Removable board and batten wall for a cabin-cozy look!

removable mdf board and batten wall in livingroom

Removable board and batten wall treatment for a cabin cozy living room Right when everyone is busy gearing up for Christmas decorating, there’s me staring down my living room walls. I wasn’t really excited to decorate for Christmas until I did something extra special in the living room to add more character… But this isn’t […]

Building a barn door for a rustic shed

shed barn door rusty junk hardware

Part 4 – Building a barn door for a rustic shed As most of you already know, I’ve been busy attempting to save my rustic garden shed this summer. From tearing down, to reframing, weatherproofing then finally siding, it’s been an ongoing project that sometimes feels it will ‘never get done…’ But today changes all […]

Installing reclaimed wood shed siding

shed - adding reclaimed wood siding and shingles

Installing reclaimed wood shed siding & shingled gable Whoop! I finally have yet another installment of the rustic garden shed redo in the Save the Shed series! And today, it’s all about weatherproofing, then installing reclaimed wood shed siding & a shingled gable! This project is taking way longer than I thought it would. But […]

Framing a shed with door making tips

framing the shed door

Framing a shed with door making tips The little rustic garden shed is looking VERY different these days! Not long ago, the back was completely busted out and the front frame let goat the base. It was a complete Willy Wonka styled mess and I thought it couldn’t be saved. But I was reluctant to […]

Repairing the rustic garden shed with demo tips


Repairing the rustic garden shed with demo tips – Part 1 Can you believe it? I’m writing a post! This summer, I had created a fairly long list of outdoor projects that were LONG overdue. They were delayed due to me never having done those kinds of tasks before. Once our summer heat hit and […]

DIY Wood screwdriver organizer

workshop wood screwdriver organizer

DIY Wood screwdriver organizer . What a summer this is turning out to be! I currently have hired a handyman doing some long overdue projects to the outside of the house that I didn’t feel I could do on my own. And it’s giving me new life. Literally. Al has also guided me on how […]

DIY pallet-style tool shelf


DIY Pallet-style Tool Shelf As you may already be aware, I’ve been working on revamping the workshop, adding some enhancements while working at gaining every available square inch! Recap . You can start with the full workshop series HERE Or take the finished dream workshop tour (to date!) HERE But the key to any workshop […]

How to build an easy rustic wood garden shed gate


Today we are revisiting one of my garden sheds that hasn’t yet been completed… but leave it to me to go ahead and add a rustic wood garden shed gate I didn’t even realize I was going to make! Well, I’ve always known I wanted a garden shed gate in this area of the backyard, […]

How to build a rustic screen door from scratch

diy screen door build

How to build a rustic screen door from scratch Adding ‘professional builder’ to my long list of to-dos was really never in my sights. For the past 10 years, I’ve gotten along with my somewhat primitive (rustic) building techniques teaming up reclaimed wood and screws. Easy! Done! Imperfectly perfect! But then there comes a time […]

How to replace window screens yourself.

how to replace window screens

Once upon a time, I purchased a travel trailer from a friend. Included in the deal were lots of new-to-me supplies. I certainly had a learning curve in front of me! Also included were window screen repair tools. I had never replaced a window screen before, however it felt smart to stock it anyway! I […]