around each area. We already, finally, have deer fence around our veggie garden. Need ways to get some personality on that fence.

  10. WOW……it was nice to see some green on the ground and some leaves popping out. For the past two weeks we have had ice, snow, and freezing rain. Spring came to visit today, it was in the high 60’s. However; snow is on it’s way and is supposed be in the low 30’s tomorrow. Your growing rust is awesome and I love your little shed and all you have done to it. I haven’t started any outdoor stuff yet, but we are way ready and looking forward to it….GREATLY.

  11. Gardening? What yard? Mine’s buried under snow and a nice thick coating of shiny ice! LOL! Somewhere out in my yard is some picket fence sections that I purposely left outside to get that “seasoned” look. I do have some metal roosters out there earning their rust too. Maybe sometime next month the snow will melt enough for me to see them again. By the way, your yard is looking pretty already.

  12. The only gardening we did was pick the daffodils that bloomed the last two days when it was in the mid 70s, because right now it’s 35 F. I think we were being teased!

  13. i really love looking at your yard and flower beds. and the inspiration i feel spills into my own yard! can’t wait until its spring time!!!

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