Country mouse finally visits the BIG CITY of New York!

Toronto's Graffiti Alley
Graffiti Alley in Toronto

Once upon a time, this small town country girl use to peer with envy at the bright lights of New York City. I’ve seriously been in in lust with the notion of the place forever, having it on my bucket list of must visits.

I suppose some of that has to do with the many movies that seem to gravitate towards their hustle and bustle. You become familiar with the sights and sounds with what you see promoted.

But there’s just a much stronger connection to places you’ve actually visited when you see them elsewhere after the fact.

City of Toronto
City of Toronto - Wicked
City tour and Wicked show

I’m so grateful to have had the fab opportunity to take in Toronto not long ago, and it felt so similar to what New York had to offer, right down to the shows, and the amazing graffiti alley

But those that have visited both Toronto and NYC, claim while wearing similarities, NYC is NYC.

Anyway, through a series of events, and even a handful of small miracles, my travels are finally taking us to NYC.

Oh. My. Gosh.

And trust me, I cannot believe it.

City of Toronto - CN tower
City of Toronto - Blue Jays game view from the CN Tower

CN Tower

I’m typing this at home before I’ve even packed. As I gaze outside my patio doors, the quiet sunshine is streaming down on a wash-line strung with clean clothes we’ll be taking. How different my sights and sounds will become in just a few short days!

Unknowns like a mass of roads, buildings, underground subways and millions of people are intimidating. But knowing there are cabs at the flick of a hand, that seems like a safe way to start…? 🙂

So, a new adventure is waiting for us over the next week. My cameras will be getting a full workout, guaranteed! So if you’ve never been, I’m hoping to help you feel like you have at the end of all this.

Niagra Falls while on a visit to Toronto
Niagra Falls

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Now… off to get lost in a sea of people, food, and whatever else comes our way!

The country mouse finally in the BIG CITY of New York!

NEW YORK!!!!!!

Any suggestions? What are / were your must sees? I’d love to hear!

(all photos in this post are from my Toronto travels, you can see HERE)

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19 thoughts on “Country mouse finally visits the BIG CITY of New York!

  1. How fun! We enjoyed taking a double decker bus tour, which shows you a lot of the city to get a lay of the land, and might help you decide what you really want to see. The “Top of the Rock” (Rockefeller Center) has an awesome view. I wish we had made it to the Statue of Liberty. If you go to the Museum of Natural History, note that the dinosaur is not in the center of the rotunda, like you see in the Ben Stiller movies. Have a great time!

  2. Awesome Donna! Is your son going also? I would like to go to the empire state building and walk the streets downtown. I would like to go shopping and eat a hot dog from a vendor on the corner and go to Rockefeller center. If it were cold out I would definitely go ice skating. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells! Can’t wait to see your photos!

  3. Donna! This is wonderful news I know you had previously expressed a desire to visit my hometown! I would highly recommend you visit Fifth Avenue and walk up to the MET. It is huge but so worth it. There are other museums as well but the MET is my personal favorite. Another good idea would be to visit Chinatown and the surrounding areas this is known as SOHO and it has lots of Industrial building that were turned into lofts many years ago. And of course, you cannot miss Central Park. Now I know that Brooklyn is all the rage these days you might want to venture there as well. I’m sure your hosts will be more than happy to take you there. Oh and don’t forget to go to the World Trade Center. I can go on and on…. stop me!! So happy for you, looking forward to lots of great photos.

  4. Lucky you ! I once went to New York (just after the blackout) to attend a wedding at the top of the Empire State Building. It was a long way to go for a wedding from the UK but well worth it. Hope to return one day perhaps with the kids. Look forward to seeing your pictures, I’m sure they will be awesome.

  5. What fun, my favorite city!! Try to go to Hearth for dinner. I love the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. And the Brooklyn Flea is a great flea market to visit. My fav thing that I did was to take a walking tour of Greenwich Village and get to sample from about 9 restaurants. The tour guide told an amazing amount of history. We also took a bus tour of Brooklyn that starts and ends at famous pizza restaurants. It takes you to parts of Brooklyn that don’t have subways so hard to visit otherwise.
    I’ve been 10 times and can’t get enough of the city, I love it, going in September.
    Oh, one of the boat rides around the island is awesome too!

  6. My top NY must is the 9/11 Memorial! You’ll never regret or forget going there! Top of the Rock for AMAZING views of the Empire State Building AND Central Park is a must! Also, have the meatloaf at Serendipity, I literally crave it years after my visit. Can’t wait to read about your trip!

