Best upcycled projects of 2020 by Funky Junk!

rustic fall shed with crate windowbox and directional signs

  Best upcycled projects of 2020 by Funky Junk! Happy New Year everyone! I’m finally back after a week of downtime between Christmas and New Year’s which was so greatly needed. And what a YEAR it’s been. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve stayed home all summer, never mind a full year! Did […]

Garden-themed reclaimed wood walkway


Click above or HERE to subscribe to our newest up-cycled projects through your inbox! Garden-themed reclaimed wood walkway Recently with some really epic summer-like weather in our favor, I’ve been working in the garden and the outside of the house. Since I removed all my flowerbeds out of the backyard, that area is so easy […]

Wild Flower Seeds grain sack pillow

Wild Flower Seeds grain sack striped pillow stencils-001

Well my friends… it’s been awhile since I got creative. However, thanks to an inspiring tea towel design I spotted, that instigated a new Wild Flower Seeds grain sack pillow which ended up sending me into a full-room spring makeover! Yes! YES!!! It’s about time something sprung me into action. Thank-you little Ikea hack! My […]

How to recut flowerbed edges like a pro – part 2 with video

How to professionally edge flowerbeds-004

How to recut flowerbed edges like a pro – part 2 with video Well hello there spring! It feels so good to be mowing that greener than green grass once again! And of course, play in the flowerbeds. Today I even painted house trim! I do love my sunshine. But one thing never fails… Come […]

Stencil garden-themed Ikea crates


Stencil garden-themed Ikea crates You guys already know I’m a reclaimed wood fanatic. Add a few rustic crates to the mix, and you have me lock, stock and barrel. For the most part, I generally have plenty of great old junk on hand to create with. However I also recognize not everyone comes across reclaimed […]

Goodbye winter and hello spring in one trail riding day


The weather on the west coast lately has really surprised us. It went basically from winter to early summer in one day. It’s been AMAZING. Absolutely no complaints at all. It’s just so weird to be wearing shorts with nothing growing yet. I attempted several times to ride the trails while the snow was still […]

Cleaning up the corners, outdoors and within.


I am rather proud of me. I use to work all day, then all evening. Or even late into the night to compensate for day appointments. Workworkwork. These days, my regular routine is much different. Much. After dinner, I get outdoors and walk or bike or both. Then I come into the house, shower, then basically collapse […]

She Shed soil sifter gardening station sign


Back when the two garden themed stencils were developed, Grit Antiques came out with a She Shed project. I didn’t make a stencil that said She Shed! Miss Clever Jane just got all creative with Shed and made it up. Ever since that project, I vowed to do something She Shed-ish myself! And today was the day. […]

Quirky 2 ladder shelving in the entry


This super quirky 2 ladder shelving in the entry was all thanks to yet ANOTHER closet redo. Remember the post about the cheap closet kit in my son’s room? The same treatment was done in our little entryway closet, and this was the result. I can’t seem to find the before picture, so I’ll spare you […]