Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style

Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style / New York souvenirs / funkyjunkinteriors.net
This morning turned out so different from the past 10 days.

I woke up to my two cats snuggling near me, with birds chirping through the slightly ajar bedroom window.

No sirens. No clattering of metal, nor conversations, and not one truck back up alarm to be heard.

But also, no Starbucks Pike, gorgeous city view, nor my newest daily addiction, my NYC pizza fix.

Drat. Withdrawal, here we come.

Rubbing my eyes, it was only 6:30 AM our time… looks like Eastern time zone has finally kicked in… now that we’re home of course!

I allowed myself to snooze just a little longer until I felt like shuffling to the kitchen to brew up my first cup of the day. Exploded luggage, piles of mail, boxes from recent deliveries promised lots of work and play ahead.

AFTER my coffee.

Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style / Big Daddy's mug / funkyjunkinteriors.net
A big smile spread across my face, as I leaned back on the pallet sofa on the patio and started reminiscing over the details of our big NYC adventure. 

It promised to be a gorgeous day too. Not hot, but perfect.

Just like we left NYC, in all honesty.


Our weather patterns are so similar. How is that possible, from opposite sides of North America? But I’ll admit, the East has more bite to their wind.

I realize I haven’t blogged in a bit… but that isn’t because I haven’t been writing. Oh, I have…. in a big way.

Each night, I wrote a complete journal account of the present day. 

I’d bring up my Starbucks Pike, and while my son rested up in bed viewing YouTubes, I typed out my little heart, accounting for all the things that transpired each hour of each day.

The hardships, and things that rattled me to the core…

Meeting up with longtime online friends… and reuniting with some old ones.

The struggles and triumphs of mastering the infamous subway.

A little junkin’… oh yes we did! 

AND… bike riding through nature. One of our fav days ever!

Oh, and the PIZZA!!! And other fab places to eat.

Our district… and what lined along our sidewalks.

Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style / New York painted license plate from Homeroad.net / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Gifts from friends.

And unique souvenirs that perhaps wouldn’t be something you picked up yourself. But I’m far from a traditionalist… 

The sights, the sounds, the everything.

Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style / souvenirs from New York / funkyjunkinteriors.net

I’ll be sharing tips on how to get around NYC and my recommendations on what to see of course, but this round, it’ll be journal style. Because I want you take you along with me each day, like we just broke out of the hotel door first thing in the AM, and we set out on one very big adventure, into one of the most infamous cities in the world.

All from someone from a town so small, a deserted 3 way stop is our main intersection.

And we made it home alive. Who knew?

I’m home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style! As soon as I edit a few pictures from day 1.

10 days of NYC posts may be a bit much, so I’ll condense where I can. Perfect timing, as I whip up some new DIY stuff in the background.

I just don’t want to forget ONE single detail on this one…

The NYC Journal – <— more to come!

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8 thoughts on “Home from NYC, and ready to story tell, journal style

  1. Welcome back, Donna! It sounds like you had a great time. I’m sure the kitties are happy to have you back. Isn’t it lovely to wake up to birds chirping instead of big city noises? I look forward to reading about your NY adventures.

  2. How lovely! I’ve been keeping up with you, mostly on FB but also Instagram and can see you had a fantastic time. I’m looking forward to the journal pages becoming posts. About that weather; I’m always amazed that we have the identical weather here in Van as we do over on the other side of the world in Oxfordshire UK! Go figure. It’s like living in the same place but different accents. 😀

  3. Glad you are back and in one piece Donna! Because I grew up there, I kinda forget that normal folks don’t have a built-in antenna to the craziness and dangers of the big apple. I’m looking forward to your journal.

  4. Hi Donna:

    Welcome home! Thank you for your geniuus in this wonderful web site of yours. I read it just about every day for tips, tricks, design ideas and just plain old inspiration….

    I was incredibly surprised today when reading your post after having a look at your mug. It garnishes the branding for Big Daddies Restaurant in Manhattan. I love this restaurant, not just for it’s ambience, but most of all because of it’s menu and charming dishes… You see, my brother, Shef Michael Siry, was the executive chef for this franchise and he developed the menu, amongst several other Manhattan restaurants.

    I’m a bit sentimental these days as the anniversary of his passing is upon us. I think in some small way, your posting is a delightful “sign” that he’s watching me enjoy myself!

    Keep up the great work!!! Thanks!

    Patricia Anderson – Tobacco Road Primitives, Youngsville, NC

    • Oh my goodness Patricia… what an amazing transpiring! This was my fav restaurant for ambiance alone, and we really enjoyed the food too! The coffee was a must, so I HAD to bring home a mug. Wait until you see the pictures I have of the place… I’ll get writing about NYC soon! Soo many pictures to go through.. yikes… haha

  5. You know, I’ve been to NY once and never really cared to go back, but you’re killing me with pizza talk! I love pizza and I didn’t get any there all those years ago. I.must.have.some.

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