Christmas Reindeer Feed Santa Sack


You know about the Christmas Santa sack craze right about now, yes? Basically put, a santa sack is a reusable bag of sorts to wrap presents with. I love the concept! There’s no need to keep buying endless rolls of Christmas paper if you have a cute bag handy! So I decided to try my […]

A train to Seattle and Pike Place Market


Funny how life works out. When I knew my sister would be in Maui in November, I attempted to join her part of the time. I already knew it wasn’t the right time of year for me to go, but you say the word Maui and nothing else exists in my vocabulary! Turns out, that […]

Joy Buffalo Check Christmas sign

Buffalo Check ornament JOY sign

With Christmas decorating pretty much in full swing everywhere, I’m attempting to stay the course. I have LOTS of plans and things are coming along! A new tree was purchased from Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago, and I’m finally starting to feel a theme coming on! I can’t wait to share! While the home […]

Rustic JOY Christmas porch sign

Joy rustic shiplap Christmas sign stencil

I’ve wanted a vertical Christmas sign by my front door for a few years now. I like vertical signs because they take up less space AND don’t require hanging! Pretty convenient I say. So last Christmas, I set about creating a vertical JOY stencil. It was later in the season so I didn’t get a […]

Welcome Fall rustic living room tour

pumpkins and antique welcome fall crates on a fireplace mantel

I really did wanted a Welcome Fall rustic living room tour… but at the moment, I didn’t think it would happen. I was sitting on the sofa watching a little TV. When a commercial came on, my eyes wandered around the room. The fireplace mantel was FAR from a fall rustic living room tour.. in fact, it […]

The rustic garden shed during fall

rustic garden shed during fall

There’s always this magical moment when the leaves are falling like rain while still wearing most of them. The grapevine starts to change colour from the truck first, with the leaves morphing from their crisp green to vivid tones of orange, lime and yellow. That’s prime time to dash out to the garden shed out […]

A charming trip to Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

niagara falls butterfly conservatory

This week didn’t go as planned… I’m trying a whole bunch of new foods and other things lately and a few things went south. Whoops… I am quickly finding out, changes (you read about in THIS post) don’t come overnight. Your body can’t even handle that. So I’m pulling back, slowing down and back to […]

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 495


Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 495 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hello all!  How are all your fall preparations and decorating coming along? I finally can say I joined the ranks of something up for fall myself! Well lookit me go… Pumpkin pillows and fall placemats by Funky Junk Interiors I’ve […]

Cutest pumpkin pillows and fall placemats


Happy Fall! Would you believe I do not have even one pumpkin yet?! Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true if one counts my new cute pumpkin pillows, thanks to a few new fall stencils just released! I love new toys to play with… View Fall Stencils HERE These four new fall stencils HERE are […]

My new low FODMAP Mediterranean diet hobby and why

Healthy cook books Forks over Knives, No Bloat Diet, Vegan Reset

I’m pretty diligent when it comes to Dr. visits. If something is due, I just go in. Then it’s done! But there were a series of tests I put off for years. High cholesterol runs in my family so I had suggested to be tested for this a number of years ago… that I never […]