  7. Donna – I too am going to NYC next week for my 1st time – i’m so excited!!! We bought the NY 5 day pass which gives us 48 hrs of bus tour plus free admission to 80 sites in NY. We are going to Empire State Bldg, the Met, Yankee Stadium, Statue of Liberty, going to see Hamilton on Broadway, Rockefeller Center, Apollo Theatre, Museum of Natural History, going sailing on a tall ship around the Harbour & shopping!! I can’t wait! I would google the NY Pass – its a pretty good deal.

    I’ve been to Toronto several times & I look forward to seeing NYC. I’ve always wanted to go!

    Have fun & can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  8. My rural Georgia raised daughter moved to Staten Island New York last August. Just a ferry ride (free) from Manhatten. Her boyfriend is NYPD. SHE LOVES IT. It is not intimidating to move around so do not freak out. May I recommend PJ Clarke’s for lunch – and if you take the Ferry to Staten Island go on Sunday and eat at Pier 76 (very near the ferry terminal) Grab a grandma slice of the tomato mozzarella basil pie and ask for Abby – tell her Mom sends love.

  9. Must visit The Brooklyn Flea Market, and down in “Hell’s Kitchen” in Manhattan. Some GREAT bargains and a lot of fun!

  10. I am so glad for you,hope you have oodles of fun. I would like to go some day,i have been to Chicago and that was fun.

  11. Hello Donna,
    I am following your little stories and have a lot of fun while reading them all.
    So as a kind of “city mouse”, I first wish you a safe travel, take care of your handbag/purse 🙂 and live NYC to the fullest!
    I personally love the Metropolitan Museum, walking through the streets of Manhattan, enjoying Central Park, eating Pretzel from a street vendor on 5th Ave. near Central Park and many more things that cannot be counted as your time probably will be limited.
    A big must is also to visit a musical or a theatre. If you are not able to find a ticket with a reasonable price, then try your chance for “tickets at last minute”. Sometimes, people just have the chance to gather such an affordable ticket at the last minute in front of the theatres.
    Do not miss the bazaars that take place during various days of the month in various parts of NYC. The bests are in Soho or Manhattan (downtown) where you can find very nice things from fun junk to marvellous art.
    And if you have time, take a trip to Long Island. It is just the right time for it where everywhere is blooming and sunny and people funny!
    At the end of your trip, you will regret for not having had the time to do more but believe me, when you are back home, you will say “Home Sweet Home” :))).
    Sincerest Regards,

  12. Hi Donna,
    I went a few years ago when my daughter turned 16. You can get caught up with the high speed tempo of the city be careful. My daughter and I found a bench and really enjoyed the people watching. Enjoy be safe and bring your stretch band waist band pants. The food is great!
    Carol Therrien Montreal

  13. Donna,

    We just did NYC in February and you are going to love it! See Times Square, Rockerfeller Center, MOMO, go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We didn’t do tours while there just experienced it for ourselves. Stop by Ellens for breakfast and see the singing waiters. There’s a Carlos’ Bakery in Times Square too. Don’t miss out on a Nathan’s Hot Dog, Katz’s Deli, a black and white cookie. If you have time, head over to Central Park and check out the Plaza.
    I used to live there about 20 years ago and it was great to get to go back and see it.

  14. All the regular historic sites are wonderful. The museums are fabulous-, esp Museum of American Folk Art…the Staten Island Ferry .. Nice.. Broadway, of course. Pizza… Street vendors.. SoHo for shopping and a must place to eat and see NYC culture.. Katz Deli.
    Enjoy.. I know I would love to be there again and again.

  15. Donna, I wanted to take the time to “thank you” for posting your trip to Niagara and Toronto. I planned a trip to Jamestown, New York for the Lucille Ball festival the first of August, which was wonderful. I took my daughter for her high school graduation present. She is a Lucy Fan. I also planned on staying in Niagara for 4 days to explore Canada. I did the Niagara cruise, drove to Toronto to see Graffiti Alley which was so fun. Went to the CN Tower and thankfully had lunch in the 360 Restaurant that you suggested. Your suggestions were wonderful and so much appreciated.
    Thank you from one of your followers in Bountiful, Utah.

    • Oh my goodness… I’m so glad my posts were helpful! Fascinating area to visit, isn’t it?! And teaming that with New York, that trip couldn’t have gotten any better! Thank you for sharing what you did. Now I want to go back… haha

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