Extreme salvaged junkin’ for rust


There was a project I had in mind to make, but was hoping for an extra component. And my criteria was it had to be metal and rusty. No surprise there. I stopped at two local auto wreckers, and the chit chat pretty much went like this… “So what are ya lookin’ for?” “…….. rusty […]

A dreamy garage sale at a dream home


There’s this lovely historical dream home in my own home town that makes you slow down when driving past, just so you can admire it one more time.  You know the kind I mean. I have looooong coveted this place. It sits on  2 acres of wonderful, glorious privacy, with the most amazing grounds. It’s […]

When a junker’s junker brother has a garage sale


When my brother Les told me about his pending garage sale, I kinda figured he’d get rid of some cool stuff. He’s been a collector for MANY years. But know what his answer was? “I don’t think there’ll really be anything valuable to you. It’s all kinda just junk that you probably wouldn’t want. I […]

Junkin’ at Rusty’s – What would you do with…


 Junkin’ at Rusty’s in Harrison Hot Springs happened. AGAIN. I can’t stay away from this place whenever I’m in this area. And because we were camping there, well, it was just on the map! Or mine anyway. Not so much my son’s. He got a chocolate / caramel covered apple for his patience after this […]

7 – The day Miss Mustard Seed was my neighbour


Part 6 is HERE We are here! We are ready to roll! The BIG Lucketts day has finally arrived! And look who was setting up next door to the Hometalk booth… I’ve only heard about Marian / Miss Mustard Seed’s Lucketts world via her blog, so it was quite something to actually see her doing her […]

4 – Touring historic Pennsylvania

touring historic Pennsylvania

One of my VERY favourite things about touring in the states are the quaint old historic towns. Give me the choice of a visit to Washington, DC or a local quiet downtown road loaded with little brick buildings, and it’s no contest. I’m a small town girl and LOVE quiet meandering streets loaded with history. […]

Let’s go junkin’ at The Back Porch! 2013 tour


Welcome to my second home, The Back Porch, situated in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Guys, I totally forgot about this amazing photo shoot! This is Part 2 of our recent getaway to Harrison during our Easter weekend. You are in for SUCH a treat! Part 1 – Junkin’ at Rusty’s is HERE  (click for larger […]

Junkin’ at Rusty’s… a picture heavy shopping post


Over the Easter weekend, my son and I head out to our fav local hot spot, Harrison Hot Springs. And our first stop brought us right on Rusty’s doorstep. WHOOOHOOO! This is going to be Part 1 of 3 of our Easter weekend, because I’m a little heavy where pictures are concerned. You don’t mind, […]

Junkin’ at Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques… again


If you were to ask me what my most favourite thing in the whole wide world to do would be (other than petting cats), it would be to jump into an empty truck and head for a favourite junk haunt. So on Sunday, we head out to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques. In for some junk heavy […]

A walk through Franklin, in Nashville, Tennessee


Last September when I attended Bella Rustica near Nashville, Tennessee, I had the extreme pleasure of taking in a little Franklin touring with a local friend. Wikipedia reference of Franklin, Tennessee HERE.   Wikipedia reference of Nashville, Tennessee HERE. I met Sandy Leeper at Bella when we were both preparing the barns for the show. We struck […]