Rustic shed with garden shutters and bike


If a girl leaves for a month during summer, what happens to her grapevine-covered rustic garden shed? Are you even ready for this?! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It disappears! I swear, this grapevine-gone-crazy happened in the blink of an eye. One day I was packing my bags, and once I returned, everything in […]

Reclaimed wood tool fence with Farm Supply sign


  Some projects can take an afternoon to tackle and complete. While others seemingly take yearSSSSSS. But I finally have a super cool update on a long awaited project completion with I think the cutest outcome! Even better than I originally imagined. Remember THIS reclaimed wood fence project? Recap: The original fence was falling over. […]

Easy wood block crate styled paint shelving

easy paint shelf with shipping crate stamp stencils-011

Ever since I came home from my vacation, I’ve been cleaning. It’s taken some time to catch up with the overgrown flowerbeds filled with weeds, trees needing trimming, not to mention the stuff that didn’t get cleaned up indoors before I left. So on a given day when I’d had enough of cleaning, I was […]

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 485 with party tips


Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 485 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hi all, and a happy upcoming weekend to ya! Well, according to the post feedback HERE on whether we should continue these parties or not, once again I was met with an astounding ‘yes, we love them!’ and ‘don’t change […]

How to make today count.


(epic bike ride adventure posts with stories) Ever wonder how some days feel so epic, while others fail to inspire? Those are simply the ups and downs of life in general I suppose. Maybe a good day vs.a bad day has something to do with health challenges, finances, relationship dynamics, if you’ve learned something new…. […]

What my longer Hawaiian vacation did for me


I’m currently sitting on my pallet sofa on the patio, wearing a tan with a cozy blanket close by, since our current BC Canada weather is overcast, yet still gratefully warm. There’s no flowers in bloom within my view…. something I’m not accustomed to seeing lately. Note to self: get some flowers. It’s a struggle […]

Changing in Hawaii and asking your advice.

Iao needle

If you weren’t aware yet…. aloha! I indeed escaped to Maui for a spell once again, to recharge my batteries while enjoying an epic beach and pool retreat. This round, I will be on Maui, then visiting the much more remote island of Molokai for the first time, which will be exciting! So complete rest […]

Stenciled Argyle TV tray

Argyle stenciled TV tray

If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you’ll already know my (apparent) passion for TV trays… Oh yes. It is indeed a thing! I devour them every chance I get from local thrift stores and such, because they are SO easy to customize and SO handy to have for everything under the sun. I mostly […]

Rustic Fresh Coffee sign that hangs coffee mugs

rustic fresh coffee sign

I have a confession. Up until 2 days ago… I had this snowflake hanging coffee mug station behind my stove. This was part of my Christmas tour! Egads guys. Maybe I should have left it and just said I was 6 months early… Well, I caught it accidentally in an instagram story not long ago […]

Stenciled Buffalo Check front door mat

Buffalo Checked front door mat

A cute front door mat has been something I’ve desired for a LONG TIME! I generally pick up those great big industrial black mats from big box stores. They do the trick, but I’ve longed for a little mat stylin’. So last time I visited Ikea, I grabbed a few plain Ikea Trampa door mats […]