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PJ 329 – DIY salvaged junk projects

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Hello friends!

This weekend’s party will seem a little… bare. We are currently travelling in NYC, and with our time change and pounding pavement daily, we are BEAT when we hit our soft, cushy hotel beds.

So with that, I hope you don’t mind that we go ahead with the party without features this weekend. But don’t worry, next weekend I’ll include some from the past 2 parties, so expect some extra goodness ahead!

Macy's wooden escalator in New York City
But in keeping with the junk theme, here’s one picture I took tonight that I thought you’d appreciate. This is one of Macy’s infamous wooden escalators. These beauties reached high up to other floors as well. I only rode two, so at least I got to experience it! 

Macy’s is touted to be the world’s largest store, eating up an entire NYC block! The place was so massive… each brand had their own little store within the main store. I honestly was tired just thinking about walking back and forth, never mind taking up energy to do actual shopping! But I wasn’t there for mall shopping anyway. The elevators did it for me. 🙂

More stories will be shared of our travels next week after we return!

You can catch other travel ramblings as they transpire on my Instagram, Snapchat under funkyjunkdonna, and if you’re a follower on my personal Facebook profile.

I nearly didn’t fire up the party, but then thought, the link up part is the easy part! So… let’s party!

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So, what did you make this past week?


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7 thoughts on “PJ 329 – DIY salvaged junk

  1. That escalator is an adventure all by itself, a real work of art. Sounds like your having a wonderful time. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Lordy Gordy, child tell me you haven’t bought an elevator !!
    It’s early and that was my first thought and all the treasures you would have made from that stairway to heaven !!!

  3. Donna I have really enjoyed seeing all your photos on instagram of your adventures in NYC! Love this awesome escalator! Thanks for the party and have fun on the rest of your trip!

  4. When I visited Macy’s many moons ago, all I could think of was the movie “Miracle on 34th Street” and going up those wooden escalators made me want to peek around for the Macy’s Santa!!!! Enjoy your trip!

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